****A Worldwide Election is now underway in California with new systems of government following The Highest Law In The Land. Former presidential elections and closed pyramid systems of government in all nations of the world are now null and void.****

Rachel: So here we have the man Hollywood used behind the movies Michael and Phenomenon now stepping forward twenty years later after writing the up till now privately famous manuscript which reveals the mystery of life, A Theory Why.

Joe: Those were the first two movie factions released in America in 1996 and 1997 respectively, yes. Yes again with the Hollywoodgovernment clique stealing and using the copyrighted manuscript, A Theory Why and the story behind it. There is no real enforced copyright law of course with these people—they thought they could do whatever they wanted to do because they thought they were not just above the law—but the law itself—which they are not— and now today the law is coming in over their heads, which we will discuss when we get to The Highest Law In The Land. These two movies, Michael and Phenomenon were only the start of what the governmentHollywood has been spewing out in the last twenty years as the religious phenomenon has spread from the doorsteps of America to the doorsteps of the world, with a laundry list of movies and music coming out that is long, very very long. And yes, I am stepping forward now, that is, rather you are. It is kind of funny because I’m such a simple and plain man, and not nearly as bright as the Hollywoodgovernment. All I know is why life exits and what The Highest Law In The Land Is. They know so many more things than I could ever hope to know. But then again, they know very little also. For I know that the only people with the real answers for our serious population and pollution problems facing humanity are indeed our entire population acting as one to come up with them.

Rachel: Wow. What do you mean by Hollywoodgovernment or governmentHollywood?

Joe: Ah, there is no difference between politics, religion, and Hollywood. They are all one and the same thing. Politics? How do you feel about an issue, and what is the money involved? Religion? How do you feel about your relationship with God, and pass the hat around for the money! Hollywood? Go and sit down to watch a movie. They are selling you feelings. You pay them money! Money and feelings are what the world is about. Or simpler yet, energy and feelings. This is what life is. We exchange energy in order to feel. The political theatre, the Hollywood theatre, the church, mosque, or synagogue theatre—even the repose of Buddha and Gandhi—all are one and the same theatre—for all is truly Shakespeare’s stage. Feeling is the currency. This is why currency is another word for money. Money is energy. Energy is nothing but feeling. So to really get simple, there is only feeling here, which is energy. Energy and feeling are one thing. And that is why we are here, to feel this energy. Life exists, in the form of energy, in order to be able to feel. Hence we must transfer energy all the time in order to do this feeling. We do this by eating, by buying a movie ticket, by watching a movie, by putting money into a religious hat, by hearing a holy man speak, or by voting for a politician and then kicking him out of office! In fact, feeling, the transferring of energy, is ALL that we do! Nothing more! Life is very simple, though profoundly deep.

Rachel: I see. Yes, this is true. Give me a further picture of what you call the Hollywoodgovernment or governmentHollywood.

Joe: In America I call the about to be extinct ruling class the Hollywoodgovernment or governmentHollywood because they both have their hands in each other’s pockets—obviously—elite levels of government and Hollywood. Entertainment is the second largest producer of capital in America, since America, once great, doesn’t really produce much any longer but rather monetizes, in other words steals money from citizens by chicanery—a la schemes and fees of big banks for example. All designed to rob the middle class blind, which it has pretty much done. Moreover, it is obvious that all current about to be extinct forms of governments used to run a country after first paying themselves handsomely. They used to get away with this in one form or another, such as by stealing money from people in overnight reduced 401 K’s, or by slavery systems they used to call taxes for example. But now a real change is underway and such methods chicanery and thievery will be destroyed, fittingly—as genuine systems of freedom open up. We are about to begin to discover what higher government forms are in the form of what I call an ‘open pyramid’.

Rachel: Any more intricate definition of the Hollywoodgovernment?

Joe: I know them well because I have stood toe to toe in battle with them for many long years, and intense years. Yes, in America today these are the elite groups of Gentiles and Jews in government and Hollywood with their hands in each other’s pockets that, up till now, have run America. These are the groups that I stood up to and went toe to toe with in battle. “Battle”, as they showed America in the first movie faction, Michael. For in reality they shut me down in 1995 and put me in a glass cage. That was promptly smashed when I shut them down in 1996. They used to think that they could do whatever they wanted to do, that they were above the law, better than you and smarter than you. But now a law is coming down over their heads, better than them and smarter than them. The Highest Law In The Land no less.

Rachel: I want to talk about that in detail. There is so much to get to here. You said that Michael and Phenomenon were the first two movies of a laundry list of movies and music. Can you give us more of an idea of this?

Joe: Year after year as the great struggle to reveal the mystery of life to the world continued, the governmentHollywood, the cliques that actually run America, continued to reflect the behind the scenes reality—with the vehicles of movies and music—out to the unsuspecting public mostly asleep out there. I don’t want to bore you or myself with the list, and actually I don’t even know most of them because I’m just not interested, and so large is the list of things, hundreds of things.

Rachel: Please do though Joe. Just a few anyway of the movies.

Joe: Michael and Phenomenon are where it started, and then year after year the governmentHollywood started pumping them out: Meet Joe Black, The Truman Show, Joe’s Apartment, Joe Dirt, Joe Dirt Two, Castaway, The Matrix Trilogy, Waterboy, Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty, jeez, enough.

Rachel: But give me just a few more! Humor me Joe.

Joe: The War Horse, that was telling. Or for a perfect theft of my manuscript, A Theory Why look at the movie Equilibrium. Boy these crooks and thieves are beyond blatant. That is a complete theft. I feel sorry for those poor devils though.

Rachel: Why?

Joe: Because they’re being cast out. The Hollywoodgovernment itself is being cast away. In the “fictional” move Castaway jolly Tom Hanks runs around on an island and digs in to survive. Today the entire survivor series shows that you see all over television actually sprang from this movie (and such a lousy movie it really is in my opinion! One star movie! Thumbs down Hollywood!) All of this sprang from a real event that was happening in America which the author, then Texan William Broyle, showed to the world for the in-group at the time to see exclusively. But these exclusive groups are now becoming extinct as is right and proper. For the whole world is the in group now, now finally understanding why it exists. And hence, the end of the religious wars is at hand.

Rachel: You told me that this is an official statement: the end of the religious wars is at hand.

Joe: That is correct. It is an official statement.

Rachel: And the recent movie put out by the Hollywoodgovernment Joe? Moses, back again on the Silver Screen?

Joe: Well, some things have happened between the about to be cast away governmentHollywood and myself. This was stated to John B Wells on the Caravan To Midnight radio show.

Rachel: I want to talk about the Carvan To Midnight Radio show that was recorded on January 13th of 2016 by John B Wells and immediately blocked. What is going on with that? But before that, you mentioned music also as well as movies. Can you give some examples of how this story has permeated into music also?

Joe: Music was the inspiration behind the writing of A Theory Why of course. I agree with Socrates that music is the highest philosophy. Music was the inspiration to write and to then fight—as the manuscript and the story behind it progressed. So things started to get out. Even to the shores of England. Paul McCartney’s entire 1997 album “Flaming Pie” is about this. A solid record. Local songs that you know were “Sunny Came Home”, or “Building A Mystery”, not quality songs. Terrible songs, if you know what is behind them. For example, some of the imagery behind “Sunny Came Home”, for example showing a person desperately trying to escape from a room—well, that was me for a time. I was under the microscope of those sons of bitches, put under a glass cage with all privacy stripped as the tremendous beating was transpiring. For a period of months often I’d wake up in a panic finding myself trying to desperately get out of the window. I knew I was under the microscope of the Hollywoodgovernment prison—but there was nothing to do—except survive. (They showed this to you also in The Truman Show movie.) Eventually as a psychological defense and means of fighting back, I build an indoor tent. Yep, that is correct. I slept indoors under a tent in order to obtain privacy from being under camera while sleeping as everything was stolen—everything. But on a high note, the musical story got over to Germany also. Rammstein covered it with their fantastic album Mutter. What a great record.

Rachel: Oh my God… Continue and tell us about the Caravan To Midnight Show.

Joe: John would lose his job over there in the Lone Star State if he aired the show. This is how high up this runs. It goes to the very top and has done so for over twenty years as this story continues to break out of California to embrace not just little America but the world. Texas is in the middle as New York stands over it still. I would say this about our show:

  1. The Interview went great and John wanted me back on and VERY SOON!
  2. In the interview I opened up explained what actually happened in 1996 with the East and West Coasts of America—in previous radio shows I did not say too much. These things are also explained in The PPP Step One. I don’t want to go and repeat this. The adroit reader can find out for themselves. The lazy stupid people in America will continue to be indirectly misinformed by the Hollywood faction movies that have come out for the last twenty years.
  3. People should ask John B Wells to play the interview. They should contact him directly. They should ask him, is Texas a free state, or is Texas under the armpit of New York and the Hollywoodgovernment? (I think Texas is a free state and that is why they are building their own gold vault now.) Texas and Massachusetts were the first two places that received A Theory Why way back in 1994. The courageous Christopher Bamford on the East Coast immediately stood up for me. What a real man of courage!!!!! The Bible Belt of Texas may have resisted A Theory Why at first but in the long run it might be seen that this boy from California has even more Texas blood in him than they do. For freedom is coming to the entire world now, right out of the severely oppressed state of California, of all the blasted places! Well, without question, John B Wells and I should conduct further interviews. We have not even begun to scratch the surface on what needs to be covered. For example, we should have a number of shows just on Joseph Campbell’s great book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces.

