When The Higher Court
Comes into the Lower

Quote from P.T. Barnum:  "You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

I, whose full name is not important at this time (nor will it be in a future time), just Joe will do, with the power vested in me, do formally and officially charge the United States GovernmentHollywood with following issues - issues to be worked out in the lower court - namely - the American legal system. The higher court refers to the Law with a capital "L". This law comes from above and serves to guide and correct the law as we know it - the law with the lower cased "l". These charges are officially recorded as of January 2000 with the entire contents of this website being entered into federal court via hardcopy form. However any and all court proceedings will begin no sooner than 2020 - thereby allowing a few decades to pass - hence serving as the proper time period for calm public introspection and preparation for this millennial re solution. The higher court moves on its own time and if necessary, reserves the right to allow even more time to pass before the proceedings begin, or, perhaps less, and it also reserves the right to move without moving. It is my sincere hope and belief that the issues here re solved will benefit humankinds continued evolution towards God.

Overall charge: You, the governmentHollywood (and what this term signifies has been amply illustrated in this documentation), owe the American people an apology, as well as the global community. Do you still take America to be so stupid and yourselves to be so smart and worthy to possess 'secrets' much as you did in 1947? And now you just can't stop showing us enough aliens in your money movies can you? Quite.

Well your clownish act of lying to fool the people for what you consider to be their own best interests - which are really your own - is over now - forever. Something has happened - your position is undergoing reevaluation - and America and the world has a right to know. Moreover, the results of World War Three - the war which was fought from January of 1995 until late 1999 - will gradually become a matter of public awareness also. I repeat, you, the governmentHollywood, owe the American people and the global community an apology. Your arrogance, conceit, and policy of self-interest has brought weather hardships on many. Justly, your actions and exactly what you are is now coming under camera and scrutiny.


1st charge:  Since the spring of 1995, and for a duration of nearly five years, you the governmentHollywood, have attempted to stop the publication of A THEORY WHY. You have stolen numerous copies of it through the mail. You have shut down publishers and literary agents. You have blocked and intercepted countless communications. For the sum total of your illegal and criminal actions in relation to this I am suing you for ten million dollars plus whatever money the book makes five years from the date of its publication. In addition, I am charging you interest on the money that A THEORY WHY makes five years after its date of publication - such a penalty being fair and just. The amount of interest to be charged will concur with what the Federal Government charges for delinquent tax payments.

2nd charge:  Since January of 1995 to the date of this website the earth has experienced the roughest weather in recorded meteorological history. This is do in large part to the WORD being brought in in the manuscript A THEORY WHY and the worried moneyholders - namely governmentHollywood - trying to keep it secret and away form the public. America experienced El Nino, the blizzard of 96', record waves, all sorts of extremes of temperature and flooding - due to the governmentHollywood's illegal attempts to keep this manuscript from the public. The world at large has been ravaged by inclement weather.

The reality behind this global phenomenon is due again to the illegal "suppression" of A THEORY WHY. And so we have two issues here. First off, America and the world has a right to know what's really been going on with the weather. Second, we have reality and we have what newspapers, magazines, and other various forms of communication have told you in "recent history". The day is rapidly dawning for reality to illuminate and supplant the gross deception. There is no money involved in this charge. It is merely being done to set the record straight.

3rd charge:  On 7-2-96 & 8-10-96 the western half of the United States was shut down. The western grid lost power. What you told America in the newspapers about this was a blatant lie. What actually happened is somewhat outlined in this website. I charge you with lying to America and am set to make clear what did indeed actually happen - thereby to set the record straight. I also submit that officials of PG&E and the Western Turbine Association be present during this case as they also took part in the deception.

4th charge:  This is a very serious charge and it grieves me to have to make it - yet I must. We are living in an age where low technology is everywhere. I define the so called "high technology" as low technology because it always needs an apparatus - for example a hidden microphone to hear and a hidden camera to see. The true high technology however requires nothing. It exists naturally and the concept of it is somewhat illustrated throughout Hammer Strikes.

Writers such as Aldous Huxley and George Orwell were endeavoring to prepare humanity for the day when low technology would be used as a means of control and life squeezing and stealing by governments who had crossed the line. That day is here now and we have a lot of thinking to do.

What is the line? It is the sacred right of every individual to enjoy peace and sanctity behind his own walls - in other words it is the right of privacy within one's own domain. If a government crosses that line and employs low technology to steal and drain one's very essence by totally stripping the individual of privacy - which is what the American governmentHollywood has shown you in The Truman Show for example - then we are facing a capital crime. Capital. Furthermore, if the particular individual, by means of high technology, is aware of the situation - we enter into the realm of torture. You are on camera, within your own home - and the possessors of low technology are even eager to let you know it - such a strategy is akin to putting someone within a glass cage and then shaking and rattling the cage at will. You are living the life of a typical average citizen, no one can see that you are actually very much in prison and being daily destroyed. Quite clever warfare. Moreover, the technique involves the added psychic attack of only letting the individual know what is happening - the individual sees but no one else in his circle is aware. "Kill the head and you kill the body" runs a saying in Kung Fu. Exactly.

