Hammer Strikes
Part 1

(Composed in the spring of 1998. Joe is no longer looking for a publisher. He has decided that it is best to wait for a decade or two now. He hopes that America and the global community will thus have enough time to adequately contemplate and study what is being presented in this website - therefore providing a calm and proper preparation period for the actual publication of the manuscript while simultaneously curtailing any chances for cheesy media hype.)

Hello. I have a story to relate to you, and if you are perhaps courageous enough, a manuscript proposal.  Before doing so though I must inform you of what has transpired.  For four years the government of the United States and Hollywood pulled one stooping move after another to stop the publication of a certain manuscript.  They stole copies of it, lifted letters, blocked even E mail attempts.  They shut down publishers and literary agents.  They even thwarted attempts to self-publish.  They stooped to levels so low it's embarrassing. Really, their butts were sticking up so high they were just begging to be smacked.

I'm sure that most of you know that James Joyce was stopped for nearly twenty years in this country before the artists and scientists and thinkers finally pushed him right through the government.  So I want to say this right away so that you can decide whether or not to invest your time to read the following letter/proposal which I've entitled "Hammer."  I hope you do read it.  It is historical and affects all of us in the deepest way.  The letter/proposal will be composed in two parts; part one will present a brief, general overview and part two will construct an elaboration - first by providing some minimal critical information from Joseph Campbell, followed by a list of recent historical events and explanations, followed by a closing which will include additional information and anecdotes.

Part One:
General Overview

First off, I am the man responsible for shutting down the western half of the United States on 7-2-96 & 8-10-96.  (You don't get real news in the newspapers ladies and gentlemen, at least not for awhile.) Most of you I'm sure recall how the west lost power twice that summer. I am also the person whom the movies "Phenomenon" and "Michael" are spin-offs on (as well as a host of other stuff spewed out of Hollywood.  See the Epilogue/Apology for expanded information.)  But before I get ahead of myself it is important to tell you that all of these events are connected to a certain manuscript.  The manuscript is quite possibly the most famous manuscript in modern history.  And the attempted cover up of both it and the miracles I've wrought to get it heard rival Roswell (please read a letter enclosed by literary agent Florence (whose last name I will not mention) in the additional information of part two.)  But for now the story of the manuscript.

1. After sending it to an agency in Dallas Texas I soon met with the FBI (spring 1995.)  This did not surprise me because the manuscript reveals clearly and succinctly the mystery of existence.  Like the impact of Darwin's theory - the entire way in which the world is seen was about to be changed.

2. Hollywood and the city of Los Angeles were completely shut down to me (spring 1995.)  I sent out dozens and dozens of detailed packages to every agent in L.A. - using SASE's - which literary agents always respond yea or nay to - but no response ever reached my p.o. box.

3. A physicist and an engineer approached me at my writing spot at UCLA (summer 1995.)  The German engineer said that "you might have a certain particle in you."  He also said that "sometimes power hits a wall and gets stopped - and sometimes it gets through", and "communication is less than one percent."  (The German had a fantastic moustache and when I see you again sir I'm going to pluck it all out, one hair at a time. Or maybe I'll use wax and do it all at once - rip!)

4. All privacy was lost (summer of 1995). I happened to be living in a church in the heart of Hollywood.  As soon as I left for attempted privacy in the bay area, the city of Los Diablos bought the church.

So what's the easiest way for me to make a quick overview at this point in the letter?  The movie, "Michael," Religious.  And the movie "Phenomenon." The manuscript, and what has happened is a Religious Phenomenon.

The manuscript reveals the WORD, which I realized and wrote. My job now is to get that WORD out to the public perception.  All of nature is behind me.  The earth herself supports me - that is the phenomenon - and scientists are all over it. (What is the WORD?  It is the necessary realization of a dawning age, a vital realization which "comes in" from beyond the thick insulating walls of our world - our public psyche - hence transcending the outgrown confines of it and therefore expanding it - hence renewing life.  (In this case we are about to realize WHY we exist. A very basic and natural evolutionary step.)  Please study Joseph Campbell for more of an in depth idea of what is outlined here.)

It turns out that the old legends and myths are true. This is superbly depicted by the tremendous genius of Joseph Campbell - in particular by his great book "The Hero With A Thousand Faces."  Most of you are perhaps not familiar with the work, yet are familiar with Star Wars. Well, Star Wars is based upon "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" (Lucas collaborated with Campbell.)

This force, is what I have (and even you have it, so don't be jealous, that would be stupid, and I've got a clever enough dragon to defeat already. I know you realize that even as I'm here writing you're here writing, just as I'm where you are, reading, your wives and sisters palms.)  Or call it the Hammer of Thor.  Or the Staff of Moses.  Call it whatever you like.  The point is that 'myths'- happen - that is the phenomenon - which as Campbell would tell you has occurred in all recorded histories and in every corner of the globe.  And if you don't believe that such things do indeed happen then don't sit down this Easter with such a vacant clueless expression on your face and watch the myth of Moses on t.v. like an absolute idiot.  Get a clue.

Its been happening right in front of your face for nearly five years.  Floods, fires, earthquakes, power outages, heat waves;  the quickest way for me to sum up the situation for the last four years is like this:   I have elemental ability to get the WORD through.  Like Moses battling Pharaoh, you have been watching me take on Washington and Hollywood for four years and trouncing them (this will be outlined in part two - and recall the "battle" scenes from the spin-off, "Michael.")

