A World Law

The Highest Law In The Land

Direct Message To Russia & China


Russia and China, you will not engage in conflict with the United States at this time. If they try to provoke war, you will step back. Something is happening within America now, and very soon it will be happening within your borders. A World Law is coming.

A tremendous reset of government/Hollywood is underway within the borders of America. This reset is actually a complete rebuilding which involves a simple and sacred realization that is a World Law—and yes—soon enough the happy result of this realization and World Law is coming to your lands also—as well as to every land and nation on this Earth. You will be rebuilding as well under this World Law. This World Law is The Highest Law In The Land.

Presidential elections no longer matter in the United States—indeed the entire current systems of government/Hollywood no longer matter—for a great change is now on the table where they will completely pass away into history as a New Washington and a New Hollywood are reformed under The Highest Law In The Land—and yes—very soon now this World Law and enlightenment is coming to your countries where you too will uphold and follow this Highest Law In The Land as it reshapes your nations.

What is currently happening in America with the weasels and worms in Washington and Hollywood vying for passé positions in former govern mental and media control positions with skunk presidential elections and the like—will no longer be accepted. Mother Nature will no longer allow Hollywood and Washington to stand as they were. Those atrocious weasels and worms are on their way out right at this very moment in time. Those dead institutions will be cleaned out like the great Augean Stable as new clean systems begin to take charge. Yes, former presidential elections no longer matter in the United States. New systems are at hand under the new enlightenment of a World Law—and this World Law is The Highest Law In The Land. The systems of government in America along with media and Hollywood are now going to be replaced—replaced with systems that follow the Highest Law In The Land. A New Washington and a New Hollywood will arise. Your nations Russia and China, will follow in these tremendous reconfigurations of government rebuilding and correct outlook. And every nation, every race, every religion—they will all follow this World Law—for the Great Law is being uttered by the Earth Herself.

China and Russia, there is a World Law that is now on the table. You will both follow this Law. It is The Highest Law In The Land—in your land and in every land. What is happening in America right at this moment involves the end of an ignorance and the recognition and implementation of The Highest Law In The Land. This Law is: The Protection of Children.

This great Law is coming from California to the United States—and from the United States to your own borders—and yes—to the borders of every nation on this Earth. Every race and every religion, every nation will uphold this great World Law.

Russia and China, get your scholars to understand what is being said in the articles and books presented on this website. Have them reveal the deep but simple message in your languages so that you can clearly understand what is at hand. At the bottom and large link on this website you are both also specifically addressed.

The message to you both has been delivered.

****A Worldwide Election is now underway in California with new systems of government following The Highest Law In The Land. Former presidential elections and closed pyramid systems of government in all nations of the world are now null and void.****