Hammer Strikes
Part Two:  Elaboration





"The standard path of the mythological adventure of the hero is a magnification of the formula represented in the rites of passage:  separation-initiation-return:  which might be named the nuclear unit of the monomyth.  A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder:  fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won:  the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man."

1. "The key to the modern systems of psychological interpretation therefore is this:  the metaphysical realm = the unconscious. Correspondingly, the key to open the door the other way is the same equation in reverse:  the unconscious = the metaphysical realm... THE HERO IS THE ONE WHO, WHILE STILL ALIVE, KNOWS AND REPRESENTS THE CLAIMS OF THE SUPERCONSCIOUS which throughout creation is more or less unconscious.  The adventure of the hero represents the moment in his life when he achieved illumination - the NUCLEAR moment when, while still alive, he found and opened the road to the light beyond the dark walls of our living death."

2. "If the hero in his triumph wins the blessing of the goddess or the god and is then explicitly commissioned to return to the world with some elixir for the restoration of society, THE FINAL STAGE OF HIS ADVENTURE IS SUPPORTED BY ALL THE POWERS OF HIS SUPERNATURAL PATRON."

3. "The hero, who in this sense and to this degree has become depersonalized, incarnates, during the period of his EPOCHAL ACTION, the dynamism of the culture process; "BETWEEN HIMSELF AS A FACT AND THE OTHER FACTS THERE IS A HARMONY OF METAPHYSICAL RHYTHM.""

4. The cosmogonic cycle is presented with astonishing consistency in the sacred writings of all the continents, and it gives to the adventure of the hero a new and interesting turn; for now it appears that the perilous journey was a labor not of attainment but of reattainment, not discovery but rediscovery.  The godly powers sought and dangerously won are revealed to have been within the heart of the hero all the time. He is "the king's son" who has come to know who he is and therewith has entered into the exercise of his proper power - "God's son" who has learned how much that title means.  From this point of view the hero is symbolical of that divine creative and redemptive image which is hidden within us all,(even within you.  Its true.  And infathomably deep within you in particular-) only waiting to be known and rendered into life."

5. "Wherever the hero was born, is currently, or has spent large amounts of time becomes the UMBILICAL CORD OF THE WORLD through which the energies of eternity break into time."

6. "FOR THE HERO AS THE INCARNATION OF GOD IS HIMSELF THE NAVEL OF THE WORLD, THE UMBILICAL POINT THROUGH WHICH THE ENERGIES OF ETERNITY BREAK INTO TIME.  Thus the WORLD NAVEL is the symbol of the continuous creation:  the mystery of the world through that continuous miracle of vivification which wells within all things."



1.  Late 1994.  Los Angeles, where I was living at the time, experiences an earthquake as I begin the manuscript.  Natural events happen as they will, though not having people get hurt was the first concern.  From Joseph Campbell:  "Myth states that at the moment of the prophecy diverse rumblings occurred on Mt. Sinai."  (My depiction of an earthquake is also depicted in the manuscript.)

2.  11-5-94.  I send the manuscript to an agency/publisher in Dallas Texas.

3.  January 1995.  California floods. Again from Campbell:  "The place of the hero's birth, where he is currently, and where he has spent large amounts of his time becomes the "umbilical cord of the world."  My hometown of Monterey was turned into an island.  (My homestate of California has been flooding ever since I brought back the manuscript. See Campbell about the flood hero also.)

4.  March 1995.  California floods again.  In both January and March (when the floods occurred) the people in Dallas Texas were reviewing the manuscript for the first and second time.  In Hollywood - where I still was at the time - the weather alternated between record heat and record rain.  And I knew why (though at this time I knew nothing of Joseph Campbell and James Joyce.)  The agency/publisher in Texas tells me that the manuscript was the subject of weekly meetings - but that they cannot publish.

5.  May 1995.  I meet the FBI at my writing spot at UCLA.  They want to know if anyone else has seen the manuscript.

6.  July 1995.  A physicist and an engineer approach me.  UCLA is crawling with all sorts of people.  The engineer says that "you might have a certain particle in you" and that "sometimes power hits a wall and gets stopped, and sometimes it gets through."  He also says that "communication is less than one percent."  We talk for several hours until I leave.

