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Please do not be put off by the following captions. We entirely realize that such headings appear as fantastic. Yet fantastic will in this case be the result achieved by communicating what has been happening right in front of your eyes for five years. Such a feat of communication would be nothing less than miraculous - and that is the clear goal of this presentation. We are certain that we have succeeded. The story is yours now, to ponder, research, and prepare for.

1.  The "Seventh Seal" is open - a tremendously controversial manuscript which reveals WHY - the mystery of life - is in the hands of high officials.

2.  WHY the Los Angeles earthquake happened (1-17-94).

3.  WHY the United States Government was shut down on 1-7 & 1-8 of 1996 (the blizzard of '96) while at the same time Los Angeles just happened to be experiencing record heat.

4.  WHY California flooded for three years (1995, 1996, 1997).

5.  WHY El Nino happened.

6.  WHY California was beset by record waves (1997, 1998).

7.  Who and what was responsible for shutting down the west twice on 7-2-96 & 8-10-96 and WHY.

8.  WHY the weather from 1995 to the present day has been the roughest in recorded meteorological history.

9.  WHY the miracle temperatures happened in Monterey California on 10-7 & 10-8 of 1996.

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