Rachel: What did John B Wells tell you in not being able to air the show?

Joe: His technical producer e mailed me and told me that is was a recording issue that they had “never come across before”. Yeah right! Hahahha! The presentation was recorded over Skype. The Hollywoodgovernment is shaking in its worn out shoes. They’re on the hook for so many things you can’t believe it. They are really done now. It’s obvious. They just don’t know what to do, and still think that they can actually block something that is destined to come in. Their demise is at hand. A higher truth is coming in, and they are being again, cast away. What Pharaoh thought he was doing to Moses by abandoning him in the desert is what happened to the political elite of the day. Same story. What the Hollywoodgovernment thought it was doing by depicting me on that island with the “Will Son” volleyball being torn open and cast adrift on the ocean of the unconscious is what is happening now to them

Rachel: I know you’re right. Joe, what is a movie faction?

Joe: We want to look both definitions of the word here for the larger picture and better understanding.

Faction: 1st Definition:

A small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics: : clique

And I would say that “dissenting group” can also mean “insider group” and that “the cliques made cliques”—in this case they made inside movies for their inside factions.

Faction: 2nd Definition:

  1. a form of writing or filmmaking that treats real people or events as if they were fictional or uses them as an integral part of a fictional account.
  2. a novel, film, play, or other presentation in this form.

The origin of the modern word of faction in our second definition comes from the 1960’s Rachel. It is very simple.

Faction: blend of fact and fiction.

Rachel: I see what you are saying. So the first two movie factions made by the Hollywoodgovenrment factions or cliques were Michael and Phenomenon—their blends of fact and fiction concoctions exploiting your story for their profit of insider groups. Isn’t there any legal remedy to take against this? I remember a caption that used to say: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Joe: Right. An all persons fictitious disclaimer is a disclaimer in which a work of media states that all persons portrayed in it are fictitious. This is done to reduce the possibility of legal action for libel or copyright infringement from any person who believes that he or she has been libeled or stolen from via their portrayal in the work (whether portrayed under their real name or a different name).

So in this case, you have both. Not only do you have this stealing and spinning for profit of a real life story by the Hollywood/government, but you have them blatantly stealing and taking things out of the manuscript also. They took and stole out of the manuscript so many bits and pieces! Copyright law is completely ineffective. Well, it is probably very effective if these people are finally taken to what I call the “lower court”, the American Legal system.

Rachel: What do you mean by calling the American legal system the “lower court” Joe?

Joe: Ah, the lower court is our entire legal system, the so called ‘Supreme Court’ very much included. It does its best to listen to the voice of conscience which exists within. Hence, all law that we see manifest is just based on the quiet voice within that lets us know if something is right or wrong. It is really as simple as that. Law is just a reflection of the unconscious within. The higher court is the direct knowledge of this unconscious. The situation at hand today is that the higher court is coming into the lower court. In other words, a little bit of God is coming into the conscious mind, which does its best to hold true to the higher court, the unconscious source. The only way the conscious mind can do this is by expanding and growing with the new knowledge coming in. The lower court is man trying his best to consciously manage this tremendous expansion process.

Rachel: I see. 

Joe: But this is a “divertimento”, a diversion. Perhaps it should be done to exact justice from the Hollywoodgovernment and serve as a direction for the future. Probably it should and will be done. In fact, in the lower court, the prestigious Joseph Cotchett, in San Francisco was contacted to begin this process—but he immediately shied away, ran away. Clammed up like a scared rabbit. For he is a member of the Hollywoodgovernment and hence, does not have the power to pursue this. But I did not let him off the hook and made it very clear to him—this event, including the drought that California is now under, is transpiring from his homestate of California. Are you a man or are you a mousy member of the governmentHollywood? His silence answered the question. The least he could have done would be to refer it out to another attorney. No matter. The real issues here on the table are the grand consequences of the world knowing why life exists and what the highest law in the land is. What the lower court does or does not do is not important in the long run or even the short run. The lower court will be following under the dictate of the higher court. My focus is on finishing the job. The higher court will come into the lower court in time.

Rachel: Talk to me more about what you said just now, about the drought and California.

Joe: When A Theory Why was brought back in to California in late 1994, it started to rain. It flooded in California in 1995, 1996, and 1997 as the mystery of life was coming in to the world—for an age was ending—the age of man not knowing why he existed. Or looked at from another way, the hero’s ego was being annihilated, as Joseph Campbell points out. We all share the same collective unconscious as Jung pointed out so brilliantly, the direct link to God is what this is. Hence why I say that you yourself are bringing in the answer to the mystery of life today. We are all connected through the great unconscious. You yourself, through Mother Earth are bringing in The Highest Law In The Land—and every nation will follow this law. This is in fact the New World Order—This Law. It is the very highest Commandment. It is the protection of children. This is The Highest Law In The Land—and all forms of new governments will be established to carry out this law. In Every Land. And likewise, Every Religion will now follow this Great Law. And by the way, just look inside to see if it is right. 

Rachel: Yes. It is right.

Joe: This great unconscious is the source of all religions. What was that quote from Campbell: “It would not be too much to say that myth is the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestation. Religions, philosophies, art, the social forms of primitive and historic man, prime discoveries in science and technology, the very dreams that bliser sleep, boil up from the basic, magic ring of myth.” What a fantastic quote. Myth is the unconscious becoming conscious, that inexhaustible source that exists within all of us coming to the surface to show us something new, that we all knew...  

Rachel: So first California is flooding when the mystery of life is being brought in. And now it is in drought. What is the mystery of life? We know what The Highest Law In The Land is now. And why is California in drought now?

Joe: The mystery of life is very simple. Life exists to feel. That is why God has us here. We are here to feel. Simple as that. And so so deep. Why is California in drought now? There is a worldwide election underway. This election is centered in California. This is the election to bring in The Highest Law In The Land—into every nation in the world. All current governments will be dissolved and reformed under this law. Every Holy Book will be revised under this Law. The religious wars are now forever over. The formerly stupid religious wars are now history. For humanity now is starting to grow up as a race. We have become wise as to why we exist, and hand in hand comes the knowledge of The Highest Law In Every Land—the protection of children trumps every single word in every Holy Book. And to better answer your question Rachel, California in drought now is the final stages of this coming to pass. The spiritual drought of the world is exemplified in the physical drought of California. As the Highest Law In The Land is implemented so too will the rain return, and balance to our Earth. A new reign is at hand, and you, you are bringing it forth. What we have all known hitherto unconsciously, is now coming forward consciously. We are all here to feel—and kids come first.

Rachel: It might sound strange at first, but people of yesterday knew many more things than we do today in so many ways.

Joe: Yes. And nobody, mark you, nobody in the about to be re-positioned Hollywoodgovernment is laughing at this. It is happening. And high time too I might add. Up until today, the world has not consciously known why it exists—and there has never been a world law. But now there is. For the first time in history, there is now a World Law—and every nation and every religion will follow it. This Law supersedes everything written in every holy book in every land just as it does every government in every land. Hence, the religious wars within and between nations are now over. And yes, again, this is said with authority. Kids come first now. If grown dumb men want to go and cut each other’s heads off over some stupid religion or some stupid national idea, by all means send them off to an island and let them do so posthaste. But they shall not harm children in any way any longer. Kids are off limits now—of all races and all religions. Just one kid, of any race or any religion, is more important than any race or any religious bullshit. Just one kid. One. This Great Law will be upheld. This is the law of the Earth now that you are bringing in Rachel. For all women know what The Law is. Women are smarter than men.

Rachel: Wow.

Joe: Yes, for the first time in history, what we have all known unconsciously is now finally becoming conscious. For example, “difference”. Now it is seen why difference exists. For the first time in history it is about to become clear why there were different races and religions to begin with! Oh my my. We’re about to start to grow up as a united race. This is step one, this basic awakening. Finally! Now it will be clearly seen why there are different races, why there are different skin colors. Up until now, this was not seen. Now The Emperor’s New Clothes is being retold, and it is seen that underneath all religions and skin colors are naked and innocent humanity—so very stupid, arrogant and flat out dumb in its procession up till now, but innocent nonetheless.

Rachel: So the title of The PPP Step One. Step One is?

Joe: Understanding what life is and why life exists. The equation is: what = why. Only when we understand what we are doing here and why life exists, only then will we be in position as a united race to begin to come together to solve our population and pollution problems. This is why the religious war are over, and why this is said with authority. Understanding why eliminates that stupid chapter in our history.