7.  Late July 1995.  I flee Hollywood for the bay area.  The heat wave breaks on the day I arrive.

8.  November 1995.  My heart beat kicks up to some 93 beats a minute due to the complete losses of privacy (recall this episode from Phenomenon.)  At this time the tremendous windstorm impacts California - it hits hardest where I used to walk each night (as the manuscript was coming to me) in San Francisco - by the Cliffhouse and the deYoung museum overlooking the Lincoln golf course.  Many of the giant old trees were uprooted and the entire golf course was a shambles. Power is knocked out all along California.

9.  1-7 & 1-8 1996.  The United States Government is shut down by the biggest blizzard of the century which targets the major cities of the east coast "like an enemy bomber" as the Wall Street Journal put it.  (I have the newspaper to this day as I knew exactly what was happening - even though I still knew nothing about Joseph Campbell.  I suggest that you read the front page of the Wall Street Journal dated 1-8-96 for yourself.)   I am not exactly surprised as it suddenly dawns on me that both scene 7 & 8 are the crux of the manuscript (scene 7 reveals the mystery and scene 8 IS the mystery) and I knew that the governmentHollywood was hindering it.  Then the temperature rapidly changes and Washington is flooded.  Campbell:  "Mother Nature herself supports the great task.  The hero finds all of the forces of the unconscious at his side."  And while the United States Government was being shut down - Los Angeles was experiencing record heat.  The war was on, and honestly it was already over.

10.  Spring 1996.  A letter by agent Florence reaches me by registered mail (included in the additional information section of this letter).  I find that all of her other letters have been intercepted.  The next day Washington suffers a heat wave.

11.  June 1996.  My privacy at work is invaded by a young physicist and several other people.  The physicist and I speak of the manuscript.  He recommends a book called The Tao Of Physics.  I later read it.  It speaks of how modern physics embraces eastern mysticism and also expounds on high energy particles.  The words of the German at UCLA become clear.

12.  7-2-96.  The western half of the United States loses power - 15 states to be exact (the unconscious sees everything as one, for example 7+8).  I chance to be at the DMV in Los Gatos California, just up the street from where I had worked for five years (recall Campbell:  "Where the hero has spent large amounts of time becomes the umbilical cord of the world.")

13.  8-3-96.  I leave a message on my answering machine and challenge Washington and Hollywood.  The battle starts to intensify.

14.  8-8-96.  The west begins to be besieged by fires caused by electrical storms.  I'm pushing strong.  Campbell:  "The thunderbolt is one of the major symbols in Buddhist iconography, signifying the spiritual power of Buddhahood (indestructible enlightenment) which shatters the illusory realities of the world.  The Absolute or Adi Buddha, is represented in the images of Tibet as Vahra-Dhara - Holder of the Adamantine Bolt.

15.  8-10-96.  I again shut down the west.  Both times nobody was injured and trees were involved.  (A tree is a major symbol of the unconscious and plays an important part in the manuscript, as it does in "Finnegan's Wake" as well.)  Just by chance... I happened to be driving by the EXACT SAME SPOT in Los Gatos.  And for those of you who realize that the unconscious is a very real thing you will see when you read the manuscript that Los Gatos - "The Cats" are me and Harpo. Harpo was my cat who I lost in Portland before writing the work and he is the hero of the manuscript.

16.  8-12-96.  The physicist immediately confronts me at work and asks if I'm "going to have any more brainstorms."  Later that afternoon a generator blows up on Blossom Hill (near Camden) road - the road that I drove down to get to Los Gatos - and right near the place where I shut down the west twice.  The explosion is heard throughout south San Jose and occurs at exactly 5:07 p.m.  (5:07 happens to be the time shown on a stopwatch in my screenplay "The Awakening."  5 means victory and 7 means getting the manuscript through.)  Meanwhile the lights go mysteriously on and off on Almaden Expressway for the next three days - the other street I drove down.  And when I walk out of work later that afternoon I am surrounded by strange helicopter planes.  (And by the way, regular black helicopters have been a common sight for four years, for those of you who've seen the Hollywoodgovernment movie entitled "Conspiracy Theory".)  South San Jose has problems with its power for several weeks following.

