Part Two


Over fifty publishers and literary agents expressed a desire to review the manuscript but they were all shut down.  When that happened it was time to fight.  A certain Christopher of a certain press went out of his way to help me.   I am in his debt.  He even called the manuscript "great" - which is not an easy thing to say at all when Washington is breathing hard down your neck.  A certain Terry also attempted to assist as did a bright and charming Jennifer, a thoughtful Nancy of a certain publishing house, and of course the valiant Florence.  Here is her letter:

30 April 1996

Dear Joseph,

I have just received your latest correspondence and am quite confused.  It appears that you have not received my previous letters or the manuscript which I returned quite a while ago.

As stated in a previous letter, while the manuscript is certainly an important achievement, most deserving of publication, I do not feel that I have the resources to represent or promote a book of this magnitude at the present time.  As a matter of fact, in the months since that particular letter was written, I have ceased all representation to concentrate on a particular project of my own.  It is far too early to discuss at this time, but I can tell you that my research will soon be taking me to Roswell, NM (where I will be certain to send you a postcard!)

I'm dismayed that the manuscript and my two previous letters have failed to reach you, I'm certain that the Post Office in Allenhurst handled this correspondence with their customary efficiency and am simply at a loss to explain the fact that they never reached your home.  Please accept my sincere apologies for any time that this lack of communication may have cost you in your efforts to find appropriate representation. Etc.

With good wishes,

This was Florences fourth attempt to reach me and I only got the letter because she sent it by registered mail.  These are the kinds of things I've been overpowering to get the manuscript to you.  If you want more information you can contact our government directly now.  Also there is a Joseph Campbell Foundation on the Internet.  They recently had a convention in Washington.

Behind duality, for example fire and water, exists the source, the FORCE which propels them both.  I, as the author, had gone to this source and have brought it back.  In other words I found it within.  And I'll tell you flatly, there was never any way to keep this down.  The manuscript is already everywhere.

1. The manuscript in movies:  "Phenomenon" and "Michael" are blatant spin-offs.  And Hollywood can't help itself - in Face Off Travolta ends up crucified.  You'll notice to that near the end of "Michael," Hollywood shows a puddle of water being walked on - twice (water being symbolic of the 'messiah', which means 'messenger'.)   Take a look at the beginning of "Fathers' Day" with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. Williams burns a piece of paper, his life's work.  Read it.   "All life is an illusion - A Two Act Play."  There's Hollywood again, echoing their wishes for what's happening in the real world.  (The manuscript, which asserts that life both isn't and is at the same time, is written in the form of a two act play.)  Recall that the manuscript was written in L.A. which I later fled because all privacy was lost.

You'll also notice that at the beginning of "Michael" he is found in a green and white building.  These are the same colors of my church in Hollywood, which by the way, the Clinton administration was planning to visit just before I left.  In short it's all over the place. The manuscript forces us to look at things and raises questions, such as the ones raised in the movie "Contact."

1. The manuscript in songs:  Paul McCartney's entire record "Flaming Pie" - is about the manuscript.  No wonder that the 7th song of "Flaming Pie" is the title track.   (Scene seven of the manuscript is famous for revealing why.)  Pie =halo.   (Recall the pie scene from "Michael.")  And there are numerous other songs and video's such as "Sunny Came Home" - a dismal burned out Hollywood portrait attempting to refer to my journey and manuscript.  "Building a Mystery" - about my secret spot at the church (only the gardener knew that I was there) - you can't really get anymore blatant than that!  David Bowie's "God is in America" - "Johnny" being a reference to the author of Revelations.   I chanced to see Mick Jagger with a halo and feel that Bob Dylan knows also.   Even Bob Plant had to throw his two cents in.  I believe that Paul Simon had nice things to say.  It seems that every 60's artist mentioned here had to have their own say on the subject and I appreciate that.  Even though some things I felt were weak (perhaps because you're so old now) the overall message all of you gave me is one of strength - and I'm drawing off of your response and your dusty music more than it is good for you to perhaps know.  (You see, even though you're all old and washed up, you're still not entirely finished and forgotten, yet.) Somehow word has gotten out to many musicians.  This is not surprising as the work was inspired by music and I believe that music will get it through.  I know that music will get it through.

Addressing further considerations… The human psyche, if we look at it objectively, is a very delicate thing.  Let's say that a spaceship did land in Roswell.  The world, the human psyche, would be shocked into a paradigm shift.  It wouldn't be easy, the entire way in which we view the world would be changed, forever.  For awhile things would be turned upside down.  So the people in "important positions" naturally feel duty bound to protect the less awake.  NOBODY WANTS TO SEE ANBODY GET HURT.