Rachel: I see. Explain it in a different way for us Joe.

Joe: There labors the Jewish man under the hot sun in Israel. His religion is right, and the best religion too. Only his is really right. Other religions have some truth to them but the Jewish religion is the real one. But then, over in India labors the Hindu man under the hot sun. His religious belief is really the right one, he knows it. For thousands of years they have been on the cutting edge. Other religions like Judaism, well they are okay, but the Hindu way is the real and best way. Then you have the man over there in Iran. He follows the Koran. Laboring in the hot sun he proceeds, making a living as all men do. The belief of Islam is the only real and true belief. He knows it to be true. Other religions may have some good things in them but there is only one religion that is all the way right. And then you have say, a little old lady out in the Midwest of the United States. She has lived many years toiling in the hot sun of life making a living and raising a family. She holds her dear Bible in her hand. She believes so strongly in the Bible, and in the New Testament in particular. It is the word of course. Other religions are okay, but her Jewish Jesus is tops for her and she believes in it with her whole heart. Is she wrong? Are any of these people wrong? Why, they’re all wrong! Not really. The man over there in China, he follows Buddha. Religious nutty people, well they have some points. But laboring out in the hot sun for his entire life, well, he knows that the middle way of Buddha is indeed the very best way. He sees it, right in the plain sunlight clear as day. So, all of these people, and all of the people of the world are in essence right. But now today, something has happened.

Rachel: What has happened?

Joe: The deep night has come. You see in the sunlight—these people were all right. What they saw was right. For the sunlight grants light and vision—even as it blinds and binds. All they could see in the bright sunlight was true, but limited. These races and religions have, up till now, been blinded and binded from the big picture. But now the night has come, the deep unconscious knowledge is coming in to free them from the binds of their daytime blindness. It is midnight. The stars are out above, countless stars in the jet black. The moon is there. The blinding sunlight has retreated. It is seen that there are countless suns in the sky and that humanity as a race all stands upon the same foundation of terra firma here on Mother Earth—the foundation of why it exists.

Rachel: Amazing. Excellent.  

Joe: This great opening of the unconscious spreads gradually into the daylight world. Man wakes up the next day—but now he is not quite so stupid. A gift has come in from the deep—for without this gift mankind was doomed. And so the man toiling in the hot sun in Israel, he finds himself opening his doors to the Muslim people. The Muslim people open the doors to the Jewish people. Is rael and Is lam realize they are the Is. Their kids begin to play together—because nothing on this Earth or in Heaven is more holy than just one kid—of any race or any religion. Understanding grows in power. The previous wars of religion fade away forever. The man in India, his Hinduism grows and expands as does the Muslim and Jewish faith. All have been strengthened and taken to higher levels. The man in Iran holds his Koran in a new light as does the little old lady her Bible in the Midwest. They have opened up their previously closed doors to each other. Love overpowers the previous ignorance and hate. The man in China realizes that Buddha was more right than ever as East and West too overcome their prejudices. The great union of East and West itself follows from the great union of the unconscious and conscious. This is already coming to pass. Religious wars will vanish from planet Earth. It is seen that just one kid is worth more than any religious or racial strife. Just one kid! Of any race or any religion. The Highest Law In The Land takes root and the future of humanity is bright with promise.

Rachel: And along these lines, talk more to us about the title here of this interview, that a worldwide election is underway in California, and that current presidential elections in America and the world are basically now null and void. And what are closed pyramid systems? This is fascinating.

Joe: The worldwide election is the coming into play of The Highest Law In The Land into every nation. This law is being brought in by the entire world, not by any single person by the way. California just happens to be the center of the world stage where the battle of the unconscious idea becoming conscious —where humanity finally understanding why it exists—has played out for twenty years. This is why it is stated in the press release for the trilogy of books that, “The California Times bestsellers for the long run are upon us.” It is no longer about New York and the New York times. This is centered in California. This is California time now. New York is no longer the center of the world. California is. These are the California Times. Give it five or ten thousand years to sink in.

Rachel: Whoa. Ah, I see.

Joe: Let me give you a few examples. As you are the one bringing in this Great Law. You walk pass a mirror. And yet, you are unconscious. You are not able to recognize your own reflection in the mirror. Much of the animal kingdom exists in this state. We do not know what we are doing in these bodies, much less that we are looking at ourselves in the mirror—we just cannot recognize it. And yet the day comes where the animal obtains enough consciousness to recognize its reflection in the mirror. This is where humanity is today. It is starting to recognize its reflection in the mirror. The metaphor is that it is starting to see why it is in a body, it is beginning to understand why it exists. This is tremendous. It is a tremendous awakening. It is akin to understanding what God said when he walked in the body of Socrates over two thousand years ago: “You will know that the divine is so great and of such a nature that it sees and hears everything at once, is present everywhere, and is concerned with everything.”

Rachel: That is fabulous.

Joe: Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were not the only Gods and men on this planet. God is everywhere and in every person, awake and asleep to different degrees. There is nobody in fact that is not entirely God here. There is only God here Rachel. There was never any devil by the way. The only devil was man’s great ignorance as Socrates pointed out. The time has come to look at ourselves, individually and as a race in the mirror. There are no scapegoats any longer. There are no better religions. God is right there in your being and you are God, just as you are every religion. You are responsible now.

Rachel: I agree with that.

Joe: As the Great Law takes hold in every country, new forms of government are going to be able to arise. It is quite clear that I have no talent or ability in any way. The only thing I know for some reason is why life exists and what The Highest Law In The Land is. But I do know who has all of the talent and all of the ability!

Rachel: And that is?

Joe: Our entire population! Here is the great spiritual computer and hope for the future. For it is only with our entire population coming together and working on things openly (meaning that all secret cult/cliques are eliminated) that we can come to the correct solutions to our great population and pollution problems. In fact, I know that now already, the child is born on this planet who will grow up and solve most of the pollution problems.

Rachel: Wow.

Joe: Getting to your question of what a closed pyramid is… First we must understand the structure of life. Life lives off of life. This is the unpleasant fact. Hence with have the pyramid structure of nature. The higher up the food chain you go, the less in number. Such is the structure of life. But Nature Herself is an open pyramid. Only man has tried to use a closed pyramid for his own benefit. But it will no longer work. I feel sorry for the younger voting kids of today, not realizing that they have no choices in front of them. There is only one person for them to choose.

Rachel: And that is?

Joe: Themselves. Vote for yourself. There is nobody else to vote for. Presidential elections as we used to know them in America, are over. The Highest Law In The Land has come to supplant them. For today it is seen that what has hitherto been sold in America and in the world, is slavery. Closed pyramid systems = slavery. Closed pyramid systems are Socialism, Communism, Feudalism and Fascism. They are all slavery systems. They are simply Oligarchies. All of them are one and the same thing. America today operates under this same system. But the great purging at hand from a simple idea is finally here. The Hollygoodgovernment is the great Augean Stable of modern times. It is the great filthy stinky craphouse. The time has come to clean it out.

Rachel: How Joe?

Joe: By creating the only system that will work to sustain our population as we move forward as a race. The only system that will let our population breathe and exist in health: an open pyramid system. A real man doesn’t want to be a slave and will not be a slave owner. He wants freedom for himself and for his fellow man. An open pyramid leads to this.

Rachel: I agree with this.

Joe: Think about it Rachel. Out there in the great Universe, the better and wiser planets figured it out. They implemented I’m sure two or three of the very highest forms of government. All we need to do is to focus on what these might be and we will get the answers as we implement them now here on Earth.

Rachel: How do we start to imagine that?

Joe: By first realizing that all men and women are created different and unequal.

Rachel: I think this is true.

Joe: So trying to put men and women of different drives and ambitions under one collective roof and capping them—will NEVER work. Marx was a fool. Sorry to say. Good intentions but a fool. Communism is slavery. Socialism is slavery. Feudalism is slavery. Fascism is slavery. All of these systems are one and the same EXACT thing! They place a handful at the top—the masters. The masters rule over the slaves. Our world will no longer tolerate this crap. This crap will be cleared out of not just America now but out of every nation.

Rachel: How? What system do you think might be optimal?

Joe: Again, I have no talent or ability in any way. But I know who does! I would just start with American High School kids.

Rachel: How so?

Joe: Here we have a tremendously outdated and trampled on Constitution. Here we have recently slick young puppy dog groomed planted actor attorneys getting into the office of president and stepping all over the poor old outdated artifact of our Constitution—virtually destroying our health—another word for constitution. Well no Hollywoodgovernment actor is going to out-act you or me. This indignation will no longer be the case. All we need to do is to assign the project to our great High School kids in America and ask them—who do we make our great Constitution great again?

Rachel: What a wonderful idea.

Joe: In no time the great Augean Stable of the governmentHollywood will begin to get cleared out. Just watch what they come up with!!

