“Mother Nature Herself supports the great task.
The hero finds all of the forces of the unconscious at his side.”
- Joseph Campbell

Big Brother is dead and forgotten. A Theory Why laid him to rest.

How so? And who was he really?

He was the dumb cracked unilluminated cosmic joke light bulb on the back of the American dollar. He was the earth as the center of the Universe. He was the earth as the sun revolved around him. He was wealthy man’s vanity and clever stupidity.

And what was this clever stupidity?

It was actually genius.

And what was this genius?

It was the genius of being and staying stupid, quite cleverly. For it must be pointed out the the true genius of money is that it keeps the possessors of it stupid.



This wealthy vain and stupid class was of course seeking one thing only just as they always have throughout their most boring history. Namely, the security of their comfort.

Of course.

Anything with truth in it was naturally a threat to their comfort.


Because it threatened to expose the real truth, not only to them but to the world at large.

Which was?

They were only really interested in the security of their comfort all along, nothing else. They had no greatness in them. Deep matters such as philosophy were beyond their grasp. They were the shallow ones who surrounded themselves with as much comfort as possible because the raw elements of real life were too much for their weak selves to contemplate. They were afraid of truth just as they were of life. And they were mostly afraid that word would get out that everybody sought to feel as good as they could - a secret which they considered to be their own - and their ultimate fear being that general knowledge of this might lessen their own comfort.

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