A New Golden Age is at the threshold. Humanity will very rapidly understand why it exists as the religious wars pass away. In fact, this is already happening. The religious wars are already history. It will soon be realized. But in this particular case when the world looks for the hero to pin the deed to—they will see the actual modern hero of today—that person looking right back at them in the mirror. Their very own self. And this is the real truth. For the collective unconscious is the source of all hero deeds, and it exists inside of every person on the planet. Why—the mystery of life—has just been dredged up from the deep of this unconscious—and now humanity will begin to assimilate it—and the great rule that comes with it—realizing that the highest law in every land is the protection of children.

Yes, when humanity sees consciously, what is has up to now known unconsciously—that hey, we’re here to feel—they will also see that—hey—it’s about the kids! Protecting the kids is the highest law in the land!! When this is seen, the future of humanity immediately reveals itself to be bright and reaching. There is nothing more special on this planet than a kid. Just one kid is more important than all of the religions and races on this planet—just one kid—every kid—of any race or any religion—because every race and religion exists to support this kid.

The moral pendulum of the epochs of spiritual life is about to go back to a new Golden Age. The crap on TV and in movies showing any exploitation of kids is about to become history. The concept of “child molester” (whatever in the fuck that word “molest” used to mean) will be forever wiped off the planet. These things will no longer be allowed to exist—struck from the planet and struck from the English language and all languages.

This is what is coming: A planet that has become wise which hence realizes that the protection of kids is the very highest law in the land. When the planet acting in unison upholds this highest law, as it will, adult problems will be solved in tandem, such as finding the best answers for dealing with our population and pollution problems now that we are free of the stupid historical religious wars and no longer bleeding that vital energy. We have bigger fish to fry now. The real issues of the day are right at hand. The real issues of the day are how to best deal with and how to solve our population and pollution problems—obviously.

It is the future of our Earth for our kids that is coming to the table now. Here and now. And it bears repeating: Just one kid, any kid, is more important than all of the soon to be viewed historical racial and religious strife of man. This will be the attitude of our future looking at our past.

Something has been happening in America, and specifically in California for the last twenty years (and in literature for the last 200 years—Hans Christian Andersen knew why life existed as did James Joyce—Joyce, the greatest writer of the 20th Century, stated in writing than Andersen knew why. Andersen of the 19th Century is the most popular author in Literary History, for a reason…He knew the reason why life existed! In fact the popular Disney movie Frozen is just a very poor rendition of Andersen’s brilliant fairy tale, The Snow Queen, A Story in Seven Parts. This fairy tale, like so many others of his, reveals the mystery of life. This is why so many books and movies are coming out about Hans Christian Andersen in the last two decades—including his appearance as the main character in the Matrix Movie Trilogy—“Mr. Andersen”—or the scholarly book “The European Witness”—these things are coming out because it is now being realized that Hans Christian Andersen was essentially, the silent Christ.) Now this great knowledge is moving beyond the attempts at confinement by the Hollywoodgovernment to embrace America at large, and the rest of the world which has been patiently awaiting it—the long awaited knowledge from our unconscious—now finally becoming conscious: the world is on the verge of realizing why it exists. As this is seen so too is the highest law in the land about to take charge as the religious wars pass away into history.

Protecting kids of all races and religions is this highest law in all lands, for all races and religions stand on the common ground of why life exists—and kids are #1.

What is happening for starters, is that the meaningless and broken political machine in America is about to be completely overhauled. And for that matter, every government in the world will face this tear down and rebuilding process of its power structures. For the New World Order, the real New World Order is here. Who would have very thought that it would be this?! The New World Order is not a body of elite people trying to live in plantation mansions for their slick selves (how interesting that ‘slick’ has the word ‘sick’ in it). The New World Order is simply a command and a revelation—the truth of which exists within every man, woman and child.

The New World Order comes from the unconscious—and this is also the realm of God which is within us all. The Order is a simple Commandment. And it supersedes even the Ten Commandments of Moses. From this Order everything else follows—for when the kids are taken care of the adults are already in line with their adult business. The very highest law in the land and in all lands is the protection of children. Of course it is! And right next to this naturally follows the protection of women. This is the very simple law. It is about to become an iron law.

Go take the litmus test. Go look into the mirror and ask yourself if this is true. The voice of the unconscious (God) within you and within every race and within every religion will answer the same way. Because we all know what is true within us. And that kid in you is that God in you.

This law is coming in now. And high time too. The New World Order is the establishment and carrying out of this highest law. The highest law in all lands places kids at the top. This law trumps all religious and racial strife. Single adults(?) without kids who want to kill each other over their religious and racial beliefs? Fine. Let them go ahead and do it. But every single kid will now be off limits to this dumb bullshit. Let any maggot adult of insane religious and racial actions go out to an island with the other maggot adults to kill and be killed to their hearts content. But every real man and woman of salt will not go, because they realize that protecting both their kids and other’s kids is the highest law—and nothing will be tolerated which hurts a kid—directly or indirectly. This is our world now. Our world.

Kids are now off limits.

Finally this world will be in order as it was destined to be. Attention! To the kids…

There is a book out there written by a man named Joseph Campbell. It is entitled “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”. If you want an overview of what has been coming in for two hundred years, and what more specifically has been intensely centered in California for the last twenty years at it breaks to the surface of our consciousness—find this book and study it.

One day this man’s work will become more prominently known than what Einstein did. It in fact, already is! The entire “Star Wars” thing that Hollywood has fed to the masses for decades is based upon this great man’s book. George Lucas is heads over heels in debt to the great Joseph Campbell. In that fictional rendition, Luke goes out, has an adventure, and returns with supernatural ability to defeat the evil empire. Campbell’s genius was showing how these supernatural hero deeds, with different variations, actually happen, in all recorded histories and in all corners of the globe. The Myth of Moses for example, turns out to be a real story. ‘Myth’ does not mean that it did not happen. This book will provide you with the structure in which to frame the supernatural as it actually happens in certain times and places.