Rachel: I can’t imagine!

Joe: Closed pyramids are dead Rachel. They will now become extinct on planet Earth. They allow no air, the suffocating systems of communism, socialism, feudalism & fascism. But an open pyramid does lead man towards God on the magic mountain of evolution. An open pyramid let’s men and women breathe and always puts kids first! The great secret of the pyramids is now out in the open. An open pyramid is not closed to life, it circulates life. The so called “authorities” are not permanent top position pyramid dwellers. The ‘authority’ is now the ‘temporary’ individual man and woman on the earth, who, by a system of open pyramid rotation, will find themselves serving, for a very specifically limited term, in a government position. I’ll wager that the High School kids come up with something like this: you can no longer serve in a governmentalHollywood position for too long. Only for very specific and very limited terms. Then you must circulate back out into the real world and make a living as a more honest person does.

Rachel: I completely agree. I think the world is coming to this realization now. Career politicians can no longer we allowed.

Joe: Of course. We have so many people that are so well qualified to serve in political positions—only temporarily as is the open pyramid way. Tens of thousands of people and more. It will be a sacrifice for these qualified individuals to do so. Maye a lottery event is the best way to accomplish this. An actual honest system of electing the next round of temporary and finally not self-serving politicians. Becoming a president or a senator for example should be like receiving a summary to jury duty. Nobody who is qualified and productive in the real world wants the job! And that is who you really want for the job!! Such minds will keep the open pyramid well-oiled and healthy. And this system of ‘you’re in and then you’re out’ back into the real world—this will apply not just to politics but to the court system, to the currently secretive agencies that even see themselves above the political system, such as the CIA for example. The FBI. The NSA. All of this. No more career people will be allowed in such positions. Black operations will be made white—brought right out into the sunlight. For now, in the worldwide open pyramid The Highest Law In The Land is being upheld by every nation—the protection of children. All nations work towards this common goal.

Rachel: I like it.

Joe: The previously existing political class is about to become extinct. And their souls will be the better for it too. Their loss of political position will be their spiritual gain. Everybody wins in an open pyramid. Conversely, everybody loses in a closed pyramid. When the goal is raising up your kids and all kids—as all kids are your kids—when your will is set to raise them just as high as you can—the world and the heavens will bestow great blessings upon our future as a united race. Again, I am a very limited man. No talent or ability. But I do know this is true. The Highest Law In The Land is the protection of children. When this is followed the future is diamond bright for humanity.

Rachel: It is right. It is a thousand percent right. Joe talk to us about the presidential election in the United States and how you really see it. I find this so absolutely compelling. Don’t hold back. Tell us what you told me in private. I know it will take time to explain this, but please do so.

Joe: (Smiling) Very well. I think the high school kids will come up with all sorts of brilliant ways to clean out the great Augean Stable of our passing political climate. For example, the King and Queen systems, closed pyramids, are dead. What will happen in our updated Constitution is that a greater system of checks and balances will enter into not only into the newly created branches of government but into the archaic office of the president itself. The outdated King system is not about ego running the world. It is about the best people doing their best for a limited time. And maybe now it is time to have three presidents or more—not one. One puppet president is too easily controlled, as we have seen in America for decades. In fact, I have not seen a man since Ronald Reagan, and I like Jimmy Carter. But to really explain the situation today I need to go back to the beginning.

Rachel: Please do so.

Joe: Very well. All men, I repeat, all men—are African. All of humanity is African. We all come out of Africa. And in a larger sense, from nothingness we come, and to nothingness we return. Humanity springs from myth, from the great and what we perceive to be dark and mysterious mystery. Naturally people have to have something to hang onto here, because there is really nothing here! So race and religion have been the fall guys to avoid fear. But now we can embrace the entire world and eliminate fear and prejudice. Now, you take the great African Ape and put him in cold Germany, his skin will get white as the environment shapes him. You put the great African Ape in India, his skin will get brown and black. Etc. You put the great African Ape in England and you’ll have a tall awkward proper pasty pink cheeked Anglo Ape! This is the way of lovely evolution. All of humanity is African. Evolution lends her rainbow color effect to us. And now today, we finally understand why great Nature was doing this. Why so that we could feel of course!! How simple. How deep.

Rachel: It is very deep.

Joe: And we understand the psychology behind the Ape packs of the world and the secret behind race and religion. Everyone was just trying to feel special! After all, competition was hard, is hard. We needed to survive. The first law of evolution is to survive. And so today as a race the time has come to realize that for us to survive and thrive as a united race—we must now understand that every race and every religion are special. So very special! There is not just one special race or one special religion—all of humanity is special.

Rachel: That is so well said.

Joe: So we have to go backwards to get to the current presidential election today, an election which is now null and void as The Highest Law In The Land begins to take effect. In this sense America is important, because it serves as a portent of the future of the earth as the races continue to mix in the mighty march of evolution.

Rachel: Yes.

Joe: I want to make clear that the Jews and the Germans, are the very same race. In fact, I spell it Jerman and Gew. They are the same greedy, innocent, full of life bastard races that I personally love very much. In fact, my goal in life is to see as many beautiful JerGew women that I can!

Rachel: I see!

Joe: Well, that is not the only goal. The ultimate goal is to appreciate the women of all races! That is a fact!!

Rachel: (Laughing.)

Joe: The Gews and the Jermans. Yes, this is how I spell and define these two strange and lovely races, or are they religions? Lovely races and religions to be sure. Is there a Jerman Synagogue or a Gewish gene? The fact of the matter is that both of these ape races are African of course as we’ve made clear. Straight out of Africa. Like all men, straight out of Africa. The environments did the rest. Simple as that. The Jermans had the gall to consider themselves the great chosen master race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Gews had the gall to consider themselves the great chosen people of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahhah!!!!!!!!Obviously these are the same statements!!!!!! These are truly the funniest things I have ever heard in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahhahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But it is comically clear though, there really is a master race!! It is the Italians of course. Of course it is!! No, I take that back, it is the Greeks with the high philosophy of Socrates and Aristotle!! No, I take that back, it is the Japanese, of course it is!! Look at that great culture!! But most of it came from China!! So China is the best!! Hahhahahha!! Okay we will say the truth here, finally: The master race is? India? Very spiritual except for the soon to be extinct stinking caste system they use. The North American Native? Very very very very spiritual. And leading us to an actual glimpse of the master race.

Rachel: Which is really?

Joe: Evolution.

Rachel: Yes.

Joe: Pure and simple. Evolution is the master race. The curious elitist love-affair between race and religion in America represented by what I’ve coined as the Hollywoodgovernment or governmentHollywood—the exclusive matrimony between elite Jentiles and Gews—is over. What a curious and strange love affair that was! One should really say homo! After all, that is what one and the same thing means. Moving forward, the love affair of America and the world will now include every race, and every religion. Was there ever any doubt about that? And what about the master religion? God how pathetic that sounds. The master religion is the embracing of East and West—the real homo affair—showing that East and West are one. Nothing short of this union will suffice for the world now, is won... One. The old stupid ways of thinking at some points in history by the Gews and Jermans is now official history. That was just a small curious historical homo way of them both thinking they were the best this or that—just as is the JentileGew elitist attitude in America today. The world needs a much much much larger homo affair now. The quote by Joseph Campbell on the back of A Theory Why bears repeating:

The mystical theme of the space age is this: the world, as we know it, is coming to an end. The world as the center of the universe, the world divided from the heavens, the world bound by horizons in which love is reserved for members of the in-group: that is the world that is passing away. Apocalypse does not point to a fiery Armageddon but to the fact that our ignorance and our complacency are coming to an end. Our divided, schizophrenic worldview, with no mythology adequate to coordinate our conscious and unconscious — that is what is coming to an end. The exclusivism of there being only one way in which we can be saved, the idea that there is a single religious group that is in sole possession of the truth — that is the world as we know it that must pass away. What is the kingdom? It lies in our realization of the ubiquity of the divine presence in our neighbors, in our enemies, in all of us.

Rachel: He was miles ahead of his time, that man. What a tremendously powerful and forward moving statement.

Joe: Joseph Campbell it will be found is more important to history than Einstein. The truth is that he wrote an entire Bible or Koran himself—a modern one to help our modern times continue to move forward. His collected scholarly works are indeed nothing less. Humanity just has to catch up to him. Probably it will take a hundred years or so. Amazing what he did in his lifetime! And that other Celt, James Joyce, he too wrote an entire Bible or Koran himself. Finnegan’s Wake is this far reaching. It is an entire modern Koran/Bible. Is this anti-Israel/Lam to say this? To think that the Ir people (for Irish) could write something that the Is (for Islam and Israel) people wrote under their previous tents? Of course not. All races and all religions have members of what I term ‘the modern priesthood’. These are people who are battling to insure that humanity unites as a race to move forward. For Joyce saw it and Campbell confirmed it, we are all under the same “Monomyth”.

Rachel: That’s right. Joyce coined it the Monomyth.

