Washington & Hollywood Will Immediately Follow This Highest Law as of this date:

The Highest Law In The Land
is: The Protection of Children.

Every other current law in America and every future law in America will be reviewed, created and amended as necessary—clearly forged to serve under this Highest Law.

Washington and Hollywood, pay attention. Pay very very serious attention to the enactment and enforcement of this Highest Law. You will immediately follow this Highest Law as of the date of this letter, and exactly as described in this letter—or you will indeed quickly begin to suffer unimagined consequences as you are replaced with the New Hollywood and the New Washington which are coming anyway.  

You are being given notice—official notice—you who are about to be replaced with people who will toe the line and uphold this Highest Law. While still in positions of so called power, you will now both follow this Law being laid out below—or yes—you will quickly begin to suffer unimagined consequences. You don’t want that to happen. So pay attention. This very serious business here is absolutely paramount, and you will both toe the line. You will henceforth uphold this Highest Law in every aspect.

Your attention old Washington and old Hollywood, as each of you will each be addressed in turn below.

#1. Old Washington.  

You have already crossed the line in regards to the protection of children. You are on such very thin ice right now that if you make just one more misstep you will indeed be shaken down into a giant pile of rubble. Nature will no longer tolerate your lawless actions, for the Highest Law In The Land is here now. You will now follow The Highest Law In The Land—or you will be destroyed. You’ve been given notice. You’ve been given official notice.

Previously you had the evil gall to think you could use kids as props upon a political theatrical stage pushing for gun confiscation. You can no longer do this—EVER. NO child shall again be placed upon your political Hollywood stage again for ANY political reason—EVER. If you ever EVER attempt to do this again, old sick Washington, you will be reclaimed by Mother Nature as fertilizer, and not a single brick shall remain standing. Not one. Listen well old Washington.

Moreover, it is now illegal to show anything on television which shows kids being hurt or scared. HEAR THE LAW WELL. It is now illegal for one of your owned stupid dumb bastard news stations to show any child or any older kids being hurt or scared or stressed on a news channel. It is ILLEGAL. This bullshit can no longer be shown on the news. YOU are responsible for enacting this LAW old Washington, NOW. If you do not, you are going to come under such fire that you will collapse. That is a promise. You will have hell come down on your heads. You will be shaken and blasted by all of the powers of Mother Nature. This promise is being repeated several times for your benefit. Hear it.

Your publicity and complicity in the Overton Elementary School production will be your undoing. That was the final straw. Every one of you there that had a hand in it will have no peace for the rest of your miserable lives—even as you are permanently ousted from political life into a life of deep repentance. You are all about to be replaced by new people with an entirely new system, a system where it is recognized that government is only there to support the Highest Law In The Land: The Protection of Children.

To be clear: Right Here. Right Now. New Stations can no longer broadcast any maggot low life scum bullshit that would stupidly show kids being in positions that are hurtful, mentally or physically. This is the Law now. And you will follow it. Now. Right now. It is now illegal for any news broadcast to show anything that does not protect children. No scared or frightened kids will be shown on any news network, for the propaganda of old Washington is dead and the proper propaganda of New Washington is coming to take over: Kids are protected at every turn. They are upheld. They are reassured. They are not scared to go to school. Schools are safe and fun. They are safe in their neighborhoods. Kids are the absolute law now.

This Highest Law In The Land applies to every arm of New Washington. All newspapers shall now be reviewed and shall follow this law. Kids in America will immediately realize that they are the most important thing in this world. Indeed, this Highest Law In The Land is a WORLD LAW. From America it will spread to every nation in the world. And every nation, and every religion, shall uphold this Highest Law. All of the newspapers of the world will implement this law. There will be no scared or frightened children allowed on any newspapers of this Earth.

Newspapers, magazines, Internet, all of the many arms of Washington—all such publications will follow this Highest Law. And New Washington will oversee this Highest Law and strictly enforce it. It is also now illegal for anything to be on the Internet by any(stupid)body which shows kids being hurt or scared. NO. Those days are over. The word is out. The Protection of Children is the Highest Law In The Land. Nothing on the Internet will be tolerated that does not raise and support the self-esteem, well-being, and safety of kids. NOTHING. Kids of America and all kids in the world are going to rapidly get the message. They are beyond important. They are most important and the most special. And every adult knows it.

Every policy and law that comes out of New Washington will now follow The Highest Law In The Land. “Lawmakers” will again, fashion their old laws and new laws under this World Law. And New Washington will now work hand in hand with New Hollywood with the great unfolding of this World Law. Enforced and heralded, it is coming to the world, from every person on this world.

The Second Highest Law Of The Land is The Protection of Women. In the same way as kids are to be protected, so too are women. News Stations shall now pay attention to what they are showing to the public. Any pictures of women suffering one inch beyond what is considered good taste by a decent person are no longer allowed. Women are to be protected. We will now become wise to what we are showing to ourselves and the type of world that we are creating.

New Washington will spearhead two major issues in the world, and the world will take up the mantle and get the job done. For the Protection of Children and the Protection of Women is here.

