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Hammer Strikes
January 8, 2000
Jan. 10, 2000

(This is the website which was formally at It was rapidly becoming one of the hottest events on the Internet but was illegally removed on 3-18-99. We have done our best to present the original to you and have also included a few new and necessary additions. We believe that this little story, important because it reveals a very simple and profound idea, will remain one of the enduring sites of the Internet as the next decades unfold and the publication of the manuscript and the forthcoming legal precedents in regards to it are resolved.)

There is not a quick and easy way to explain this. If you just attempt to scan through the material you're going to be wasting your time and mine. Likewise, if you glance at some of the seemingly fantastic opening statements you might be tempted to brush this off almost immediately. But if you read it straight through - giving it a chance from beginning to end - by the time you reach the outline to "The Theory" you'll have what is quite probably the biggest story and most important realization of the day firmly within your grasp - and thus the spellbinding story behind the most controversial manuscript in America for five years will finally, and rightfully - be yours.

(We originally had an E mail address but have decided not to include it on this site at this particular time. We have our reasons for this, reasons which will be made clear during the presentation. The guest book has also been dropped. We may reinstate these communication tools at a future time. Joe will be representing himself with the legal precedents but has decided upon perhaps finding a band of legal advisors courageous enough to assist him with setting the record straight, at the appointed time, (which may occur a decade or two from the date of this website) for the very costly illegal and criminal acts perpetrated by certain Hollywood circles and elite political groups very closely associated with them who hitherto thought of themselves collectively as the "in" group above the law. Results of the forthcoming legal illuminations and the progress of the manuscript will one day be posted as addendum to this website and will each appear as separate categories under the table of contents.)

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