What Is The New Golden Age?

The time has come to use our imagination to image a nation. In this nation, kids are placed as they should be, upon pedestals. What is the New Golden Age? Very simple. It is in realizing that the kids—are the gold. That’s it. So simple.

And so very profound. Adults who used to look for God will have wiped the sleep from their eyes to see that God has been in the gold all along, shining right in plain sight for all to see. For God is in every kid on our Earth. The time has come for adults to wake up and see God, our kids! God was always right in plain sight the whole time. This realization is the New Golden Age. With realization comes imagination. And exactly so—we begin to image a nation. We begin to see it. Hence it comes into existence. In this nation our kids, our gold, God—are placed upon the proper pedestal, protected and celebrated as The Highest.

God has become known. For what is God? An easier way to ask this question is, what is a child? A child is an expression of pure innocence, of the desire to come into a body to have the feelings of being alive. And so it will be universally known that God was right here amongst us all, always has been, and always will be. But God is closer than ever now, because we can all see the secret glitter gold in the shining sparkling eyes of every child! The gold is in plain view. Every child on the Earth is God manifest. Realizing this, having the entire world finally understand this as common knowledge, that is quite an advancement of the collective conscious—courtesy of the collective unconscious.

Every adult walking has the essence of this sacred spark internally also—and with this silver adult realization comes the sacred duty to protect every kid externally. For what is this gold, this innocence, what is this child? This child is the golden consciousness of God on Earth. A child’s protected conscious, akin to sunlight, grows and expands just as a child does into an adult—as the waxing days of sun and moon pour over the Earth in the waking and sleeping of sacred experience. Protected by adults, the golden consciousness of the child wakes into the wide and wonderful world—from a baby, to a toddler, to a child, to an older kid, to a teen-ager, to a young adult—the golden consciousness expands eventually into full adulthood.

And then the transition takes place. For by adults becoming silver, they will be worthy to see the gold again. The golden sunlight consciousness of the child now an adult expands into the dark night sky, the realm of the silver moon and the great unconscious. The adult becomes wise to the unconscious purpose of why life exists. The transition is complete. The great alchemy of the adult is to become the silver, to protect and oversee the gold, the kids coming in.

Hitherto, many adults wanted to see themselves as the gold, but these base adults were just base metal. Bronze. Fool’s gold. But the real adults—the adults of silver of both sexes—the genuine adults of unconscious knowledge represented by the silver color of the moon and stars—they will slap awake the oversleeping shiny fake dull glittering butts of the fool’s gold dummy adults with real metal. The gong of Buddha has sounded, and even the sleepiest of adults will wake and take up the mantle in the protection of the gold. The New Golden Age is upon us.

Certain basic things will be seen in this New Golden Age. A word will begin to be understood. The word, is feeling. For five and ten thousand years this word will become more and more understood as the mystery of life makes itself known from the unconscious to the common sense of mankind. Equations will become clear such as the following:

#1. Reason = Emotion.

#2. Energy = Feeling.

#3. Life = Will to Feel.

#4. What = Why.

It will be seen that currency, cents, tender, are all feeling electric. Our senses, through the elements, enable us to sense and feel, even as we use cents in exchange for the touching of tangible energy. ‘Sense’ and ‘cents’ are the same sound in the English Language for a reason. That reason, happens to be emotion. The people of the New Golden Age will understand this grand equation: reason = emotion. They will see that God wishes to feel emotion, which is what feeling is of course, and hence the reason to come in to physical bodies to do so, innocently, within every child, and indeed within every living thing. It will be seen that the great unconscious knowledge permeates all languages. In English for example we have the phrase ‘legal tender’ – which generally means money—and while ‘tender’ is a word used to describe the energy of currency, it is also used to express the feeling of love with ‘tender feelings’. Or, tender is used to describe how well cooked your meat is! For everything it has become known, is the feeling of energy. Energy and feeling are one and the same thing. The people of the New Golden Age will understand this equation: energy = feeling. Notice how human monkeys quickly rub their thumb against their fingers when they wish to indicate money. They are creating friction, which is feeling—they are showing you that an electrical current of feeling is why we call money, currency. Yes, feeling and energy—are one and the same thing. And life = the will to feel, which is why God comes in here through the vehicle of energy—life, which is itself feeling. The great equations are known in the New Golden Age. What = why is now out in the open. What we do in life is to feel, and that is why we are here doing it. How simple. But how deep. These simple but stunning equations are on the table now.

