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A Theory Why
A Play In Two Acts.
Copyright 11-5-94.

Act One
(The Theory)

    Scene one -     What is philosophy?
    Scene two -     "New and "old" information.
    Scene three -   Kant's problems.
    Scene four -    Einstein's bewilderment, mystery of vision.
    Scene five -     Darwin's theory.
    Scene six  -     Transition, summary.
    Scene seven -  What = why.

        The Basic Elements

    Scene eight -       Sensation.
    Scene nine -        Blindness.
    Scene ten -          Time, change.
    Scene eleven -     Competition.
    Scene twelve -     Chance.
    Scene thirteen -   Vulnerability, death.

    Scene fourteen -     The structure of life.
    Scene fifteen -        Strength and weakness.
    Scene sixteen -       Self -respect.
    Scene seventeen -   Nothing and life. Flux - male and female. Recapitulation.

Act Two
(Cave Meditations Between Worlds.)

    Scene one -     The energy problem.
    Scene two -     Paradox of the flea.
    Scene three -   Equality and freedom problem.
    Scene four -    Population problem.
    Scene five -     Education.
    Scene six -      The modern feeler.
    Scene seven -  Is it worth it?

And there it is.  Now you have it.  Now you know the truth about why the west was shut down on 7-2-96 & 8-10-96 - not because of what the government tried to peddle to you in the newspapers but because of what you've just studied.  Now what has been happening with the weather is clear, for example why the miracle temperatures occurred in Monterey California on 10-7 & 10-8 of 1996, why the United States Government was shut down by the blizzard of 96'on 1-7 & 1-8 while at the same time Los Angeles was experiencing record heat, why California flooded for three years, why El Nino happened, just to mention a few events out of many.  Now you have it and I believe it is evident that World War Three is drawing to a very successful conclusion, where everyone wins.

Sincerely, Joseph.