Joe: Yes.

Rachel: Now specifically address the presidential situation in America Joe and what is happening in California.

Joe: Presidential elections in America as we knew them, are over. We have the Jentiles and the Gews over in New York. But the New York JenGew is no longer the center of America. That lack of love won’t cut it any longer. The curious and singular love affair of race and religion between just the JenGew, is over. Now the lover affair is to involve every race and every religion—for America is at the center of America. Free Americans vote for themselves in their own homes, not for any outdated party systems in the would be master state of New York. That system is history. Take a look at the dinosaurs they are offering to only the stupid and sleeping Americans who would ever vote for them! Here you have Don Juan, and there you have Dillary Pickle. Here you have D&D. Dumb and Dumber. Doom and Doomed. Dinosaur and dinosaur. No thanks. And then you had an even older dinosaur who is finally dropping out of the race. That old white haired ready for a rest-home fool who has no clue that life exists to feel that that the only system that will work is an open pyramid. It is the only way our kids today will be able to live free and strong in an independent world. Any form of Socialism is merely slavery. Dumb idiot.

Rachel: I see.

Joe: Only competition is what enables feeling Rachel—and that competition is capitalism—rotating capitalism. You cannot put a lid on man’s feeling. It will never work. The open pyramid accomplishes this by implementing the basic idea of rotation. No more can maggoty people be in any special secret group for long. They rotate back out to reality. This includes all the current maggot groups like Numb Skulls and No-Stones, and the Dildergerble group. Come out in the open and say what you have to say to the world now—for this is our world now. So too are any connections between crooked bankers and crooked governments immediately ended with such a common sense system of rotation in place.

Rachel: That’s right.

Joe: So let’s look at the two dinosaurs, Don Juan and Dillary Pickle, the New York JenGew profiles with the pasty pink cheeks. They are not the in-clique any longer. Look at the arrogance here, arrogance which will never lead America of course. Both of these dinosaurs have master race and master religion complexes! And add on top of this master city and master state complexes!! So the NewYorkJenGew thinks they are the master race, the master religion, the master city, the master state, and on top of this—even the master country of the world!!!

Rachel: Oh my, how funny!!

Joe: (Smiling) These people are purely psychotic! Let me tell you, I will take both Don Juan and Dillary Pickle and put them both over my knee, and you will hear just how loud these arrogant NewYorkJenGews can yell after their butts are bright red when I’m just getting started on their pasty pink aged backsides.

Rachel: Hahaahhahaha!!

Joe: (Unable to hold back a smile). You know Rachel, age is a consideration when someone should step forward and lead. Socrates said that a good time for a philosopher to step forward and lead was at the age of fifty. Nietzsche agreed with this I believe. At fifty a man has been around the block a few times and has some solid experience, yet is still a little bit vital. This is why I am stepping forward here twenty plus years after composing A Theory Why. This is why the high school kids will reform the American Constitution accordingly and get rid of one stupid person on a power trip in the former presidential office, probably by having several office heads in this area. Under fifty years of age is too young for a person to occupy the office of Presidents (plural) of the United States. The former policy, lack of policy, let in young punk attorneys and the like who were not seasoned enough. And it also let in people who were just too damned old to function at maximum vitality for this vital role. 50-60 is the age that seems right. At this age a man is still vital, yet strong enough to give it all that he has. After 65? Most men are too old. Some are not, but they must prove it with extraordinary physical fitness if any exceptions were to be made.

Rachel: I agree with this.

Joe: And the White House—this is not a revolving door for families to come and occupy. We had a Bush in there already twice now. What was it? Four terms? No. No family of the same name can occupy this position. This is not a revolving hotel room for elite names to reoccupy. If a family name is in once, that’s it. So no more Bush’s or Clinton’s now—unless they are not connected to the ones that were already in there. No more members of the same family occupying this house. No. Rotation is the key in an open pyramid—there will be fresh people coming in all the time.

Rachel: Makes sense.

Joe: And I’m not a fan of either family, Bush or Clinton. Both families were aware what was happening in America with the battles with the Hollywoodgovernment to bring the mystery of life to the world. Both families, very aware were they. The cigar wielding president was there with Dillary in the early days, right when things were taking off with the mystery of life being revealed in America, as I stood my ground firmly against them. Some cocaine kid Bush followed next. Both families were very aware. And you can have both families. I’ve clearly sensed who they are. I’ll take Mr. Reagan and Mr. Carter thank you very much. But clearly the two party system in America is dead now.

Rachel: I see Joe.

Joe: Only an open pyramid system keeps the world clean. For perineal, excuse me perennial oligarchy governments at the top currently, are just like crooks at the bottom. Same thing. Many government people are just mafia crooks. This is why a system of rotation is an answer to end such a gross debasement of humanity. In fact, it has just come to me.

Rachel: What is this?

Joe: The great financial crisis that is coming to the world now, is merely a reflection of the great spiritual crisis that has now come to a head. When you understand why life exists however, you have a way to continue moving forward. We have so many talented people in this world that will figure out the future governmental and financial systems of an open and free planet Earth. Again, I have flatly no talent or ability in any way. All I know is why life exists and what The Highest Law In The Land Is. But that knowledge coming up from the deep unconscious can help us now, as the people with talent in our population come up with the answers stemming from this basic knowledge, and the questions it invokes.   

Rachel: Clarify that statement Joe.

Joe: Well, now we know that life exists to feel. Energy is the tool for this. Energy in fact, is feeling. So we have another basic equation: Energy = Feeling. Now, energy is also money. This is how we measure feeling. When we wake up as a world, which is what is happening now, we see that life exists to feel. As our feeling increases by waking up—so too will our energy increase. A great wave of new feeling is going to therefore completely reset our monetary systems of the world. The energy of the world is going to not only be reset—it is going to be reborn. For now, we have something to guide us. And guess what it is Rachel?

Rachel: The Highest Law In The Land?

Joe: Precisely. When adults of all nations set up governmental and financial systems based upon The Highest Law In The Land—the great monetary despair threatening the world in the spiritual crisis of the day will pass and the world will be reborn into honest money. Suddenly we have more than even hope, we have God’s very inspiration—for this is what each child on the Earth is. We set up money to reflect God’s money, meaning, based on some type of Gold and Silver backing. Things become real. Instead of greed, we have a law—The Law. A rich banker works for the kids of the Earth, not just his own comfort. Suddenly, kids become the focus. And guess what? You will see all adult problems solve themselves once the focus is on the kids.

Rachel: Oh Joe, I know this is a profound statement. This is right!

Joe: Up until now the world has been lawless. That is why we are spiritually bankrupt which is reflected in being morally and financially bankrupt. But once kids are the top priority—the Earth and the Heavens will bestow their blessings on us. It is no longer about elite groups, it is about the fact that we have awoken as a race and realize now that our jobs are to raise up the kids high. All solutions to all problems follow from this knowledge and action taken to uphold it. I know this to be the answer. It has come to me. It is right. Just look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is right.

Rachel: It is completely right.

Joe: The old way out of financial problems was to start wars. That was the spiritually bankrupt way. The higher way is to realize that kids are number one. Now, let’s put all of our cards on the table and figure this out as a race, what are the best ways to handle our population and pollution problems. Everything right out in the open on the table. Every country choosing its own form of governing in freedom. Systems of rotation in play. No more secret groups making world decisions. Everybody in the world making the decisions. Everybody in the world able to vote and have input. Those stupid elite groups of history! I’ll slap the living shit out of those dumb greedy passé groups.

Rachel: (Smiling). I believe that!

Joe: I mean, I understand and respect the spirit of a man setting up his castle to protect and promote his family. But how much more does a man need once he has his freedom? Billionaires are a strange lot. I’ll just take some millions for my family. That’s enough. And with today’s looming inflation millions today is what thousands were yesterday. But to me, the question always is, what you are giving back to your kids and to promote the kids of our world? Now that we understand that life exists to feel, it is seen that wealth is a means to secure feeling. But a limit comes to a rational person. Everyone is trying to feel good. Let’s understand that.

Rachel: Joe, talk to me more about Don and Dillary. That is funny!

Joe: That senior citizen Don Juan running around is like an old stuffed Turkey! He is so full of hot air! I heard him say how he’s going to run over to Israel to broker peace, but that it will be hard to do. Here this arrogant NewYorkJenGew is going to go over there and tell Islam to listen to him, the voice of Israel for sale. It will never work. The man simply does not have the tools. And don’t get me wrong, I kind of like this pasty pink cheeked old man. Or should I say woman?

Rachel: What do you mean?

Joe: Well, Karl Jung made it clear that as men age they become more like women. And conversely, as women age they become more like men. Testosterone and estrogen levels start to change. Karl Jung was brilliant.

Rachel: I see.