Naturally, when people understand why they exist, the feeling of the nations will rise as they come to focus on the kids. And out of this increased feeling will arise higher and better monetary policies—for feeling and energy—currency—are one thing. Therefore, a new monetary system is coming to the world in The New Golden Age where it is realized, that the kids are the gold. All races, all religions, all nations—every tribe on terra firma will uphold every kid— of whatever race or religion that glorious kid represents. Money is just the feeling of a nation. In The New Golden Age the feeling of the nations—their money supplies—will focus on the kids.

For the first time in history there will be a World Law, and it will be The Highest Law In The Land which will reign for thousands of years. The Protection of Children is this Highest Law. Gone will be central banks trying to take over the world’s money supplies for their own ends. For the guiding Law is here now. It is the Protection of Children. How can banks best serve the kids? This will be the guiding principal and highest morality. Monopolies of every type of energy including money, and dead closed pyramid systems of government, will be eliminated. Freedom will be instilled into the minds of the people, people now aware that life exists to feel and that The Highest Law In The Land is the Protection of Children.

The consciousness of freedom will again reignite and spread from the original motive behind the founding of America—now rapidly overtaking the world in liberty. People will have freedom, for the first time actually, for governments will be completely transformed by The Highest Law In The Land, just as the banking systems—for an internal transformation has taken place. When The Highest Law In The Land is forged and upheld with the Protection of Children—the world will discover the great boon of real power and freedom that comes with putting the kids first. Governments will be recast into the service sector. All government positions will be temporary with new methods of election akin to a raffle. For who you really want in a temporary government position is someone who does not want the job. Serving in a government position, be it a president position, senatorial capacity etc. —this will be like someone winning a notice to serve at jury duty. Nobody of quality wants the job. But they will take the job when voted as qualified by their peers. In this way the new forms of government will be kept clear and open. Competition will be promoted in an ‘open pyramid’ where a man can scale to his energy and drive in the private sector. For this is the way of feeling. The closed dead slavery pyramid systems will be banished into history: Socialism, Capitalism, Feudalism, Fascism. These were nothing but closed and corrupt monopoly systems. The New Golden Age has no room for such monopoly systems. Men compete openly. And they serve for a brief term in their government when called to do so—before quickly returning to the private sector again. But in this competition and in this serving—there is always the guiding and Highest Law.

The focus will always be—how do we make the world better for the kids? Both the kids today and the kids coming in tomorrow? Hence, all adults serve. Bankers no longer think about just how much they can put in their pockets. They think about the world the kids are experiencing, and they put energy there. They put money there—because their feeling is there. The New Golden Age is an age where people realize that energy is the tool for feeling and they give this feeling— this money—along with time—which is more feeling—all to the kids. And in giving, they get more than imagined.

Honest money will be the norm of The New Golden Age. Silver and Gold, God’s physical money created by stars and suns—these will be valued as in the days of old. Citizens of the world will maintain a privacy. Money supplies will not be tightly controlled by governments for slavery and the losses of privacy, for the governments of the world will be elegantly run by the citizens. Former attempts to ban cash and the like in the old dead closed slavery pyramid systems of the past have no room in The New Golden Age—for all of the ill historical slavery systems of such governments will have been eliminated: Socialism, Communism, Feudalism, Fascism. People will maintain and develop a greater consciousness of freedom in desired forms of physical money that they are free to hold—as well as in other forms of modern currency created that they are free to engage in the usage of. This will be accomplished hand in hand with creating new forms of governments around the world which promote great freedom and responsibility, supported by character. Previous historical slavery systems of government debased character. The governments of the New Golden Age support it.

Taxes too will be brought to an end. Taxes will basically cease to exist in the way that poor slaves of discarded closed pyramid systems used to know them. The salary of a government position, will be equivalent with that of the position of a noble school teacher. Very modest. Hence not so much money will be needed to run such well-oiled and constantly rotating governments. Rust and corrosion are not allowed to build. The system is kept clean. The gross and sick heavy tax money that used to be collected for gross and sick and heavy governments will be history. Fit and trim and healthy governments are the way in The New Golden Age. Every year, decade, century—every millennium—the New Golden Age figures it out better and better—as it moves higher and higher towards the very best systems of government possible in the known universe, where The Highest Law In The Land and its accompanying freedom bestow endless blessings upon the Earth. The people figure it out and the current State Motto of Hawaii will become an enduring World Motto: Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono "The life of the land is preserved in righteousness of the people".