But life MUST grow as our psyches must, in order for it and us to continue living.  We are stronger than we think.  With time we ca adjust to things that might initially scare us, everything being energy, and the passage of time easing the energy of the initial shock.  "Oh yeah, a ship landed in Roswell, way back in the fifties wasn't it? - it doesn't scare us so much anymore.  This is what we're after, a preparedness of spiritual and mental growth - geist growth (the German word geist meaning both spirit and mind.)  All things being essentially thought, we need to strengthen our current perspectives until they're strong enough to take the next steps up the universal mountain.  A few pioneers set out and humanity catches up.

Right now our planet is necessitated to come to grips with why. There comes a point when you cannot live in good conscience without doing so. Here we are building virtual reality like a bunch of damned clever monkeys.  The answer came because we needed it.  It was time, we were ripe.  The job of the hero is to bring back what society needs for its restoration and continued growth, though at first it fiercely resists.  With enough hindsight however it is seen that what the hero brought back is exactly what was needed.

Certainly there is concern over the long range effects of the manuscript.  That it will forever impact every religion on the globe (as has Campbell, Joyce, Darwin, etc.) as well as scientific thought and society in general almost goes without saying.  There are several concerns, even some seemingly not involving money!!

Like Joyce, (who depicts himself as the artist and penman in chapter seven of "Finnegan's Wake") the manuscript contains some four letter words, like "life" and "love" for example.  But there is no vulgarity because I show what the words really mean.  In truth vulgarity only exists in the ear of the listener.

And there is the issue of the 7th seal which I've officially reopened.  It seems proper for me to address this situation now.  The ENDING of our Bible (Book) is only its BEGINNING.  First we thought the earth was the center of the universe.  And then the sun.  But step by step we outgrew those old perceptions.  For us to have thought that the world will end because we will - is this same type of gross ignorance.  But it was natural.  It shows man coming to grips with himself and his evolving place in the cosmos, leading towards God.  We've barely begun our climb up the mountain, so to speak of the end makes us look silly! - even stupid.

Anyway the 7th seal was already opened well before Joyce.  Over a hundred years ago the most popular author in literary history, Hans Christian Andersen, revealed this to us in his fairy tale "The Snow Queen - A Story in Seven Parts."  (Hence why Joyce refers to him as "Enderson" in "Finnegan's Wake.")  In fact my entire manuscript is told by the master in just a few pages (see his fairytale entitled "The Snowman.")  Hans touched so many children because he was in truth a silent Christ.  So you could say that the second coming already happened and though we were all asleep, we were all magically touched by the whisperings of the fairy tales.

One thing we need to realize is that Christ, Krishna, Buddha, etc. etc. are all here right now - because they never left.  The presence is in you and I and every living thing that lived, lives, or will ever live.  Everything alive bears the cross of being and there is nothing that is not God's own.  And this brings up a major point.

The long awaited answer which the manuscript gives, though nice to hear, is hard to hear.  It deals with the central sigh of existence, namely that life lives off of life.  Ouch.  Hence the necessity for myth and heroes.  This issue of life living off of itself is the "sin" we feel - the necessary evil of existence.  The function of myth and messengers is to face this horrible process (which no one really wants to look at) and to then find the strength to affirm it.

The hero goes to the father for an answer.  The answer is that we want to feel, and that there is no other way to do so without the possibility of great pain, as well as great joy.  But we need more now that we know why.  The answer is that everyone and everything is SPECIAL in this play of life, and will be taken care of and comforted and unconditionally forgiven by God.  And the great victory is that He then gives us the strength to return.  This I know.  And so do you.

And the miracles?  They happen - period.  Welcome to the modern world.  When the spirit tries for what it knows to be right the very heavens and the earth Herself will support you.  (And you might want to make a careful study of Carl Jung's essay on Synchronicity - written some fifty years ago.) St.Thomas Aquinas said that "miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature but only in contradiction to that which is known to us of nature."  A miracle is the cohesion of innumerable forces clearly illustrating the superconscious - God.  What could science every say to this presence with our fragile minute grip of knowledge?  Nothing.  The greatest scientists are the humblest, individuals who believe in God because they see him in daily work.  Anyone else is a quack or just plain foolish.

Campbell makes it very clear that fundamentally the hero's journey is inward.  Emerson, in his timeless essays states that in due time "what is innermost becomes outermost."  The job of the hero then is to bring his knowledge from within to the world without.  And yet, both worlds are one. Both Campbell and Emerson depict this each with their own unique spiritual genius. The world of matter reflects the world of spirit, mirrors it. Emerson would say that the external ocean mirrors your internal ocean, and that is why I am saying that the Pacific Ocean is hot right now.  I'm getting the manuscript through and am literally tied into the elements.  How?  Because I know why.