Joe: Yes. Women naturally make the better leaders. That is why most of the leaders of the world are older or ‘seasoned men’ shall we say. So in America today you have two choices which they are offering to you. You can vote for the NewYorkJenGew woman, Don Juan. Or you can vote for the NewYorkJenGew man, Dillary Pickle. But I would advise America not to vote for either of them. Now is the time to vote for yourself.

Rachel: Ah.

Joe: America is supposed to be a leader in what the entire world is heading to: a united race. What we need and want are very sexy Persian women in the Senate for example. And the younger and sexier the better! And we need to see Chinese women in the Senate. Man, I want to see them! In fact, we need every hot Asian lady and Persian lady in the Senate. Get those old pasty pink cheeked goat menwomen the hell out of there and replace them with young pink cheeked real women!! We need to see all hot women of all races in the Senate!! The in-clique now is no longer a clique, it is the entire world. This includes all hot Muslim women, all hot Jewish women, all hot whatever religion and race you want to follow women—and for me this is ALL of them!! I want to see every skin color and religion in our Senate. Oh yes, show me all the beautiful women, and young too. Under forty. Well, under thirty-five. Well, under thirty. Hmm, have all the women in the Senate between the ages of say, 18-21. Yes, that’s good! Well, maybe 18-20. Forget, just 18. And more women too!! Okay. 18-40 will work. Sure maybe up to fifty. Those are good ages! But please, show me sexy women from India in our Senate, from Africa, from Europe, from every single country on EARTH!!!!! And more women please!! We want to have the right number of females representing the States now. Two Senators? Man how archaic can you get? The high school kids will redo this lame area. Probably we need say twenty senator ladies per state!! How beautiful!!!!! Well now, I must be a tad serious here. A hundred women at least from every state!!!!!

Rachel: (Unable to hold back laughter!) Hahahahah!!!

Joe: Speaking of women, more on Don Juan?

Rachel: Please!

Joe: That funny plumy bird came over to my state of California. He’s obviously not privy to the knowledge of the highest levels of the Hollywoodgovernment yet—because they very well know that the drought in California is due to the spiritual awakening spreading from California to the world. They have heard me say that this drought will not pass until the spiritual condition of the world implements The Highest Law In The Land. And—nobody in the governmentHollywood is laughing. So Don Juan talking about how he will bring drought relief to the spiritual condition of California which is the center of the world awakening right now, is something that is quite frankly, over his plume! That daffy bird! He’ll get his plumy butt singed and will find that the drought can settle right over his state of New York next if his plume gets any more high and haughty. This world-wide awakening and world-wide law coming in—The Highest Law In The Land no less—will be obeyed—by every race, religion, and nation. The Highest Law In The Land is now upon our Earth. And Rachel, it is true. This law is coming from the great unconscious of every person on the Earth now, and even through the Earth Herself. It is here. It is very real. It will not be trifled with. This law is now in every particle on our Earth. It is in every rock, every tree, the air, the sea, everywhere.

Rachel: I see.

Joe: I will be happy to spank Don Juan from coast to coast. You don’t say you are going to go after the Jihad families. That is the bullshit way of ignorance. It will no longer fly. But Don Juan doesn’t yet know that the religious wars are already over. He will soon though. Only a greater love has forever ended the stupid religious wars. And that love came from within every person on this planet. This is why the religious wars are already over now. The world is self-realizing it.

Rachel: And he was also talking about waterboarding.

Joe: Idiot Don Juan. I’ll spank that daffy bird silly. You don’t do that to anybody. And you don’t put anybody in a block wall prison either. Hey! How goddamned stupid can people be? You never do that to a person. That is worse than death. You do not torture people, ever. EVER. Cutting people off from Nature, putting them in prisons—this is a heinous crime—and it will be ended upon this Earth. Waterboarding—what sick piece of garbage would even contemplate such an act? No. I will spank Don Juan silly. No joke. None of these things will be allowed any longer. The only way a prisoner can reform is by being in contact with Nature, not shut in a block wall to suffocate from this source. Imprisoning someone in such a way will soon be illegal everywhere. Only in open areas, getting back in touch with nature, are where people can reform.

Rachel: I agree with this Joe. More on Don Juan?

Joe: The puffy plume I heard him say, was on the cover of Time magazine twice. Hahahhahahahah!!!!!! How funny! Time Magazine, what is that? Another NewYorkJenGew publication?! Give me a break. Here Rachel, I’ll tell it to you like it is. Joseph Campbell, the man more important than Einstein whom I’m bringing up to the world here—he should be on the cover of Time Magazine every week for the next hundred years. And I vastly underestimate the actual time! Time Magazine! Hahahhahahah!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: And in regards Joe to your trilogy of books?

Joe: Well, I’ll tell it to you like it is again Rachel. A Theory Why and The PPP Step One—they are mainstream news now. Entirely. Meaning everything else is outside of mainstream news, including Time magazine and whatever else it reports for example. This is the mainstream event of the day. This is the age being embarked upon. Give it five or ten thousand years to sink in.

Rachel: Five or ten thousand years?

Joe: Yes. This was stated on a few radio shows and it is also written in Words For My Father. That little interlude in the Trilogy has a few important realizations which bridge the first and last books of the Trilogy, A Theory Why and The PPP Step One respectively. But yes, it will take this long to sink in and for us to come to a closer understanding of this vastly deep word which is the answer to the mystery of life: feeling.

Rachel: I know it is right.

Joe: It is not wrong. I’m not saying it is right, because no theory is ever right. Theories get refined or proved wrong—for example Einstein came along and refined Newtown’s theory. I predict that A Theory Why will still be right there on the table in one form or another in five and ten thousand years.

Rachel: I see why one radio host said that you had just blown his mind!

Joe: But the theory is not mine. The theory is the property of the unconscious.

Rachel: And this goes for all theories?

Joe: Exactly. Every prime discovery in science, every great religious origin, every great cultural movement, philosophy, high art, music, you name it—all comes from the great unconscious which is basically God, sleeping within us all. Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Newton, Einstein, Darwin, Beethoven, Bach, Verdi, etc. ad infinitum—they all went to the same wellspring within. A theory in particular was never anybody’s. It was always just outside the confines of the village door, waiting there patiently for the courageous hero to simply go out into the black night of the unknown and pluck up the gold nugget from the black dirt, and then simply bring it back on in! Whatever name we attach to a theory is unimportant. Theories belong to nobody. They are for the good of society to advance when society has maybe unbeknownst, become stuck. In this way individuals assist the whole, and each is served. The hero of today Rachel is you, the individual looking into the mirror and realizing that of course, life exists to feel. Now what can I do to work to uphold The Highest Law In The Land? Focusing on solving the population and pollution problems is the real issue at hand today now that the religious wars are over and the great secret of the open pyramid is at hand.

Rachel: This is excellent. Joe I want you to talk specifically more about California, and then I think we should end on the bigger picture as this spreads out to embrace the world.

Joe: The real lingering but about to be abolished criminals of the world today are people that are in any types of dinosaur longer term positions in government—and the ugly shadow bankers behind them. These are your no-good would-be slave owners of a closed pyramid system. For example, the two old men senators in California today, they are to be replaced posthaste with the greater system coming in, the open pyramid. All current California politicians are to be removed and placed back into the real world as the new system takes hold. It is funny, that in the state where the losses of freedom are so high, in the most oppressed state in America, California—this is where the fire of freedom is coming to embrace the world in the open pyramid as we move forward as an untied and united race.

Rachel: I see. And of gun rights?

Joe: Gun problems exist due to one thing: corrupt governments. That is, the slavery systems of all current governments. They have set a bad attitude. They have in themselves created the shooting problems in public for example. It stems from their bad attitudes of master and slave thinking. The bad attitude is merely the reflection of the government itself, the now being abolished slavery governments of the closed pyramid systems. The right open pyramid system is the opposite of this. Kids are raised high. Kids are given the prime importance. Right now the prime importance is on these governmentHollywood circle cliques. This is the disease which we will no longer tolerate. Can I expound?

Rachel: Please do.

Joe: Adults set the tone, and kids follow. You love the kids and place prime importance on them? You will no longer have mass shootings. Kids want attention and training. They want and need lots of time and attention. The current governments of the world today though—they are not about the kids—they are about themselves. They want women working (so that they can steal more tax money) and kids to be the neglected property of the State. They want a docile emasculated and castrated public because they think that they can be in frozen positions as slave owners more easily this way. But this is no longer the case. The great Augean Stable is being cleaned out. After they are eliminated and the correct tone is set, that is when this world starts to rise, and rise high. It starts with time and attention—with simple focus—because you know that kids are number one. They are The Highest Law In The Land itself. They are to be protected. That means they are to be with their moms when growing up while being given great attention from their dads—and that means that moms and dads train their kids in the ways of freedom and respect. Firearm training will be specific and thorough. This was how my father trained me. The Swiss, whom our forefathers modeled the freedom of gun ownership on, they have no problems but enjoy great freedom. Why? Attitude. Respect. Training. Attention to the kids. You have responsible citizens and a well defended nation. Hitler could never go there. Freedom and high attitude has no room for slavery systems. A man always has the right to defend and protect his family, first and foremost. The dying governments of today trying so desperately to take your guns away—they are your redcoats of yesterday. For they know, an armed America is impossible to conquer. The redcoat Hollywoodgovernment sell-outs can order as many billions of bullets and high tech gadgets as they want. With Americans dug in and fighting with the land—the redcoats of today, just like the redcoats of yesterday—would be picked off like flies. Go back home to England, you lost. Stay home in Germany, you’re powerless to enter. Hitler types can never enter here just as in Switzerland. For the law will soon be that every free citizen of the world will be trained in self-defense—and armed. Every nation will be armed and free—not just America. Hitler is forever dead, which is why the governmentHollywood on its last legs, is not far behind.