The people of the New Golden Age are strong enough to realize that life exists to feel, and that living is hard as life lives off of life. This is tough. But the kids make it all worth it. The world now understands why we must compete. Competition provides feeling—and feeling is why God has us here experiencing life. The unpleasant parts of life are dealt with as best as possible. Kids are taught how to compete, and how to feel good, even when not ‘winning’. The kids get this, they feel it, and the world wins. Adults can never lose when they uphold The Highest Law In The Land. In protecting kids, adult problems will melt away and be laughed at with good humor because they realize what is important—the kids are—and they are there to uphold these kids—and this is very important too. Adults are important only because kids are, and adults know it.  

The New Golden Age is the age above all of the family. Women in general will be wanting to be home raising kids, not trying to grow a pair of balls out in the work world. The family provides the disciplined structure of the child, not the ‘dumbfeel’ historical State that used to want women working like men, with children property of the State. HELL NO to that departed State. The primary job of a mother is in raising up her child—and this is the hardest and greatest job in the world. No man’s job comes close to it. This will be universally recognized. Time will be given to the kids, much time, all the time of the world in fact. Childhood will come to be viewed as sacred time indeed. And every child, all the way until the age of twenty, will be given as much as possible by every family, and more.

Family’s will rally around a family in need. The only person who can help yourself is yourself, and sometimes you just need people around you to believe in you and remind you of that, and then you can and you will move that mountain to raise your family up high. And for those who do not have families, it will be seen in the New Golden Age that we are all of the same family, every race, every religion, and every sexuality for that matter too including our great single people who choose not to marry, and including our great gay people who do not naturally bear children. We are all of the same great family tree—and the focus is on the kids, not on the laughable issues of so called grown adults who can easily take fifty years or fifty lifetimes to really grow up. Lo and behold, when adults focus on kids, their adult problems will indeed vanish. The Highest Law In The Land bestows the highest blessing—on adults and kids alike.

There is no room for sexism in The New Golden Age. Nietzsche’s saying about women applies to men as well: “If you want to know the quality of a woman, watch the way she treats her child.” Well, if you want to know the quality of a man, watch the way he treats his child too. It works both ways. Character is what comes forth in The New Golden Age. Character. Men and women both have it. The New Golden Age judges the person by their character, not their sex.

Adults realize that they must raise their character, in order to give their best to the kids. The Highest Law In The Land requires adults of character in its upholding. In order to raise kids up HIGH—adults must do the very same with their own character. The New Golden Age is the age of character.

If a deliciously unique woman has sexy testosterone more than enticing estrogen, it will be natural for her to want to compete and beat the men in certain fields. So be it. Individual character will be celebrated. Men and women will compete openly amongst themselves and amongst each other. Adults will grow up. For example, there will be no extra bathroom for a transsexual as is currently being proposed in old California. New California has no such room for adult problems which are to be worked out amongst adults—and not brought into the world of children. Children will be shown the natural pictures of male and female. Adults will grow up and realize that certain percentages of the population are gay, and some are transsexual. Good looking lady men adults will make the right moves into the right bathrooms. Adults will accept them and our private parts are our own. Kids will pay no attention to any of this. This is the right way. Adult concerns are easily handled when they realize that they do not matter so much, the kids do.

The New Golden Age realizes the bigger picture of Nature. Nature makes most human beings straight and that is the way that will be followed and presented to the kids. A smaller percentage of the population is made gay, and up until now, the straight population has let down the gay population in understanding this. But no longer. Adults of all sexualities will unite in the Protection of Children. Children will be shown natural pictures of what most naturally occurs with human monkeys. There is plenty of room to discover yourself in life. Some adults can take even near half a century to figure that out. But for most the realization of what they are sexually comes sooner. We know now that sex is feeling, and that feeling is why we exist. We know that feeling requires difference, and without the possibility of the homosexual there would not be the heterosexual either—for this is how energy manifests itself in polarity—the one, revealing itself in the two. The New Golden Age is aware of this and is not hung up on sex. Adult decisions made later in life are for adults to make. Kids are not to be involved in such adult discussions of identity and will not be burdened with such topics. Kids are free to be kids in The New Golden Age. Sexy adults are in the back of the bus.

