The New World Order Is Hereby Given


The highest law in the land, in all lands of this Earth, is the protection of children. This is now the law. This law supersedes everything written in every holy book in existence, and all holy books are now being amended accordingly. Everything in the Holy Koran is now secondary to this law. Everything. Everything in the Holy Bible is now secondary to this law. Everything. Everything in the Holy Dhammapada is now secondary to this law. Everything. Everything in the Holy Bhagavad Gita is now secondary to this law. Everything.

This is the law, the order and commandment—The Protection of Children. It is the very highest commandment and supersedes even the Ten Commandments of Moses. For when adults tend to children properly, their adult business falls right into line. Absolutely so. The New World Order—is this Commandment. It is the highest law in every holy book. The world will now faithfully carry out this order. How?

All governments of the world are to undergo revision. At the very top of the world pyramid are now kids! Kids. This is what the adults below raise up and support. The New World Order is not about elite groups in governments setting up plantation mansions for their selves. Quite the opposite. The New World Order is about these plantation masters stepping down and building the highest form of governments possible to enable the greatest freedom and protection for kids of every race and religion on this Earth. How?

The New World Order is about creating an "Open Pyramid". What does this mean? It means that all government positions now held will be lost. These people will have to come back down to reality and make it in the real world. For government positions are all now to be of public service with specifically defined limited terms. Career politicians will no longer be allowed to exist. In for a specific limited duration of time—and then out—all the way out—with no strings attached. This is part of what an "Open Pyramid" is. It is an honest pyramid. This is the destiny of our planet Earth, to become an open honest pyramid that has placed kids at the top.

All of the makers of Agenda 21, now shooting for 2030—by this date—2030—you are hereby ordered to step down from your government positions and return to private life. The decision makers of how to best handle our population and pollution problems are now the entire world. The entire world will decide these issues—not you. Everything that must and will be addressed—will be addressed right out in the open where all people of all countries have an equal say. A worldwide website(s) will be created just for this express purpose: how to best deal with our population and pollution problems as we move forward as a united world to the best solutions. Everything is to now be in the open. This is how an open pyramid works. It is the only way it works. And nothing but this complete openness and honesty will be allowed.

In America, there will be projects where the high school kids come up with ways to make the Constitution of Freedom up to date, better and stronger. And these winning ideas will be implemented into law. Changes are coming. Real changes. No longer will a family name be allowed to occupy the White House more than one time. There is no more room for a Bush or a Clinton for example. They have already been there. An open pyramid crushes all forms of socialism, fascism, feudalism, and communism, which are all one and the same form of slavery systems. They are all oligarchies—closed pyramids—they are history. An open pyramid is the very opposite of an oligarchy. All current Congressmen and women in America are to be purged. Cast back out into the real world to make a living by honest means—without any connection to the newly elected officials—they whom will be there as public servants for exactly defined limited terms until they too are replaced.

The high school students in America will create the ideas and systems that will carry The American Constitution of Freedom into the coming centuries and millennia. The entire system of representation will be completely overhauled. The high school students will come up with ways in which the number of elected officials will be proportionate to the actual body of people in any given state. The high school students will design just how somebody is to be elected, most likely from a lottery of qualified people where trickery and deception in the process are completely eliminated. The current people now running for the office of President in the United States are all no good. All of them—are no good. For who you want in the office of President is someone who does not want the job. These are the people that will be found and decided upon. We will have real men back in this office when the lottery system that high school kids create is implemented. And the high school kids may decide upon several Presidents also, as this concept of one person is probably outdated. Have no doubt that the high school kids of America have the answers for America. And the high school students of every country in the world have the best ideas for creating their own governments of freedom by choice. Freedom is coming to the world in the form of an open pyramid—with kids at the very top.

And for the up till now private government groups—the very same applies to you. There will no longer be geeks and nerds allowed to work at the NSA for example spying on people for a career. All of the people in these formerly private institutions will be regularly replaced. The same with the CIA and any other governmental clique. A defined limited term and new people are in. These people exiting will have to go back out into the real world and make a living after their terms of service are over. Secret groups and societies have nowhere to hide in an open pyramid. There is no place for them.

