On 11-5-94 A Theory Why was sent to an agency/publisher in Dallas Texas. Perhaps that was a mistake as the Midwestern states are often viewed as the "Bible Belt" and such a manuscript as A Theory Why could very easily be misconstrued by loyal adherents of one of recent history's most popular books of tales and wisdom. And yet, perhaps in the grander scheme of things all things work out for the best. Time will tell.

A Theory Why may one day be viewed as a necessity which came just when it was needed, but not today. The manuscript, being timely, is accordingly ahead of its time. The critics of today are hence by natural law impaired to judge it, and so the lively and unpredictable realizations and ramifications are for a future day.

We certainly would not want to step on anyone's toes. But it just so happens that when a new idea is brought in - and holds - the old ways of thinking must by affinity to the progress of truth - meld into the new. History shows that this never happens easily. Why? It hurts to grow, and we all do our damnedest to avoid pain. Yet in the long run it hurts more not to grow. And eventually it feels good to have grown. Little wonder that humanity will continue to grow, and growth being an essential component of life, we might even continue to live.

I am of the knowledge that the day will soon dawn where an amazing event will unfold itself. Like dark clouds giving way to sudden light, it will become clear that everyone was right. Each and every religion was correct, science was correct - there was never any difference or real adversity all along. This day is rapidly nearing and is geared to the natural and healthy growth of the human psyche as a whole. When we're ready the light will break in and the information imbedded within it will free up our new landscape. Everyone was right.

It might be asked why I took all of the trouble to communicate this. Would it not be wiser to say nothing? My answer is that a job is a job. One wants to finish. Quantum physics will bear me out that nothing really exists without publicity - without the participation of an observer(s). As I stated in the two tightly controlled radio shows in Monterey California, the shutting down of the west and all was in reality a publicity stunt. As tacky as such a statement might initially sound - it is correct from a higher perspective. That is, until A Theory Why commanded intelligent attention - my job wasn't over. My clear goal all along of course was to finish my job. That ultimately meant that the public became aware of Hammer, um, hence the intelligent attention.

I know from experience that our Hollywoodgovernment is not intelligent but merely clever. Another name for our governmentHollywood that was coined in the original Epilogue/Apology was "Hammerwise Sectional America". I learned that America is a VERY sectional and stupid snobbish collection of unknowing fools who all think that they're privy. Well, I just had to tell them how stupid they are. West coast, east coast, Bible Belt, religious circles, Hollywood, cities, corporations, scientific circles, cliquey publishing and literary circles, academic circles, secret service cliques, newspapers and media, etc. etc. etc.. Each clique knows everything, and also a little more than the other. Imagine an idea coming along which would in effect force all of these factions to act like an actual country. I apologize for that. I apologize for conking Hammerwise sectional America on their thick skulls with a certain Hammer. And, oops! I apologize for doing it again right now.

The point is that these cliques clever - Hammerwise Sectional America - thought that they would judge what was and what wasn't proper for America to hear and know. They considered themselves to be the elite. My point is that Hammerwise Sectional America never had any say in it. All along its been God's call.

Hammerwise Sectional America tried to blackball the manuscript because the manuscript naturally and permanently blackballed THEM. The elite Hollywoodgovernment no longer exists, in fact it never did, it was only a myth. How so? Because of the arrival of an idea. Which is? That all life exists for the sole purpose of feeling. And the result?

The charade is over. Pick out and point at Hammerwise Sectional America. What is their motive? To feel good. Period. Does anyone else in America or the global community ultimately have a different bottom line motive? Of course not. Hence why I never acknowledged these illusory twilight cliques. In fact I've ignored "them" all along - Hammerwise Sectional America or the Hollywoodgovernment. It was clear to me that they were an outdated illusion.

The charade is over. All life exists to feel. Everyone does their best to feel good. Oh the pyramid structure is as it always was, and yet it is different. It is awakened. The light comes from behind the structure from the source - not from any dunces currently at the top of the rotation cycle. Hallelujah. The awakened pyramid knows that every orgasm is very elite. A Theory Why has therewith dispelled any so called elite Hollywoodgovernment with its explanation of the motive. They no longer exist, if indeed they ever did.

When one sees the world as it really is it becomes clear that money - another word for feeling - is the bottom line. What is the difference between the law and crime for example? No difference really. They're both after money the best way that they know how. Just wait till tax time if you're skeptical. Now, the good reader might try to disagree and will end up comfortably burying his head in the sand. The good reader may also try to bury his head in regards to Hammer as a whole, admonishing peace and passivity, saying that I shouldn't be strong and aggressive. Why would I need to be? Fine. But keep away from me with such foolishness. I would punt you just as far as I could, and that would be fifty yards at least. Maybe sixty. Maybe even seventy. And the dull reader might say that Hammer is not convincing. My reply to you would be to just stay there with your head buried in the sand. You're not worth the energy to punt.