The dumbfeels walking around in life in the New Golden Age will be dealt with direct means. ‘Feel’ is a nice word in this case for ‘fuck’. So, the dumbfucks walking around in life will be dealt with as appropriate. If a dumbfeel parent breaks the Highest Law In The Land—they will be broken in return. Just as will the dumbfuck State. No dumbfeel States will be allowed of course in The New Golden Age, just as no dumbfeel parent will be tolerated much—for adults of character will police their own population and challenge such a dumbfuck parent to a private ass kicking. This action will not occur to the eyes of the child, for The Protection of Children is the Highest Law In The Land in The New Golden Age. No, this private ass kicking will be just that. Private. For the goal is not to bring the man down, but to have him stand so that he can stand for his family and not bring them down.

Here is an example of what will not transpire in the future…

Some months ago I saw a person in a car who I instantly disliked—and with good reason—he was a State dumbfuck. What the fuck is that dumbfeel doing over there I thought to myself. I don’t like anything about him. Well, the State dumbfuck was there to try to pick up a kid, with force, from his mom!—with some type of bullshit court order. Are you feeling kidding me????? I will personally beat the living shit out of that State dumbfuck. And I’ll beat the living shit out of the entire court system too while I’m at it. And who was behind this dumbfeel action of the dumbfuck State? Why a dumbfuck parent of course. Damned dumbfeels. The dumbfuck father was using the dumbfuck State to take by force the kid from his mom. Later the police showed up and the kid went through something he should NEVER have had to go through with the criminal activity of dumbfucks in action: He was forcibly removed from his mom—shocked and scared in the late hours of the night.   

Are you kidding me? You dumb mother feeling dumbfuckers. I will beat the shit out of you.

This type of dumbfuck behavior by dumbfeels is no longer tolerated in the New Golden Age. No way! Wise parents realize that what they want, is to uphold The Highest Law In The Land—for in doing so they hold themselves up high at the same time, obviously. No kid will have his memory scarred because of some dumbfuck adults in dumbfeel action. NO. If the parents have a problem, they are to handle it, if necessary, with a professional third party, behind closed doors. The child will in no way be subjected to the bullshit of dumbfuck parents and dumbfuck State systems who are just so fucking dumb that they can’t see that the kid is there by the grace of God to feel—and showing that kid how to feel good is their sacred responsibility. You DUMB FUCKERS.

This doesn’t happen in the New Golden Age. What a parent wants is not so important. What they give to the child is important. To have a child is a great responsibility and a great gift. In fact it is the highest gift that life has to offer. Parents that want to divorce will be forced to enter into classes. And before any of this happens, adults that want to marry will attend some classes before they just up and hop to it in the creation of their great kids. Education comes to the New Golden Age, marriage education. Schools for marrying will be commonplace and excellent. Schools for divorce will not be at all commonplace. It won’t be so easy to divorce for it is realized that there isn’t room for a dumbfeel parent much when it comes to the kid. A married adult that wants to (not) think about themselves all the time, run around and not support the marriage and child and children, these dumbfucks are not respected in The New Golden Age. Hence, there are not many of them, for they awake, sometimes with a helping hand.

Honesty comes in The New Golden Age, and means. If a dumbfeel parent has crossed the line with a child, a real parent can serve a notice, a private notice, and then meet this dumbfuck parent in the cage to settle it hand to hand. Often in life there is nothing to keep a dumbfuck man in line. Some men, unable to grow up, become stuck in cowardice, and in such a dumbfeel state they can strike women and children—they can even beat and or verbally abuse their families—even with a sickening repetition. But The New Golden Age has a very simple answer for this. Such men can and will be served a private notice to appear and face other men face to face. And then the private and proper ass kicking will take place in the private and proper ring—fairly—amongst men. The Highest Law In The Land is The Protection of Children—and this Law will be upheld. The second Highest Law In The Land is The Protection of Women. And this law too will be upheld. All men are the great protectors of these Laws. And sometimes, men have to work things out amongst themselves privately, as manhood is raised collectively. The men will work it out and society is raised higher. Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes...