And we're paying taxes for such actions? Clearly, our governmentHollywood is in need of guidance and reform. Propositions for such guidance and reform will be submitted during the course of this trial. It is my hope that humanity's soul will survive and outgrow its own cleverness with a philosophy that burns bright from within and above, diffusing the world without.

Of course it always requires an individual to install a piece of low technology. And though it pains me to say this, it must be said. With low technology secretly installed it is a simple matter to illegally enter the individuals place of residence when he is not there. And yes, I'm ashamed of my own country. When pieces of furniture and little trinkets are rearranged and the like - we clearly enter into the realm of mind crimes.

I do attest that the United States GovernmentHollywood has employed low technology in my places of residence from 1995 to 1999 - not to mention tapping the phone line - which in itself is a capital crime (this subject will be dealt with in the Specific Charges.) In short all sacred privacy was criminally taken. Clearly, there is not any monetary figure in the world which can compensate for these actions. And on top of this the United States Hollywoodgovernment has perpetrated mind crimes. The full details of this complex charge will be presented in court. I am suing for one billion dollars on the gravity of this charge and the importance of its outcome for future generations. It is much too small of a sum to sue for.

5th charge: Besides home, an individual spends a great deal of time at his place of work. I am suing the United States governmentHollywood for using low technology and even dummy's in this area from 1995 to 1998 also. What's more, some of the people used were too young and I will prosecute the governmentHollywood to the proper extent of the Law. If necessary I can produce a list of every castle hack who has been involved. This would be an even greater embarrassment for America though and I hope it can be avoided. I am suing for one billion dollars in this area also - justly - and for the benefit of future Americans, not to mention people of all countries.

A summary of General Charges Four and Five is now in order:  the individual has no sacred privacy in his home, nor any at the place where he earns a living - and this is where all of us spend the majority of our lives. And on top of this, if the individual uses the phone he also has no privacy - and hence runs the possibility of a visit from the lawbreakers - wherever his destination may be - or to or from that destination. In essence the individual has been completely put into a glass cage. It is quite easy to toy with one with such a ploy. Perhaps toy the person to death or madness, both being the same. Such a strategy is severe criminal warfare.


1st charge:  The governmentHollywood has employed low technology to tap phone lines and the like thereby to enable them to follow and harass - in other words to dog. Details will be given in court. I am suing for five million dollars for illegal dogging and harassment since the spring of 1995.

2nd charge:  In November of 1996 I was illegally fired from the San Jose Mercury News by the Hollywoodgovernment. I am suing for one million dollars for this act.

3rd charge:  In October of 1997 the governmentHollywood shut down a studio apartment which I was to move into the following day. I am suing for one million dollars for this act.

4th charge:  Hollywoodgovernment made a movie entitled "Phenomenon" in 1996 which is a spin-off on what was really happening at the time. Whether or not the governmentHollywood has mirrored reality in their movies this way before is a very serious question. There was also much stealing in the movie. I am suing for one hundred million dollars for this dubious act of governmentHollywood which thought of themselves collectively as the in group above the law - and above the intelligence of America as a whole.

5th charge: In December of 1996 governmentHollywood committed the same gross arrogant act of mirroring reality to America at large with the movie "Michael." Yet another spin-off on what was happening at the time. And lots of stealing. I am suing for one hundred million dollars for this movie.

6th charge:  In 1998 "The Truman Show" came out. In actuality it is a confession of governmentHollywood's tactics with me as they have waged a war of nerves. There was much stealing in this movie also - a tremendous amount. Moreover, the movie is jaded and clearly depicts the anger, defeat, and frustration of governmentHollywood. I am ashamed of the movie. Indeed I am ashamed of governmentHollywood and must sue for five hundred million dollars for this movie. All specifics will be revealed for this case at the time of the presentation.

7th charge:  "Meet Joe Black - Sooner or Later Everyone Does" - well certainly Hollywoodgovernment will not have any say in this I assure you. I haven't bothered to see the film and will not do so, my time being too valuable. It is obviously merely another tweaked rendition of The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Much like the film "Joe's Apartment" which depicted a 'bug filled home' (cockroaches can be rigged with camera's and then electronically stimulated to obtain a desired angle) - you've got Hollywoodgovernment once again in their arrogant ignorance thinking that they will just tell you what they want and just how they want to tell it to you too. Since I have not and will not see "Joe Black" or "Joe's Apartment" I cannot sue for these movies and really feel that plenty of suing is already underway. However, these flicks serve as good example of the measures to which Hollywoodgovernment will go in stealing and exploitation for promoting their profit.

It is important that their actions be clearly brought out and recognized under public scrutiny - and these two blatant movies serve as good example. And so I propose to solve the problem for potential future inclinations of our governmentHollywood to steal and twist any part of A THEORY WHY - or any part of the story behind it - to then feed such thievery and distortions to the public. If they do foolishly attempt to do so I will sue for every penny that such a film makes - and then some. And the medium does not apply to movies only. Whatever medium Hollywoodgovernment may use in now under scrutiny. You have the rights to nothing governmentHollywood. And nothing is exactly what I'll give you.

*All monies justly won from these proceedings will be given to charitable organizations except for a few million which will be given to those in my circle who were inconvenienced some on my behalf from the actions of Hollywoodgovernment in this war. I myself will keep nothing as governmentHollywood could never touch me.

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