The Agenda 21 officials now stepping down by 2030 who were thinking to disarm America: You will now be required to both own defense rifles and to know how to use them. If not you will be whipped and flogged accordingly. Just like Switzerland who remained free from Hitler's attack, so too will America beef up its training and spirit of freedom as this attitude of freedom begins to spread throughout the world. The attitude of freedom is what matters. Learned men in America will teach the young men how to properly bear arms. Training will be rigorous and strict. America will prove to be highly trained in this vital area of self-defense, more than ever before, and resilient. Just as the Swiss, where the crime rate is the lowest in the world. America will not just remain armed, it will become armed to the very highest degree where every man will be legally expected to know how to defend his family.

And for the castrated former Celtic men in England and Ireland who have been reduced to slaves and eunuchs unable to protect their families? The new officials coming in that you elect for specific periods of time will enable you to get your balls back. You will now be legally expected to know how to defend your families as the correct attitude of arms is taught to your sons and daughters who will carry on the great tradition of respect and freedom. It will be found that the fire of freedom is coming from America to embrace and capture the entire world. And nothing will keep this fire in check. Checkmate is coming against the slavery castration systems. For the world will be free, and the open pyramid is here to prevail. And oh yes, that sacred fire at the top is of immeasurable heat. It is the fire of God which exists within every child.

Child "molesters"—whatever in the fuck that word "molest" used to mean—these abominations will no longer be allowed to exist. These people and groups are to be eradicated—pulled up by the roots and eliminated from this Earth. They are to be hunted down like the vermin they were, and sent back to Nature. The very highest law in the land is the protection of children. Any anything like these historical abominations will not be allowed to exist. They will have been sent back to Nature to meet their maker. It is just that simple. The present and future of our Earth holds no place for that sordid disgrace in history. No longer will any groups of people be allowed to exist that hurt kids.

And for every church that has been a part of such unthinkable acts: These churches are to be razed to the ground and eliminated from this Earth. Every last one of them. This Earth will no longer tolerate anything to exist that had anything to do with these evil abominations. These unholy buildings will all be razed and destroyed. For the Earth is for the kids. You are damned right it is. And the kids are now protected.

The highest law in the land is the protection of children. And next to this law is the protection of women. Human trafficking, what a sickening unbelievable and unthinkable concept. These abominations will no longer be allowed to exist either as this concept becomes eradicated in kind from our world. A man will make a living in an honest and decent way. Women and children are to be protected at all times—of all races and all religions. Men who used to sell people will no longer will allowed to exist on this planet Earth. They are to be wiped away.

The religious wars are now officially over. The mystery of life has been revealed upon the Earth now. All religions stem from the self-same source of the unconscious—the collective unconscious which we all share. We all stand on the common ground of why life exists, and we now know that life exists in order for us to feel as the living vehicles of God, Allah and Jehovah—which are now all one. This unconscious archetype of 'why' has come to the surface and now is the time we will integrate it into our conscious. As this happens it will become clear that religious wars are now history. Kids will no longer be hurt by any racial or religious strife. They are off limits. I repeat this.

Kids are now off limits.

The people of the Earth are growing up. The realization is clear. We all share the same unconscious, the same God. God has placed us here in order to feel the experience of being alive. That is why we exist. And as we understand this, the highest law in the land becomes self-evident. God’s wish is for us to protect all of his children—and every child of every skin color and religion is Allah's and Jehovah’s child, all in the lap of Buddha. For the East and West have united.

And so?

Kids are now #1.

Behold, the world will be free as the kids of the world are celebrated as the highest. The open pyramid is here. The kids at the top, are who adults serve.

All groups, Dildergirble, Numb Skulls and No Stones, Council on Foreign Emasculations, Trifecta Commingling Commission, etc. etc. etc.—you are all reduced to an opinion which must be publicly shown—for the entire world will decide its future—not you. You will have public input only. If you want to say something you will say it to the entire world which will then judge it. The best and brightest ideas will be decided upon by the entire world as we move forward in the wisest ways possible to solve our population and pollution problems.

The outcome is clear. We will succeed in leaving this great Earth in better condition than we found it for our kids—who will inherit it and do even mightier tasks for their kids.

Now we work hard—and in the open— as the Great Pyramid is finally open—gloriously revealing that the protection of kids is the highest law in every land.

The New World Order Is Hereby Given.