The New Golden Age understands that adults unable to grow up today were simply kids who were cheated and not given enough yesterday. And so today is focused on, and the kids are given all that is possible, and more. Time. Discipline. Belief. Homeless problems will be thought upon and solved, and like most adult problems, the answers will be found in giving the kid as much as possible in that sacred small space of time when all adults were kids. That is the time to give!

Kids are really thirty years of age and younger. It takes thirty years to go around the block once in life. Eighteen year olds that used to be put into wars—that will no longer be allowed to happen. A good age for beginning to come into adulthood is about twenty. Twenty is the age of coming into adulthood in Japan. Hatachi is the word that is used for this special coming of age. It makes great sense that kids are to be protected for the first twenty years of their lives. This doesn’t mean that we have a pack of spoiled, helpless, insulated weak greenhorn kids who haven’t faced reality at twenty years old. Quite the opposite. It means that attention, discipline, belief, struggles, opportunity, time—what real protection is—this was the tool used to reveal the full potential of the kid now an adult. Protection is none other than strengthening. The Highest Law In The Land raises kids up HIGH—so that each young adult can become who they truly are. This is the opposite of letting kids run amok without any discipline—or letting them be exposed to too much too soon which would be weakening. Great discipline, opportunity and attention are the answers—just realizing the kids are all important as the attention is given—with some time too for the little monsters to run amok in this giant Fairy Tale theme park of Earth as they grow up wonderfully into unique examples of great adults—one day likely to take on the burden of raising up high their own kids! Hahhahahah!!! You can only know how much it takes to raise a kid when you yourself do it. Like anything in life, to know it you have to experience it for yourself—and in The New Golden Age all adults are parents that undergo this experience as they all raise kids up HIGH in the great tree of life.

The New Golden Age will see the world come together to focus on the best ways to solve the population and pollution problems. Great heroes will emerge. Victories will be hailed and unimaginable brilliant solutions will come forth as the world rises in greatness. The Earth will be clean, and green—healthy and vibrant. New thoughts will be struck and pursued. The old ways of falling into war will be looked at and figured out. The various definitions of life will be understood on deeper levels, such as that life has the ability to grow—and how this relates to economies, to feeling, and to war—this will be understood and worked with. Huge tasks will be taken on by The New Golden Age—and met with great success! We will not fall into stupid wars, we will engage upon the interior struggles of figuring out how to maintain The Highest Law In The Land—to therefore avoid such often easier outs which falling into historical wars offered. We understand that life is battle, and that to feel we must have friction and battle. Battles are part of life and living. But we realize something higher now. We realize that The Highest Law In The Land is a way to find the solutions to protect kids—a kid under the age of thirty in this case—for our kids will not be exposed to the atrocities of historical wars fought by various causes which we did not fully understand prior to The New Golden Age.

News stations will no longer be allowed to show any images of kids or women in difficult or stressful situations. This will be illegal. And any type of sick movie or television production that tries to show kids being compromised in any way will be illegal—and these people will be beaten to a pulp. Kids will be shown nothing that is not an image of a world that treasures them and upholds them—in every land—every second. All of the former sick garbage that dumb people produced and dumber people watched—will pass away—for what people were really watching for has arrived: A World Law. The world is wiser now. The Protection of Children is at hand.

Schools will become fun and completely safe as they should be. There will be no more safety drills at schools—because of attitude. It will be seen that the former slavery systems of government were the de facto cause of gun problems because of the terrible attitudes invoked by imposing slavery over society and not paying attention to the gold—to the kids. But now the correct focus has arrived to create the correct attitude supported with open pyramid forms of government— and because of this focus and correct attitude—all of the schools in the world are safe. Kids are #1—they are the focus. And kids are OFF LIMITS. That is the world attitude.

The entire world will be armed and free in the New Golden Age. Every man not only has a right to protect his family—he has a sacred duty to do so. A great discipline and calmness will come upon the nations, supported by the love of the kids. The training of firearms for hunting and defense for a young adult will be strict and long-term. Tests must be passed. Maturity must be understood and evaluated. It is now realized that kids are people under the age of thirty. Guns given to kids in The New Golden Age are given with respect and tradition. They are earned. The ability of self-defense and the enjoyment of the great outdoors are the rewards of this discipline. Eradicated were the sick lower than scum and dumb people of history who tried to put guns into the hands of young kids for the purposes of using them to kill for their insane religious beliefs. The correct attitude prevails—and it is a world attitude in support of the World Law: Kids are OFF LIMITS.