  1. The historical concept of “child molester” is no longer allowed on this Earth. The Earth will no longer tolerate that historical abomination and it will be permanently eliminated from our present and future. Any such historical abominations are to be sent back to Nature to pass naturally and to make peace with the dirt and dust on their own accord. There is no room on this Earth for any such historical abominations.
  2. The historical concept of “women trafficking” will be removed from our planet. Such historical sickness will no longer be allowed to exist. All such historical filth that engaged in such historical sickness will be cleaned out and removed. That historical disgrace has no room on this Earth.

Children and women are now under protection. Enforced protection. And very quickly no enforcing will be necessary. For every adult will come to understand the Law and will know it to be right as they uphold it. Every adult is the protector of the Law in essence—carried out and held high.

All news productions, on television, print, on Internet—all of them shall be revamped—completely revamped. It is no longer allowed to show kids or women being hurt or scared. It is no longer allowed for former stupid news stations to dwell on negative scum events. A new picture is being created. Nobody awake has the time or patience for the way news stations used to operate. We are creating our own future now. Truth will be reported, in line with what is good for the attitude of the public now aware that life exists to feel and that The Protection of Children is The Highest Law In The Land. Better and better pictures will come from each and every news station. And soon, this is the way the world will actually be. For we now command it to be so. The Highest Law In The Land will permeate each and every news station, for the Golden Age of the kids is now at hand.

#2. Old Hollywood.

Pay attention.

As of this date—10/08/2016—it is now illegal for Hollywood or for anybody to sell movies or television shows or any printed or verbal materials that show kids being scared or harmed in any way. Any publications of any form whatsoever are hereby permanently illegal. NO WAY! This is all coming down from the airwaves, and until it does, the air will bring no water to Southern California—but only intense unending desert heat and misery.

That is correct. Southern California will experience such drought and heat that there will be no relief. You will bake in Winter and broil in Summer. The great drought that has come to California in support of The Highest Law In The Land is just a minor preamble of what will come—to focus on you specifically—Hollywood. You will be SHUT DOWN and turned into a damned dustbowl desert. And if you do not begin to implement The Highest Law In The Land and try to continue with abomination productions—you will be indeed shaken down and destroyed—just as will old Washington if they ever try to cross the line in regards to The Highest Law In The Land before they are ousted and replaced with New Washington. The heat is on you both now, and it will be relentless and shall not pass until the Law is realized and old Washington and old Hollywood give way to New Washington and New Hollywood.

A return to a golden age hitherto unimagined is upon you old Hollywood. It will be much greater than the former golden age of Hollywood where an innocence prevailed. For a deeper wisdom is coming. Today adults know why life exists and what their job is: to Protect Children and raise them up—HIGH. It will be done. The equation of what = why and why = what—is now on the table. For what we do in life is to feel, and that is why we exist, to feel. And now that we know this, we know that it is time to create the very best feeling possible for our kids who are the future of humanity.

Listen up old Hollywood because you are going to be quickly blasted if you do not immediately toe the line like old Washington must now do.

  1. There was an old Hollywood production on television which showed a young boy being trapped and held in a cage by a child molester. I believe he was trapped there with his brother. This abomination material was actually shown on television as part of a show or series. Oh my God— these evil scum abominations that wrote this, produced this, and aired this—are in serious serious serious trouble. That’s it. If anything like this evil scum ever EVER comes to the airwaves again—you’re done. You will be destroyed. Evil fucking bastards like you will all be taken out. Pay attention to the date of this announcement. For it will be upheld. You scum fuckers are history. Right now. Right now.
  2. There was another old Hollywood production which old Washington allowed to be on the airwaves which showed a woman being captured and held captive—where she was enslaved and held for a period of years as the unthinkable transpired. But NAY, hear me you dead fucks of old Hollywood—the airwaves will bring no more water to old Hollywood and will shake both old Washington and old Hollywood down into piles of rubble with the slightest misstep on their parts at this point. IT IS OVER.

None of this dumb worse than evil shit will be allowed to ever grace the airwaves again. You are both under watch, strict watch—as you are replaced by New Washington and New Hollywood where it is illegal to produce or show any of the aforementioned heinous abomination productions.

This is the way it is going to be NOW. Right this very second as of the date of this letter. Pay strict attention to the date of this letter—for you are hell and all hell is going to come down on you. Let it be known to America and to the people of the world that Old Washington and Old Hollywood were in bed with each other. They were the actual causes of hell on Earth. For they tried to only create power for themselves by closed pyramid slavery systems which is what Socialism, Communism, Feudalism and Fascism all are. These systems squashed the spirits of the people. Moreover, these systems lowered kids. But this will no longer be the case! And so with The Highest Law In The Land now being realized—new systems of government are coming to America and to the world. Open pyramid systems of government are coming where people in temporary positions of service of governing are really in the service sector. And who does New Washington and New Hollywood serve? Why the kids of course. Once the kids realize they are number one and raised up, our world will be embarking upon the New Golden Age.

Old Washington and Old Hollywood: The heat is on you both. RIGHT NOW. You will begin to implement The Highest Law In The Land as of this date or you will suffer the consequences.