The Highest Law In The Land Is Coming To Crush The Witch Coven in Connecticut, Washington And Hollywood

Nobody died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is crystal clear. And yet, somebody actually did die. Who died? The Witch Coven collusion in Connecticut and in Washington, with its brethren of witches in the media along with the sordid cast of actors—these are the people that have died. They are now the living dead. Every day now they will die, and there will be no rest or peace for them. For this is what happens to wicked evil people. They die every day of their miserable evil lives. We should pray for them. For their taking of money for easier lives by selling an evil lie has destroyed their very souls. Their lives are forfeit.

Skunks are in the White House. Witch skunks of a Witch Skunk Coven. The stupid Witch Coven in Connecticut actually believes that these skunk witches in the White House can protect them from what has already befallen them. Let me assure all the dumb Coven of Witches in Connecticut who participated in the evil lie of the fake Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting—these skunk witches in Washington and the White House can not even save themselves—so they sure as hell will not be able to save you from what has already happened and what is coming. You who participated in the evil fraud have all sold your souls in a lie that will not be tolerated. For you have crossed the line and your destruction will be your own. America will no longer suffer from your evil. But you will. Every day of your living dead lives.

Yea, you have crossed the line. And fire and brimstone are coming to you. Mother Nature is coming to kick your asses and crush your colluded Witch Coven into skunk history where eventually your stink will disappear from this land. You have broken the law. The very highest law in the land, the real law, is now coming in from California to America. From there it will indeed spread to every land in the world. For the law is true and timely. The highest law in the land is very simple.

The highest law in the land is the protection of children.

You have violated this law in a twisted way. And my God, heaven help you for what is coming. The fire and brimstone coming for you is no smiling or laughing matter. Heaven help you. For you will be uncontrollably crying for real this time. You attempted to use children as a sick means to push a political agenda by staging a hoax. But 'hoax' is just not the right damned word. A sick abomination theatre production of evil is what you attempted to pull. This was a staged event planned years earlier by the dogshit 'Hollywoodgovernment'.

When I say 'Hollywoodgovernment' or 'governmentHollywood' I am well qualified to call them dogshit. For I have dealt with these circle cliques for over twenty years in face to face confrontation. The government and Hollywood, are basically the same connected ring. Politics is obviously, acting, Hollywood in a word. Getting more money easily is their goal. Here is your brotherhood of Witches with their hands in each other’s pockets. This is the Witch Coven sinking ship cast and crew with all of its arrogance—now destined for the bottom of the sea. For the albatross of the highest law in the land is now firmly around their witch necks.

A direct command is hereby being given to the Hollywoodgovernment Witch Coven in Washington and the White House and all of its circle clique connections—both foreign and domestic. Listen. And listen well. You are now under watch.

Never, ever, will you put children upon a political platform stage again. Never. It doesn't matter if these children are real, or actors. You will never ever put any children upon any type of political theatre platform again. EVER. Listen and listen well. Listen just like your very lives depend on it. Not one child will be used like this again. EVER. They will not be shown on TV. They will not be exploited in football games. They will not be used in any way whatsoever. You have been warned. Heed this warning with dire seriousness. For if this law is broken you will see the White House and Washington shaken down to a pile of rubble by the powers of Mother Nature.

You have been officially warned.

The same warning now goes out to Hollywood. Heed it just like your lives depend on it. We will tolerate NO movie or TV productions that show any kids being compromised or exploited in any way. All of that dogshit is to be immediately removed from the airwaves—permanently. Clean up your act and show America and the world only kids being protected and safe—being treated great! That’s it. The line has been crossed you are under watch. You will completely mend your ways or you will suffer the consequences.

You too have been officially warned.

The highest law in the land is coming to America and to the world. Nothing will be tolerated which exploits children in any way whatsoever. Children of all races and religions are now off limits.

This highest law in the land will rapidly spread to all lands. And with it is coming the fire of freedom. Americans do not want Hitler Healthcare. And they do not want a Hitler Homeland Department. Nor will America allow the existence of the Hitler TSA which wanted to herd citizens through scanners to be striped and groped like cattle. These things are to be abolished as the real America rises strong from the fertilizer of the departed dogshit. Socialism, communism, fascism, feudalism, the great disguised snake of slavery all of them one and the same—are going to be eaten for energy by the fire of freedom. And this fire of freedom with the protection of children throughout the world is coming ladies and gentlemen. It is at hand.

The Witch Coven in Connecticut, all of the in the know perpetrators at Newtown: There's a new law in town now. It is the highest law. It is called the protection of children. And you violated it. You're in serious serious trouble. Newtown will be turned into an open prison. The people of America will want to watch these witches doing hard labor in this open air prison. Imprison all of the perpetrators in the know at Newton. Send all of the witch skunks in Washington and the White House there also for hard labor, including all of the FEMA members involved. Find the fake parents and send them back to where they tried to bamboozle the American people. We want to see these people finally in real situations of difficulty and despair where they sweat to hard labor in the open air of nature. And the perpetrators at the soon to be shut down governmentHollywood dogshit networks like CNN and Fox News—send these sons of bitches there posthaste. And all of the skunk witches that planned this for years in advance—send them there and watch them work until their hands bleed so we can watch when they reach their bloody hands up to touch their bloody minds now in the open air with real despair for all to see.

All of these people are going to get what is coming to them.

Newtown was merely a sick so called "Capstone Event" which comes down from the Skunk White House through FEMA. It was staged, fake, evil, governmentHollywood dogshit. It was designed for corrupt purposes by the Witch Coven, and it will fall and fail miserably: "Virtually on a daily basis, more and more revelations are coming forth, which continue to strengthen and reinforce the conclusion that Sandy Hook was a drill, that no children died and that it was done not only to promote a far-reaching gun-control agenda but to introduce a new billion-dollar industry of health care for school children, including drug therapy, which a skunk at the White House signed on 16 January 2013, only a month after the alleged massacre".

Nay, the kids will not be used in this way. No kid will be drugged any longer. This will be stopped dead in its tracks. You've been warned you sons of bitches.

Heads up you colluded polluted Coven of Witches. The highest law in the land is here and it is going to clean your clock. And the law is alive—even as you are the living dead by your own unthinkable actions. The Law coming through California to America will spread to the world and it’s coming to crush you. Run. Run into the FEMA prison camp with open air walls that is coming to Newton. Run and get down on your knees and beg forgiveness for participating in the unthinkable. Run and turn yourselves over to the American people whom you tried to take. Run you bastards and bitches. Run. Maybe the American people will show mercy after every penny you tried to steal is returned and your just beating has been delivered as you stay for weeks and months and years breaking rocks in the open air FEMA camp built by your own evil hands in Newtown. This is the only hope for you who have any vestige of decency left in your lost souls. For the living law will show you no mercy for these actions lest you run your hearts out to repent. Run. While there is still time. Run. The clock is ticking. Your clock. No governmentHollywood dogshit groups can save you. They are on the same clock. Your actions are known, and your ill gotten gains are your demise. Turn yourselves in while there still may be time.