17.  8-10 to 8-15 1996.  A very intense week.  I'm hot, and because of this so is the weather (just as the Pacific Ocean is now so hot as our best scientists are well aware of.  I'm telling you a metaphysical reality when I say that the earth herself is behind me to get the manuscript through.)  8-10, 91 degrees.  8-11, 93 degrees.  8-12, 100 degrees - this was the Monday that I confronted the physicist and our government after shutting down the west for the second time.  8-13, 100 degrees - the physicist wasn't there this day as there was tremendous pressure on everyone involved.  8-14, 93 degrees.  8-15, 91 degrees.  On 8-14, 700 fires were started by lightening in the west.  These were caused by me working out hard and dancing believe it or not (the polka) in the parking lot.  Whenever I'd do so the lights would mysteriously go out.  That night a black helicopter flew over very low.  When it flew over the parking lot all of its lights went out too.  (The very clever physicists used lights to rig devices.  At another location I walked a lady out to her car and when we passed the outside light it went out.  This struck the lady as very strange. Then I noticed that whenever I walked by it - it went out - and that this did not happen when other people did so.  Come out of your ivory towers scientists.  I'm going to fed you to the hungry public.)  When Friday came the physicist followed me after work and kept saying how he was having problems with his boss - the governmentHollywood of the United States. The air was tense.  I left the next week.

18.  9-8-96.  Washington is flooded, again, at eight o'clock, with about eight inches of rain.  A sound of a river is left on my answering machine culminating in a shock of electricity.

19.  10-7 & 10-8 1996.  I'm back in my hometown of Monterey in a fight, or as they call it in "Michael," 'battle'.  In September I wrote many friends, family, and literary agents saying how 7 & 8 referred to the manuscript and that they would see more. Meanwhile I'm running hard on the Asilomar beach and trying some.  A few weeks later Monterey explodes in temperature - on the 7th and 8th (October).  They happen to be the two hottest back to back days in Monterey's recorded history.  On 10-8 it just happens to be, 108 - the hottest day Monterey has ever felt. (108 degrees is also expressly mentioned in the beginning of "Michael"  - courtesy of our Hollywoodgovernment.)  And on 10-8 Monterey happens to be the hottest place in America, along with the towns of "Thermal," "Imperial" and "Lake Havasu."

20.  November 1996.  Washington and I are going back and forth on the phone.  Since I had no phone privacy I left messages on my machine directed to them.  I attack both them and Hollywood.  They fight back.  The next morning I find a pack of BBQ sauce on my car and a few days later I am illegally fired from the San Jose Mercury News.  The Hollywoodgovernment did this in their typical weird way.  After finishing the job I came home to "Joe's Apartment" to take a quick shower. Naturally when I was slick and sleeky naked governmentHollywood knew because they had me on camera - illegally as all hell - and hell there is going to be to pay.  Hence it was a good time to put the packet of BBQ sauce on my car as I was after all very much in the shower and would not be walking out to perhaps catch a puppet in the act and therefore flatten him.  When I did walk out ten minutes later the opened BBQ packet was very neatly there.  Of course my manager was absolutely stunned - and her boss was on vacation.  Figure it out for yourself.  (Run Hollywoodgovernment maggots run!  I'm coming after you!  And I'm hungry.)  Maggots when cooked just right are a delicacy.

21.  Xmas 1996.  Sounds of an organ playing and someone saying "an angel came down from heaven" are left on my answering machine. (This was the time that Michael was out.)  My apartment had also been illegally entered again - one of several times.  Typical weird Hollywoodgovernment tactics were used, such as moving around personal articles and the like.  I found this to be very distasteful - even demented.

22.  January 1st 1997.  The floods begin in California again.  I retreat back to the bay area for attempts at some privacy.

23.  Spring 1997.  The Western Turbine Association, (PG&E, who is well aware that I shut them down twice) out of all the golf courses in the west, chooses LaGuna Seca, (and on the day and time that I happened to be working there) for their annual convention.  There they were, tramping and hacking all over my golf course so hard at work.  No wonder they can't keep the power on.  They had been at Palm Springs the two previous years.  They left me a present:  Two golf balls with JOE written in large letters and the word "dun lop" encircled.  This is the kind of arrogance and cockiness I've been combating for over four years.

24.  8-29-97.  The governmentHollywood, out of fear and anger, stoops again and steps in to close a studio apartment in Pacific Grove that I was to move into on 9-1-97.  And they managed to do this one day before I was going to move in - thereby leaving me without a place to live.  They did this out of fear and anger because they have an idea now of what I am capable of doing to get the manuscript through.  But I'm well used to their tactics from having dealt with them for so many years. Their strategy has been to eliminate as much privacy as possible, to essentially keep me under their friendly big brother microscope Cyclops Eye - which I've come to deliver the Ulysses cure to.  They messed with my sources of income and they messed with my places of residence. These are perhaps the two most important aspects in living.  Hence why they are being sued so heavily in these areas.  And now, run Hollywoodgovernment! Run!  And stay off my land.  Forever.