What is crucial is that I didn't just bring back the WORD as intangible thought - mere speech.  No, I brought back something that you can touch and feel, only this time a 400 paged manuscript instead of stone tablets.  Of course our Hollywoodgovernment doesn't know what to do, except to stoop and stall.  But the point is - it doesn't matter what they do or don't do.  The consequences of the manuscript are over their head.

Why such low tricks and fierce resistance?  Well imagine this on the headlines:  Young, handsome, single man in search of profit brings back the answer to the mystery of life and has super and very natural sex drive.  The 7th seal has been opened!  Extra!  Extra!  When Washington tries to stop the manuscript THEY get shut down (the blizzard of 96) and then flooded, twice!  He turns off the lights in the west, twice!  Its like the two thousandth coming!

Well, it's always our geist that enables us to interpret something. Obviously no one wants chaos, so the government is doing what they think best - and that is to attempt to govern mint and govern mental.  And I'm doing what I think is best.  What's best and strongest are again, the forthcoming consequences, beyond everyone's control.

And being just the slightest bit serious for the tiniest moment, I do know why life exists, and the elements are indeed behind me to get the message through.  And the manuscript is in black and white for you to one day read for yourself.  That's the clincher.  Its in black and white.

There is always resistance to something which will change the way in which the world will be seen.  Darwin was wildly refuted!  Didn't matter. Rightness carries its own magnetic center, the old has to get worked in. The eminent Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his essay Circles, describes how a more broad generalization is always accompanied by an influx of divinity into the mind, and that this new bold generalization creates the new circle of the age, incorporating everything else within it.  This is the best way for me to sum up what the manuscript does.  But why such dull obstinate resistance by our very clever Hollywoodgovernment?

It's the same old story. Truth, and dollars, don't go together too well. The old polarity issue which is perhaps the key to "Finnegan's Wake" by the great James Joyce.  Shem, the penman, writes the word.  Shaun, his brother the postman, takes it and tries to take all of the credit for it as well, and then fundamentally misrepresents it - and while winning all of the skirmishes loses the eternal city.  Joyce (whom Campbell threw such a light on) saw clearly how the great brother battle spun the universal water wheel of life.

But when the Postmaster rattles the little postmen's chains they move their shrewd little dull butts quick!  Joyce represented this as the fourth age of "Finnegan's Wake," the age of chaos.  What happens in this age is that man is suddenly once again awakened to the claims of the supernatural - life then goes back to the first age - theocracy.  The golden age returns.  Winter gives way to spring in the four cycles of life and man.

This is what you're seeing working through me (and you, we're in each others shoes I assure you) - and why I've decided to post the story myself, for us. I am living proof of the super and very natural, which as Campbell so clearly illustrates, is a natural phenomenon.  Its all just super natural - really. Anyway, Shaun is financially suckcessfull, the economic favorite.  Festy King. Shem is the truth seeker who reminds the festive materialists not to fester too much.

And if you look at what's happened, governmentHollywood, in a real case of wag the dog, have been attempting to screw with my mail since day one.  In their arrogance and cockiness (as Holdfast, the tyrant destined for a fall (see "The Hero With A Thousand Faces") they felt that they had a grip on my ability to communicate via their $.  Not this time, gentlemen.  Essentially I have, to state it bluntly, been kicking their butts for four years going on five - while they have done everything in their power to keep the story hushed (this will be clearly presented in part two.)  For everything they do and did, there is a price tag attached to it.

I want to clear up a few things here.  Some business to settle with Hollywood and Washington.  Then I'll quickly move on to part two, presenting the key information which will conclude the letter.

Hollywood and Washington.  Come now, let us be men.  As laughingly mentioned in the manuscript, actors and politicians are two of the lowest professions around.  Did you think the likes of you would ever be able to fluster me? Not a chance.  You two have your noses so far up each other's backside its comical!  I'm not interested in what either of you two do or don't do so just keep your regards to yourselves now too, just like you're used to doing.  You're locked out of my door.

Hollywood, dreadful place, if you think about it, is the devil itself.  Like the devil, it can tell lies mixed in with a little truth.  Look at the Movie, "Michael," for example.  A nice fun little comedy.  And now look at the glimpses of truth.  The name of the bar they pull into is of course Joe's, which the devil shows you in big black block letters (as if these Hollywood harlequins could ever blackball the manuscript) - twice naturally.  There is a scene with a garbage can lid.  Well now, that's right out of the manuscript.  You are looking at the extreme arrogance and cockiness of the $ holders - whose very impudence is leading them to a rude awakening.

Yet I really don't have any animosity for the group huddling dollar holders.  They can huddle and cuddle and do whatever they want.  But no group attempts to block me in regards to this manuscript.  The work is above dollars. And fittingly all profit from the work will go to orphanages.  And as stated in an earlier letter, I'm measuring profit from January 1st 1997, for those of you very little money holders who are on my list and who I'll be very very happy to step into the ring with - one at a time or altogether if you like.

As also stated in previous letters, the manuscript, the WORD, is a force of nature, and Mother Nature will rise up in ever increasing fury until the WORD is publicly heard - as she's now doing and as I have long ago made very clear to government.  The weather, from 1995 to the present - has been the roughest that America and the world at large has seen. (Compare this to Campbell:  "The earth was not calmed until she heard the first words of the Decalogue".)

In closing part one there are two lies which I'd like to straighten out from the movie, "Phenomenon."  Lie number one:  "You cost the government a lot of money."  Truth:  You cost the American people and the global community a lot of money - because you tried to stop what is above you by keeping it away from the general public - whom in reality you're actually supposed to represent.  Reality check - and in short you screwed up.  Lie number two:  "You're a security risk."  Truth:  I'm security, you spoiled rotten shallow bungling brats.

Part 2