The "night sea journey" depicted in "The Hero With A Thousand Faces"  is that searching within for answers to the mystery of existence - and this is done by looking squarely into emptiness and night.  Why - lies very deep, in fact it is the foundation on which we all stand.  To have gone there and then to have returned, is to have plunged within and to have brought back a ring, therefore, to be the bearer of it.  The unconscious is again, the direct link to the superconscious - God.  That's who the hero went to - and found - within.

Even the times the west was shut down were factored in.  Again, the unconscious sees everything as one.  On 7-2-96 the light went out at 1:25 - the sum of these digits being 8.  On 8-10-96 it happened at 3:48 - there it is peeking out at us again - 7,8.  This is God popping his head through the clouds so to speak and thundering "Wake Up!" - because our times desperately need that direct experience again.  So it's here.  Now.

Yes I know the argument. "You can see things anywhere if you want to."  But its better to keep such a statement well away from Hammer.  I'll tell you why.  Anyone will get promptly smacked with a certain hammer right on their head with such a preposterous and wet behind the ears type of stance.   The presentation is TOO cogent.  That's what I've been told by many sharp people in all nearly every field you can think of.  And I would not have gone through all of this trouble to communicate this unless I knew what I had.  And it has not been all fun and games to get this to you either.  I've taken my share of shots in the fight. If someone attempts to just blow this off I'll personally laugh them right off the planet - because they must already be off the planet to think that such a cohesive body of thought and facts could be bunk.   Bunk is the sound the hammer will make on such a dense head - as it is now making on the very clever Hollywoodgovernment head.  The miracle temperatures in my hometown of Monterey alone warrant strict attention to every piece of information on the website.   What happened there was something which is calculated at somewhere around one in a billion.  An intelligent person takes such odds seriously. Moreover, the Monterey incident was merely another link in a very long chain.  No, the "you can see things anywhere" pose doesn't stand here.  At all.

And yet, people are always looking for signs - and I believe this to be a natural instinct indicative of the human condition.  I've also recently found astrology to have much merit to it (see Carl Jung's ground breaking studies) and I do very much agree with Emerson as referring to God as the Universal Mind.  And so, for your entertainment… perhaps we were already given a sign from heaven.  The mystic idea is that all numbers reduce down to a single digit.  For example, there were two back to back comets, one in 1996 and one in 1997.

1996 = 1+9+9+6 = 25 = 2 +5 = 7.
1997 = 1+9+9+7 = 26 = 2+ 6 = 8.

Anecdotes… 'The word "persecute" comes from the Latin and literally means "to pursue", or "to follow."  Being watched and followed certainly has been a daily experience for me since early 1995.  The modern use of the word is defined as follows:  "1. To oppress or harass with ill-treatment.  2. To annoy persistently; bother."  My summary of the situation is as follows:  #1. Only the persecutable are persecuted.  #2. Only paltry comical weaklings would ever employ such methods to begin with.

I have nothing to hide and have publicly taken on Hollywood and Washington - the cities which represent government and entertainment in our country, respectfully.  You attempt to hold down the manuscript, you're going to have to answer to Mother Nature.  This is not wimpering downtrodden persecution but straight forward fight printed in black and white.  Since power seems to be what is respected then let the greatest power display itself.  As far as the word "pursue" is concerned then, that would be a question of mouse and cat.

Joyce illustrates how the penman is the accuser, but I've not time for such cut & dry polarities which imply such a dumbness.  Besides I'm charging and attacking not accusing.  There's a big difference.  The moneyholders are merely part players, a tool, like everyone else, though at times they need to be reminded. The only ones really capable of bringing truth in are the individuals who more or less live by their own means.  Each part has its place and price.  If you are largely dependent on others' dollars then your ability to be true and candid will be proportionally blocked.  It's the individuals then, who keep the old ball rolling. Society in general has to work in what these souls find.  And now to deal with the word "follow"… It turns out that society is following, the truth, as best it can.  It appears as a game of follow the leader.  Truth.

Strange and very peculiar.  That's how I would describe people who make their livelihood by watching other people.  They're definitely a very outre breed. I've observed them, CIA, FBI. Here's a few stories… Going to the beach one day I found an abalone shell.  It had seven holes in it so I put an incense stick in each and set in on the fireplace hearth as a reminder for me to get the manuscript through.  Well the miracle temperatures happened in Monterey on 10-7 & 10-8 (1996).  At the time I was living in "Joe's Apartment" (on Pine Street) and had absolutely no privacy at all.  When I was in the shower they knew it. When I was sleeping they knew it.  When I blinked they knew it.  On 11-6 I went out for a short walk in the evening, when I came back the incense sticks were moved.  Here are before and after pictures:

These are the types of funny and weird things they did.  Very early the next morning, on the 7th, a policeman gave me a ticket - while I was out to deliver papers!  The officer gave me a ticket because he was told to.   This is how these people work - which matches the "oppress" definition of persecute.  And when the governmentHollywood left the BBQ packet on my car I immediately left them a message that they'd be swimming in it - and that I'd eat THEM. The next day I got a start from a restaurant in Carmel entitled "The Dining Experience."  No such restaurant ever existed naturally.  ( Merely their way of saying they'll eat ME.  A hammer is what they'll eat from me.)