Rachel: Right. And today in their death throes, they are still clawing to push Hitler forced Nazi Healthcare upon citizens, and have things like a “Department of the Fatherland Security”. Like this is Nazi Germany again. After all, the Nazi party was the socialist party of Germany.

Joe: That is right. First they took over healthcare in Nazi Germany. Everything else followed as the people were enslaved. But instead of America being enslaved and castrated, the cleansing fire of freedom is coming from California to not just America but to the world. Castrated England and Australia for example will soon be properly rearmed, having recently been stripped and left butt naked and defenseless without arms in their own countries by governments and bankers out to own them. A man living in any country has the right and duty to protect and defend his family first and foremost. This is all going to happen, because freedom in the form of the open pyramid is coming—Freedom Rachel—freedom is on the cusp of becoming the world tradition.

Rachel: That is fantastic.

Joe: Yes. I know too that this will happen for our world. I know this just as much as I know now that the kid is already on this planet who will solve much of the pollution problems. It is time now to grow up as a world. It is time to realize that kids are number one, and all hitherto closed slavery systems of government—are out.

Rachel: California seems to have been the experimental state, and then you come along Joe, and now it is clear that you are putting your foot down.

Joe: Ah, they want to vaccinate the kids in California. Rachel, I’ll be right to the point here: There will be hell to pay if the in-the-process of being replaced ‘closed pyramid system’ of California even attempts to vaccinate just one child. Mark my words: They will not attempt to do it Rachel. I’m not playing around here. California is where freedom is coming from, and these closed pyramid systems are to leave California as The Highest Law In The Land creates the new open pyramid systems of government. No vaccines are allowed in my state of California. But I will personally render all of the vaccines to every exiting politician—all at one time—in all of their asses.

Rachel: I know you are very serious here Joe.

Joe: I am. No kid in California will be touched—mom and dad rule—and the State I will step on and break its neck. And this is coming to the world now. No kid is going to be inappropriately touched by either vaccines or vile people of this State or any State. That includes the historical topic of child-molesters—for child molesters are no longer allowed to exist on Earth. No.

Rachel: I completely agree. There is no place for that.

Joe: Only one place. They are to be sent back to Nature to pass away on their own and make peace with her. The Highest Law In The Land will be upheld. Children are now protected.

Rachel: Okay Joe. And I completely agree. This is a lot of information to take in here. Give us an overview if you can as it pertains not only to America through California, but to the world.

Joe: The Highest Law In The Land is coming today from California, but in reality it is coming in everywhere in the world through you, for we all share the same unconscious, which is the direct link to God within all living beings, or homo-sapiens in this case. And so I am now talking directly to China and to Russia. You will not engage in war with America and America will not engage in war with you. For there is now a World Law and it will be upheld. You will not ruin the future of the world for the kids here. You will uphold and protect it. You now have a Law to follow. And so you must and will work together to uphold this Law. Every kid is special, every kid of every race and every religion. There is no master race and there is no master religion. Every race and every religion is special. Your jobs now are to set up new open pyramid systems of government which uphold The Highest Law In The Land—the protection of children. Will children be allowed to labor in China any longer? HELL no. I’m talking directly to you now China.

Rachel: I could not agree more.

Joe: And over in Russia, the Homo sapiens persecution of gay people? It is time for that ignorance to end now. Gays persecuting gays. For you see Rachel, when you open your eyes a little it becomes easy to see that all life is gay. When you grow up and become who you are—you let people be. Doesn’t mean you have to like somebody who isn’t like you, just as you might not like somebody who has the same sexual orientation as you. But you let them be and you realize that all people are special. Straight and gay. For nature makes most all of her creatures this way. In pretty much all animal populations most of it is straight and there are varying percentages of them that are gay.

Rachel: So naturally the same thing happens in the Homo sapien population, makes sense.

Joe: Yes. The goal is always to raise your own character. Focus on yourself. If you focus on what others do, it is always because you yourself are lacking. Nobody has the right to persecute or kill because someone is gay, to do so would be to persecute and kill your own character. Leave them alone. Focus on yourself. I’m talking directly to you now Russia.

Rachel: Joe you were talking to me about Jihad, could you just touch on that before you continue further?

Joe: America’s greatest Jihadest was Benjamin Franklin. What a wonderful autobiography!! It is such a great American treasure, this autobiography. Look what this great man did to raise his character! Fantastic! He created an entire system to monitor and raise his character. Well guess what Rachel?

Rachel: What’s that Joe?

Joe: Jihad is exactly this spiritual effort: Jihad is the battle to increase your very own character. This is the first definition of Jihad. Going off to religious war is passé historical blindness. The real definition of Jihad is now on the table. And Benjamin Franklin is America’s greatest example to follow. American’s all over will engage in Jihad and join the Muslim and Jewish ideas—as they carry their Christianity and other religions forward.

Rachel: About time. I think everybody knew this day was coming.

Joe: Because the answers have always been within each of us. The real issues of the day are being brought forward, because we can no longer afford to bleed from dumb religious wars while the real issues of the day are in front of our faces: how to deal with the population and pollution problems. The real questions are at hand.

Rachel: They are.

Joe: Islam will no longer allow their young men to engage in wars with other religions. They will protect their young and follow The Highest Law In The Land. Israel will no longer allow Muslim kids to get hurt as well as Jewish kids. They will protect them as they protect all kids. And I would say this too Rachel: Jews and Palestinians, the war is over. Let your kids play without your former religious shortcomings. Go into each other’s houses. Go into each other’s places of worship. Embrace. Let your kids lead us, for they are free of racial and religious prejudice and you will be too, this great gift coming from their great innocence. The kids are the answer!! This is the focus, on the kids, as the world is moving forward now. For just one child, any child, is worth more than all of the religions of the world combined. Just one child! And we will RAISE THEM UP HIGH. The time has come to focus on the kids. I’m talking directly to you both now Islam and Israel.

Rachel: Joe it is happening. I can feel it.

Joe: And look in the mirror! For you are the one uttering and carrying out this law. You are the one making all of this happen. You are the hero of this new age. You. Will you let the kids down? Not, a, chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: I know that your Trilogy of books is here to stay Joe. They are the mainstream news now as you say. The effects of them becoming public are going to be absolutely staggering. The whole world is going to be let in on what the elite tried to keep down as you went head to head with them for over twenty years. You are indeed battle tested sir.

Joe: I have no talent or ability in any way Rachel. But I do know why life exists and what The Highest Law In The Land is. This cannot be contested by the combined might of all of the elite groups in the world—whom I’ve taken on—not just the sold out little American Hollywoodgovernment elites. The world elites have been engaged and taken on. They know it—oh how they know it. And you have my word that they will be completely dissolved before I’m through. The Highest Law In The Land is here to be upheld—and this spells their historical demise.

Rachel: I don’t doubt that at all. Clarify a little more for us.

Joe: I don’t like those elite groups. They are ugly souled men. I can sense them and I am after them. They will not be able to hide either. These are the members of what I call the Dildergirble group, the Council of Foreign Emasculations, the Numb Skulls and No Stones, all these secret ugly souled men of all of these ugly cliques designed to make their lives easier. I will disband them into permanent history. They are about to become extinct Rachel. The Highest Law In The Land Demands it.

Rachel: I see. Expound further with that.

Joe: Today the secret is coming to the world. Now the world is starting to understand why it exists. It exists to feel. The very simple but incalculably profound answer is now out. And so? We quickly realize that energy is the tool and that we want to feel just as good as we can. Hence why people pursue energy. From understanding this great secret of life we are suddenly able to understand many things. For example, closed pyramid systems of slavery will never work because all men have different and unequal drives. And by the same token, an open pyramid promotes competition, but a true open pyramid prevents monopolies also. America started out with the right idea, but then you had three ugly souls create the Federal Reserve in 1913—they bought out the American Government—and the American Government sold out the people. Banks, a central bank in essence, took over the American Government with this act which would have our forefathers absolutely up in arms. We lost the Constitution in 1913 when the three ugly souled men of monopoly helped to create The Federal Reserve—but there is nothing federal about The Federal Reserve—it is a fraud—our up to that point free government was hijacked by private bankers. These ugly souled men were J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, and John D. Rockefeller. Today we are just seeing the effects of this stealing and theft, this fraud—which is now going to be crushed and forever destroyed by The Highest Law In The Land—for The Highest Law In The Land is going to completely eliminate the Federal Reserve in America—and every central bank in the world too for that matter. They will all be forever eliminated. This is happening now Rachel. Right at this very moment. And our late president will be recompensed for the mistake which he was man enough to admit after he created the Federal Reserve: I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.
~ Woodrow Wilson

Well, I will see Mr. Wilson requited and resting in peace by taking down this organization now, today.