Most people have gotten more than they know of this in the movies and music of the last twenty years as really, the Hollywoodgovernment has just been unable to shut up about it. But the wiser person will pick up this book by the great Joseph Campbell and slowly digest this great full course meal—instead of the processed junk food movies hitherto concocted and served to the masses by the clever monkey cliques of the governmentHollywood for its very own profit.

One movie faction (a 1000% movie faction) among countless others in the last twenty years was “Castaway”. But as things move forward it will be the Hollywoodgovernment itself who will be cast away on that island as the highest law in the land and in all lands—becomes self-evident. Who are the elite now? Why every single kid of course.

So when you sit down to watch a survivor show series, if you watch such a show, realize that all of this comes from the movie “Castaway”, and that comes from a real event which has been transpiring from California as the knowledge of Hans Christian Andersen and James Joyce comes up from the deep to expand our conscious minds.

The great awakening is underway and at full force. Kids of every race and religion are number one—off limits and the highest law in every land. The stupid dumb religious wars are over. Anyone who thinks they are still going on will be like a person who was stranded on an island after the end of World War Two. People will realize that the war—the ignorance in this case—is over.

You will never get any good or real change from a political party—whatever the party is, that they have among themselves... They are all in it for themselves. All of them are basically no good. And all of them are of the same party, obviously. And then, what difference is there really between the 500 to a thousand or so who own and run America and the 500 and a thousand or so who run China? There is not much difference, at all. These are the same types of people. The truth of the matter here is that you don’t want any of these people.

The people you do want? People who don’t want the job! That is who you want in politics, for specifically limited terms. And the grand truth here is that no politician is capable of really bringing about something that has profound impact and change upon the world. They simply do not have the power to do so. Only the idea coming in has this power—and specifically an idea from the unconscious—only this has the power to expand our conscious. The new idea coming in is something that essentially draws a circle around everything else in the world and becomes the new age as Emerson so wisely pointed out in his great essay, “Circles”.

This idea is here now, and already a protective circle is around the world. It involves clearly understanding why life exists—and from this knowledge reveals the law that comes with it in tandem: The Protection of Children is the highest law in the land.

And in the same way that the United States government (lowercase on purpose, big time lower case) is no good and in drastic need of a complete new design, Hollywood is no good either—even worse—and in the same need of such a new design. This has been personally made clear to them. We will no longer accept movies or see things on television shows that show the exploitation of kids in any way whatsoever. Anything which shows kids being scared or hurt—is now going to be off limits. It’s time to clean up the scum. (And I speak from many years of close direct experience when I say that the government/Hollywood is no good. It has some good people in it—but it lacks the idea and has fallen into the wasteland. It will be cast away soon as the rejuvenating idea comes in.)

What is about to happen is a coming together of the world, a more mature world not caught up in stupid things like facebook type things, or political party partying idiocy, or religious lunatic lunacy, but a world which simply and intelligently realizes that kids are now #1. A world sitting down with a common website(s) to focus together on how to solve our population and pollution problems is emerging now. And high time!!! A world thinking on how to design and create the new types of governments of freedom we want—a starting point where the world wakes up and takes charge of its destiny—where all decisions and actions with our population and pollution problems are dealt with our entire world input, openly. An “Open Pyramid” is now the law where nobody in government positions stays there for long—oligarchy: socialism, communism, fascism, feudalism—the closed pyramids—are now history. All government positions are temporary. After a brief period of service the man or woman now has to make it back in real life with no strings attached. This is all right on the event horizon. And gone from the airwaves is anything showing the exploitation of kids in any way. For you’re damned right—it is the kids who inherit the world tomorrow and the adults of today have work to do. The governments of freedom for the kids are here.

For more clarification: The unconscious that all humanity shares, this “collective unconscious”—this is the source of every religion, of every philosophy, of every prime breakthrough in science or technology—this is the inexhaustible source through which the energies of the cosmos pour into human cultural manifestation as Joseph Campbell pointed out. What has happened for the last twenty years is that the archetype of “why” has been brought up to the surface. It is now becoming integrated into our modern psyche. What does this mean?

It means for one, that every holy book is now being amended—for the collective unconscious that humanity shares as one—is the very source of all religions and all holy books. Now that we understand that life exists to feel, it becomes clear that the highest way to praise Jehovah and Allah and all the gang, Buddha very much in the middle—is to protect God’s children, the kids. This is the very highest law which has come to the surface. And so, everything in the Holy Bible, is now secondary to this great law. Everything. In the same exact way, everything in the Holy Koran is now secondary to this great law. Everything. And everything in the Holy Dhammapada is now secondary this this great law. Everything. Everything in the Holy Bhagavad Gita is now secondary to this great law. Everything. This circle is indeed around the entire earth even now. This is why it is now being said with a certain authority that the religious wars are already over. You will see them sputter out and die.

The idea has come up from the unconscious—and the idea is alive. It exists awakened within every rock and stone, on every piece of land on every continent, in every tree and blade of grass, in the sky, in every body of water. The law is being uttered from the very Earth Herself, as the real political/weather climate change is being played out in California at this time. This is the real battleground state on the world platform of perception, in about the 15th and final round of the fight now—as the future of our races are already preparing to emerge united from the tremendous awakening. Mankind, Womankind, will raise their kids up high in the aftermath of this great realization and victory proclaimed by Mother Earth Herself. Kids are at the top of the sacred open pyramid. In every land.

A New Golden Age is at the threshold.