Working diligently as a studious sentry in the bay area, (June 1996) I was one day almost half surprised - the president of the company suddenly wanted me transferred.  Out I went to a remote warehouse site… In a few days the supervisor there was fired, and then at once a physicist popped into the picture with all sorts of questions about my manuscript.  No privacy at home or work, that's been the status quo.  The physicist was very concerned about the heat at the time, knowing that I was directly responsible for it.  Before I left he said "don't mess with Joe.  Joe's the man."  But I had to disagree (my tremendous knowledge making me modest.)  Yes, Joe's the man. Sure.  The one they wanted to zip away to Area 51 if they were given half a chance.  When a very well built lady mentioned this Colorado zone to me (at a later time and at a different job) a funny thing happened.   It suddenly got whacked by a huge blizzard (November of 1997 I recall).  Sure sure.  Joe's the man say the glib sighantists always eager to probe with their caveman crude gadgets the recesses of their dark tiny nook of knowledge.  To this day they have Einsteins brain in a jar.  Stay away from me you freaks.  Sure Joe's the man.  Not yours though.  I assure you.

How about this.  Walking out of restaurant in Pacific Grove (Nov.96) an officer called me over.  He'd gotten a call that I was seen on America's Most Wanted.  Typical stuff. In this same time frame I was asked where "Bison" street was while gardening in front of "Joe's Apartment."  What an unruly looking bunch of characters they were.  Of course there is no sacrificial bull of North America street in Monterey.  Nor is there a second son street.  But there was a garden shovel handy which I could have shoved somewhere.

When the governmentHollywood shut down my studio apartment in Pacific Grove (8-29-97) I'll admit that I found that somewhat irritating.  So having a day to find a place I ended up moving in with two very energetic older people - who were suddenly besieged with tones of crank phone calls.  That, my friends, was a mistake.

And just what of Hollywood and Washington, who have shown such spankable souls?  The attempted suppression, exploitation, persecution, what to make of these things?

Nothing.  And I'll tell you why.  They lack the power to make them anything more than just that - attempts.  Their tantrums and wringing and writhing are water under the bridge because I know it to be true that right makes might.  Life exists to feel and the WORD is power. The Hammer has the ability to crack through the philistine skull of even the most cloistered click of apes know to man - our very own Hollywoodgovernment.

What a field day the scientists have had!  Running around with their little magnetometers, trailing me at the beach in planes, just like little curious boys always playing with their gadgets.  Little sneaky snakes!  You've studied me for four eventful years gentlemen and not for free.  When the manuscript becomes perhaps one of the fastest selling books in history I'm expecting each of you to reach into your personal pockets to contribute fatly to the profits.

And the issue of free publication.  Free press is a lie. I know this from personal experience.  If the government says "do not publish," a publisher doesn't publish.  But when you as the people now see what's been going on with our Hollywoodgovernment in regards to this entire issue I think everything will work out just fine.

Sincerely, Joseph

P.S.  Ciao Washington and Hollywood, and my compliments.  From my belt to your high in the air derrieres - SMACK! SMACK!

P.S.S.  For your entertainment... Monterey, in its entire recorded history, has never had two days in a row over a hundred degrees, until 10 -7 & 10 - 8 of 1996 that is. The equation is very complex and a group of engineers are working on it further.  Suffice it to say that with all of the variables accounted for - such as my saying that it would happen, the history of the weather, the time of the year, etc. etc. etc. - the odds appear to be over one in a billion.  And Joseph Campbell also illustrates how 108 is the symbol for the bringing in of a new age, not to mention all of the other connections of the hero's birthplace, where he is currently, etc.(and look at those Hollywood clowns in "Michael" with such high opinions of themselves echoing the miracle on screen for you.)  On 10 - 8 it is 108?  That alone is interesting.   In the light of this unflinching evidence perhaps you can now begin to imagine why the west was so hot when it was shut down.  What am I saying?  It was a necessary part of the miracle.  And the clear case in Monterey shows how indeed the earth herself is behind me and that what I've said in regard to the miracles bears out some very serious thought.  The earth is smarter than any of us and She will have her way.  God is thundering through her for you to see and feel for yourself - via miracles, via a manuscript entitled "A THEORY WHY."

7th Seal