Rachel: I know you will. Oh my, this is so telling of the train-wreck in America today. Joe, you were talking to me about the late Aaron Russo.

Joe: Here you have a man. Or the late Irwin Schiff. You always have a man standing up for what is within the hearts of all decent men and women. These great men of character stood up for America. They stood up against the tiny percentage of ugly elite JenGews who think that they are the masters of the world. These great Jewish men of the highest American character, Aaron and Irwin, are tremendous heroes. They stand for humanity. And humanity will see that it is because of people like this that The Highest Law In The Land will prevail in America and the world. Irwin Schiff was of the old stock. You can’t bullshit such a man. His innate old world genius (now passed on to his son Peter) realized that the Internal Revenue Servicing you—was screwing you. And he stood up to them as only a real man like him could. Aaron Russo depicts this in his film “America, Freedom to Fascism”.

Rachel: Is it true Joe? Is the IRS a criminal mafia?

Joe: It is true—because the idea of taxes themselves are about to become extinct under The Highest Law In The Land. Russo makes it clear there is not a law that says a free American has to pay an income tax on their labor. That is why many honest people of character formerly in the IRS mafia, left it. When the bankers took over the American Government in 1913 the system was in play for Americans to pay money like former slaves in Robin Hood’s forest to the ugly King of the moment—in this case central bankers. But remember, the forest belongs to the people. And to the people it will be returned. Taxes, not just in America but in the world, are soon going to be abolished. Taxes are the telltale sign of a closed pyramid system—of a slavery system. As The Highest Law In The Land takes place there will be no more room for the private Federal Reserve and its collecting branch for the interest it charges through the bought out government of its hand—the IRS. These slavery systems will be completely wiped away forever. It is happening now. There is a quote in Russo’s movie: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” Supreme Court Justice John Marshall

Rachel: What was that other quote in the movie by Mayer Rothschild the private banker: “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not for who makes its laws”.

Joe: And this is what has happened in the United States of America. It is no longer a free country—at all! But it is however about to become more free than it ever was Rachel—and this freedom is coming to the entire world.

Rachel: The arrogance of these people is astounding. They are terrible people.

Joe: (Smiling) Don’t worry. They are in the process of becoming history even as we speak. What this ugly souled man said is that in essence, if they own the money, they will own and write the laws too. This is America up to this point. The IRS was really a banker’s tool to extract your money. The shadow government of the United States were these bankers. The shadow will pass. As the central banks are all wiped away—all current politicians in America will be kicked out as well—and they will be the only ones on the Hitler Healthcare system they tried to push on America because the shadow bankers told them to do so by the way. That will be their just reward for being great sell-outs.

Rachel: What might the new forms of government look like Joe, under The Highest Law In The Land?

Joe: Men are allowed to compete fully—this is the way of Nature—but there will no longer be any elitist monopolies allowed in the areas of energy and communication: that means banking, oil, food, and how information is distributed. If central bankers control the entire money of a population, they control the entire feeling of the population—as feeling and energy are one. Under The Highest Law In The Land this will never be allowed. The feeling is for the kids now. Kids are number one—not the feeling of a group of ugly souled men who wanted to enslave the Earth with a closed pyramid for their benefit. Absolutely not! Central banks and bankers are history. The Highest Law In The Land will dissolve ALL central banks. Every central bank in the world will be completely dissolved. And governments will be so much more oiled and honed. Government positions will be as they were meant to be—the service positions for the kids and watchdog positions of would be monopolies. Government salaries while in temporary very limited durations of service will be what the average school teacher makes. That’s it. These are honorary positions. All connections between bankers and government positions will be forever broken. Rotating government people will not allow monopolies in the vital areas of energy and communication.

Rachel: It seems to me that what a central bank was, was just a slavery system. It was just a system for a few to entrap the many, so that they could enjoy leisure, sucking the money from what thousands and millions of working people did.

Joe: That’s right. But a real man doesn’t want to enjoy too much leisure, and a real man is not a master nor a slave, he is a free man. The central bankers were not men. There is no more room for them on our world.

Rachel: How do you think things will look under The Highest Law In The Land Joe?

Joe: For one, women will be back at home with the kids which is where they belong. This is how The Highest Law In The Land works—kids are placed first. And all kids want their moms. They will not be coming home to empty houses. Mom will be there. Or if she is shopping, dad will be there, or grandma and grandpa. Great moms do not want to have complete professional careers at the expense of raising their kids. And all great moms know what their highest job is—it is in raising their kids. Raising the kids up well is the highest success for our planet.

Rachel: I find it absolutely fascinating that the Rothschilds were the ones who wanted to promote women’s lib—so that with more women working they would be making more money by collecting more taxes! That is diabolical.

Joe: The devil will be eliminated from this Earth Rachel. You have my word on that. I do not like these people. I don’t like Kissinger, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, I don’t like any of them. Dildergirble group. Numb Skulls and No-Stones. Trifecta Commission. Council on Foreign Emasculations. I do not like any of these people. And I give you my word, I will be the end of these groups and cults of ugly souled men. I give you my word that when I’m done personally as a man—though a plain and small man without any talent or ability—these ugly souled men will be permanently vanquished. You have my word. I know what my job is.

Rachel: I think they know deep down that they have already been ousted.

Joe: James Joyce stated that at certain times in history a thunderclap sounds and that men are once again reawakened to the claims of the supernatural. Life snaps out of the terrible iron age of the spirit and a new golden age begins. This is what is happening now. All of the above mentioned groups have a lightning bolt after them and there is no escape. They will be eliminated. For this world will be free.

Rachel: So with The Highest Law In The Land taking over the Earth, kids will be given the highest treatment. Kids will once again be given time and attention. Freedom and economic conditions will greatly improve because of the elimination of central banks and the replaced governments who did their bidding of bilking the public with forms of theft like the IRS. Real money will emerge again, such as gold and silver. The quality of life will greatly increase. Religious wars will be over. The world realizes that full attention is the go to the kids. The former State trying to intervene with evil vaccines will be completely shut down. It is a Golden Age Joe.

Joe: And it will be here for thousands of years Rachel. The New World Order has been given. It will be upheld. The New World Order is a Command. It is The Highest Law In The Land—this Commandment—and this Commandment supersedes every law in current existence—just as it supersedes every word in every holy book in the world. This law is the protection of children. It will be enforced like titanium, this great Commandment that you yourself are giving. It is the Great Law of our New Golden Age.

Rachel: So the tax ‘code’ will be reduced to rubble. And the legal ‘code’ made simple.

Joe: ‘Code’ means a way to screw the people. That is what code means—it means “dishonest screw tactic”—otherwise it would be said in plain English. Say it in plain English, or the language of your country. Plain, honest and clear.

Rachel: What tremendous freedom. To see the current people in government here going away in the United States, along with their banker colluded corrupt IRS machine. The central bankers of the world had the gall to think they could break the American Constitution and use the IRS as an attack dog to enforce people to do their bidding by buying their Hitler system healthcare. That was the final straw. The camel’s back was broken.

Joe: Exactly so Rachel. I knew that the time was ripe for me to step forward in my twenty plus year war with these soon to be forgotten cults and cliques.

Rachel: They tried to destroy you Joe.

Joe: No such luck. I will see them into history. For there is no way that I as a man will fail my kids and the kids of this Earth.

Rachel: And so the people of the world all have input into the real issues of the day, how to solve the population and pollution problems. The issues of the day are dealt with openly and honestly. The entire world knows in what directions we are moving and why. Anybody can come up with a better idea. I know this is right. It is time for world conversation, leading to the current world perspective and paths of action.

Joe: Internet Diseases, such as Facebook, are for stupid people. And granted, much of the world is stupid. Nothing against them, for we know why this is so now. But it is time to grow up some today. The majority of the world will now focus on the designing of our governments of freedom, on solving our population problems, on solving our pollution problems. The world will unite, and engage. Everything must be vetted upon the world stage and the world vote before it can happen. There will be no more behind the scenes activities by ugly souled men’s cliques. Everything will be right out in the open. And together, as a united world, we will start to figure it out as we follow and uphold The Highest Law In The Land. Our kids will be held up high—yea—to the very summit of the heavens! And in the end, it will be our kids who really start to figure things out, for we are not smart enough nor good enough. But they are!! And so we will raise them up HIGH!!

Rachel: Thank you Joe.

Joe: No Rachel. Thank you.