Something has been happening right under your very noses for a long time and maybe its high time that you started to catch wind of it. This is our second and final website. The first site was illegally removed by "Angelfire" (the reality is that Angelfire was told to take it down by the United States Government) on 3-18-99 and so we have now prevented such further bungling interference by setting up station with a private server. We're up. And what we have here to communicate is up to stay.

The letter Hammer was originally dispersed in hardcopy form during the latter half of 1998. I drafted it in spring and then got it into what I felt to be the right hands. It is important to inform you that hundreds and hundreds of hardcopies have reached educated people in all walks of life. Not that I'm a fool and would ever expect much out of academia though. But word was given to many of them anyway. For example, registered hardcopies were sent to the following:

1. U.S. senators.
2. Writers Guild of Los Angeles.
3. Major newspapers.
4. NASA.
5. Faculty of San Jose State University.
6. Many California newspapers.
7. Every literary agent in America, all publishers in America with an E mail address, selected magazines.

It was also during this time frame that a group of supporters began to assist my endeavors to communicate the story to America and indeed to the global village, such is the magnitude of the basic and simple realization to the mystery of life. We proceeded to E mail every publisher and literary agent in America (I had already wrote hundreds, thousands! of personal letters to every literary agent in America following a thorough two year period of envelopes and stamps) as well as hosts of colleges, private organizations, whomever we felt should see the letter. But a funny thing happened… We received not a single response. NSA - the National Security Administration - had rerouted all of our E mails to their computers (I found this out at a later time). This was not surprising to me and when you finish the website you'll see why. I was already a veteran of war in battling what we term the "Hollywoodgovernment" or the "governmentHollywoood" of America (what this coinage means will become crystal clear during the presentation.) But the E mail blocking did shake everyone up - because when you see something like this happening - and to YOU - you wake up - fast. It was a terrific eye opener.

A great result did eventually come from all of our efforts. We found Caro. This brave lady proceeded to inspire me to get together a presentation suitable for the Internet. The idea was THE solution to the most difficult task of COMMUNICATION. We worked hard, Caro and I, daily collaborating for a period of months. She created, modified, and edited the whole site and by November of 1998 we had our prototype up. The story began to get out. In January of 1999 we did some minor changes and Hammer really began to take off. A short while later it was taken down. In a flash all of our efforts were effectively erased. We did not have a backup copy. "Angelfire" was and is mute.

This time around much of the old material has been reconstructed by memory, though I decided to essentially write an up to date version. The letter Hammer itself was only slightly revised and this prologue, the "Address to America", "When the Higher Court Comes Into the Lower", and "What Would the Opening of the Seventh Seal Mean?" are the new and necessary additions. But the other letters, "Is the Seventh Seal Already Open?" and the "Epilogue/Apology" are new versions from the old website.


Address to America