Prisons will be abolished in The New Golden Age. Great things we inherited from old Europe, and some numbskull things. Putting someone in a dungeon, or locking someone in a castle and throwing away the key—such scum torture will no longer be tolerated. Open systems will be established where people in need of finding themselves will be exposed to the open air of Nature. Former dumb blockhead man made ugly prison walls will be demolished as the fresh air of Nature steps back in and gives the feeler a chance to recover, instead of being shut off and slowly killed by an historical scum system.   

Technology will be curtailed in The New Golden Age—it will come second to life. You’ve done this or that, big deal—it was always there to be discovered. We’re not so excited any longer—by anything (except by women!). It will be realized that all technology exists perfectly within every man and woman on the planet engaged upon supporting The Highest Law In The Land all along anyway. Any new technology without is taken as secondary to this technology within. The people of The New Golden Age ride secondary technology like a surf board—getting on and off at will. Secondary technology does not ride them. Spiritual character is the highest technology.

Kids and animals will both be protected in The New Golden Age. The innocence within is the same. How the Earth feeds will be raised up. The feeling of the animal will be given priority as better ways are found. Humanity will figure out the best ways to feed now aware that all life exists to feel. And just as many of the great men of history decided not to consume meat from animals, such as the example of when God walked the Earth in the body of Socrates—humanity will likely follow his wise example as we evolve up the magic mountain of God in The New Golden Age.

The ignorant caste system in India will vanish into history as a forgotten shame. Humanity had to trounce on that bullshit. Everyone it became known, is just trying to feel good. But on a deeper level—everyone is special. EVERYONE. You take any child, and raise him or her up well, instilling belief and time and attention and all the other attributes of a tremendously powerful love—that child will be capable of doing and accomplishing anything. Anything! That child born anywhere will outperform and outshine any so called historical higher caste member—he or she will indeed be capable of out outperforming the entire higher caste itself—now finally and properly cast out and away into history as a dumbfuck idea. The caste system was laughed off the planet Earth and launched as refuse into space with a parting boot of the foot. The New Golden Age saw through that base psychology.

The unthinkable historical abomination of so called child molesters will be eradicated from the Earth just as polio was eradicated. They will not be allowed to exist in The New Golden Age. And all such religious buildings in any way associated with any such abomination acts shall be razed and removed from this Earth. None of this will be allowed to survive. Historical abominations will be permanently eliminated from the Earth. The Protection of Children is the Law now. Children will be enjoying their childhoods—everywhere—safe, held high, and protected.

The unthinkable historical abomination of Women trafficking will be eliminated from this Earth—just as the unthinkable concept of rape too will be eliminated—for the second Highest Law In The Land is the Protection of Women. Women will be safe as they oversee the kids. Both now are protected under The Highest Laws In The Land in The New Golden Age. 

Drug abuse will vanish on the planet because people will become wise that they exist to feel—hence they will be choosing strong and wiser ways to feel good—as they move beyond the weak and stupid dirty drug paths that led to sickness and death. The New Golden Age will not have drug addict problems because people will have figured it out. Real and strong drugs will squash out the weak and sickening ones: Real and strong drugs like exercise, music, study, conversation, and all of the real highs that life has to offer—such as taking a walk in Nature, or fishing, in order to feel the great rejuvenating power of Nature.

Religious and racial wars will all pass away, for now we know that the appearance of difference had to exist in order for us to feel—and as this wisdom begins to be understood on deeper and deeper levels throughout time—something begins to happen. World identity is found. It will be found in the kids of the world. When a child anywhere does something, the entire world will say, “that is my child”—not that is a child in that country, or that is a child of that race or that religion. “That is my child”. The sun shining in the heavens—the gold shining in all the kids on Earth. Adults aware and awake. This is the New Golden Age.

Some will say that nothing matters. These are the stupid people. For the truth is that nothing literally matters. That is, the great nothingness comes into bodies, and takes form into something, in order to innocently feel. And in the big picture, the feeling of a world is a vast bank account—a living bank account. The grand image of the nations is underway—and rich is the world that raises the feeling of the kids. The world is going to ring with laughter in the shining New Golden Age where it is seen that the kids are the gold and God manifest.