1.  1-7 & 1-8.   United States Government shut down by a blizzard. Washington later flooded.
2.  7-2.  I shut down the west.
3.  8-10.  I again shut down the west.
4.  9-8.  Washington again flooded.
5.  10-7 & 10-8.  Monterey explodes in the two hottest days in its history.

Explanation:  Numbers can almost be ridiculous if we analyze them too much but a simple way for me to make my point is like this:  In Italian, "data" means date.  That is how my unconscious has been working.  I have done hundreds of miracles.  The data corresponds to the dates (and times) - this was my way of getting the message through and it has worked very well.

7 brings to mind the complete colors of a rainbow, the complete days of the week etc.  7 signifies Completion, which implies?  A Beginning. Sunday implies Monday. 7 & 8 imply each other.  This I only really saw after writing the manuscript.  HENCE WHY THE WEST WAS SHUT DOWN IN THE SEVENTH AND EIGHTH MONTHS OF 1996.  What you have been witnessing is my unconscious - the door to the metaphysical - the source of miracles.  Further explanation:  Because I know the will of God, (and that's the simplest and most direct way to explain this, in other words the "why" behind the phenomenon of life) "I" am able to influence the elements.  1-7 & 1-8 - (United States Government being shut down) as 10-7 & 10-8 (my hometown exploding in heat) mean the same thing.  10, just as 7, is also the end of a cycle, which implies?  A beginning - in this case 1.  Just as 7 & 8 mean "end & beginning" so do 10 & 1.

Why was the west shut down on 7-2?  There are two scene 7's in the manuscript.  The first answers WHY life exists and the second says YES to it.

Why was the west shut down on 8-10? Notice, speaking clearly here is "beginning & end."  And notice further - because the unconscious is phenomenal.  The mirror image of 8-10 is 10-8 - when it was 108 in Monterey - where I was.  What you're seeing is "end & beginning, beginning & end" which are ONE idea.

Notice how Washington was flooded on 9-8.  Eight o'clock, eight inches of rain.  8 happens to be the characteristic number of prophets. For example, Buddha was born on 4-8.  And the fish symbol on the backs of cars is an 8 with one end open.  Buddha and Christ have the same symbol.  Why?  The 8 is symbolic of the halo that each of these heroes had.  You see they didn't just start yapping great truths out of the blue. The light bulb turned on first - bing!  Just like you see in cartoons - IDEA.  The phenomenon is AWAKENING.

They had tapped into the universal mind, they were "touched" by God if you will.  The halo's that you see depicted in old pictures were painted because they're really there! 8 is the cycle of infinity, of energy circulating from being and non-being.  Is it any wonder that this should shine over the hero's head since that is where he is speaking from?  And then, for fun take a look at a pack of tarot cards sometime.  You'll notice this 8 over the magician, the one card.  Or read about the Celtic hero Culchulain.  The light over the hero's head is very real as is the extraordinary heat produced which in both Indian and European traditions is viewed as the incarnation of sacred power.

The energy is palpable.  Fuse after fuse blew in my car and I kept getting shocked.  Finally an electrical problem shut down the car completely (after the west was shut down for the second time).  Cash registers would go out when I walked by them, you name it.  And just a few weeks ago another transformer blew right above a place where I had exercised two days earlier (the transformer that blew up on Blossom Hill also did so two days after I was there.)

WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT ABOUT THE MANUSCRIPT IS THAT IT CONTAINS BASICALLY A VERY SIMPLE IDEA WHICH WILL CHANGE THE WAY IN WHICH THE WORLD IS SEEN.  In the years to come I am certain that the manuscript will come to be viewed as a textbook of the mythological experience.  I knew nothing of Joseph Campbell and James Joyce when writing it.  I found out about them later (damned "luckily" if you believe in such a thing.)  To then see the result of our works together, namely:  Campbell's "Hero With A Thousand Faces," Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake," and my own manuscript is utterly stunning.  It is absolutely amazing and is actually a cutting edge of science and a landmark of historical and philosophical thought.

"Take the world as it is not as it ought to be" runs a German saying. Fine.  But to take it as it is you must first see it so.  The manuscript accomplishes this miracle.

Part 2 - cont.