And so, in late 1994 I had an idea, and was soon pitted against organized crime - Hammerwise Sectional America. That sums it up. Technology really is changing the world. One might ask why I bothered to depict the warfare strategies of the organized criminals in such detail. I did so because eventually everything must come out, and the world will be the better for it. That's why. It is my belief that humanity will develop a deep philosophy which will balance our technological progress. The Internet is a fantastic tool to help facilitate this.

The harassment and war tactics of governments must be made clear, and my particular case will assist other individuals out there and everyone in general as the information becomes common knowledge. The fact is this: governments are supported by the masses, (most likely because they lack the energy to be individuals) or as a bookseller might refer to it - the LCD - lowest common denominator. Fine. But if you perhaps attempt to do something exceptional - the government who makes a living off of control - will most likely attempt to control you as well. Hence why the true individual and any particular government must actually, by necessity, battle.

With the advent of low technology we want to make sure that the individual is armed - with information.

My experience with the organized criminals is that they continually sought to enter my space - to puncture my space bubble so to speak. They focused heavily on my places of work and employment. They sought to instill doubt and fear - to keep me guessing - in short to place me in a situation of great anxiety. They always worked secretly.

Their strategy was akin to Prometheus bound. Days, weeks, months, years, the eagle picks at the chained hero. Oh sure, nothing's happening at all as the individual goes through the day - wearing a low technology invisible ball and chain around his leg. No one can see a thing as hundreds of invisible pins puncture him daily, at work, at home - there is no room, no space, as the eagle eye picks. And picks. And picks. Tick tick tick goes the moneyfeelingenergy clock. Hurry up and break! Pavlov proved it. An animal can only stand an anxiety environment for so long. Why killing someone is way too easy! This is slow death baby. Go crazy! Why that's even worse than death isn't it?

Quite. Yet within the heart of any given hero exists the real power of Hercules, and of course a real philosopher is incapable of anger or defeat because he knows too much about life. But have you ever had eagle eye stew? Allow me a moment to clean my teeth. Eyes are very crunchy. And nutritious. The answer was to create my own working and living environments. Though maggots when cooked just right are a delicacy, no longer can they approach - they've been outgeneralled. Besides none of the criminals could ever look me in the eye. Enough said. I'll have more to say on eyes in a moment.

In the spring of 1998 I retreated to my mom's condo for a time, uh, being the valiant warrior that I am. Immediately we were harassed by a trained nut upstairs (in the rented condo - the criminals were already there) who began to run up and down the hallway - super loud and very purposefully. Meanwhile across the way the Texas Department of Public Safety out of Dallas (where I originally sent the manuscript) had moved in. This is called "trying to enter someone's space" - and the criminals were doing their best. Then over my room a tapping noise began over the ceiling - off and on all night long. Sometimes it would occur on one part of the ceiling, sometimes on another, sometimes it would move across the ceiling. Very much like the Chinese water torture it would stop and start for varying periods of time.

Bring it on. I began to fight them. They lost. In April I picked a California poppy and put it on the Texas car. That morning I had no breakfast. At work I also had no lunch as we were busy that day. Later that afternoon I was across town on another interview when I walked into a 7-11. It was 4:30 in the afternoon and by chance I hadn't eaten yet. And there appeared the smell of criminals and I knew that my enemy was within. You might call it a sixth sense. At the counter an older gentleman said to me "so, are you going to have breakfast now?" That of course was my breakfast. All he really said was "Joe you don't have an ounce of privacy buddy." "Breakfast lunch and dinner" I immediately replied capping the situation. Should have told him to drop the Pall Malls too, they're cancerous. The Texas Department of Public Safety moved out in June and later Dallas experienced extreme heat. It did the next year as well. (See Carl Jung's essay on Synchronicity.)

Could the criminals try to move in even closer? After all, this ploy, like all of their ploys, had failed. Now what? And I must admit that the organized criminals are much more clever than I am. They had me on camera at my work, an easy thing to do since they had placed a pawn there to assist them (another recent new hire.) I made calls to find a place. Conveniently the enemy arranged it so that I moved right in. But time will tell just who the guest was.

One might call the organized criminals experienced chess players. They're so clever! The very essence of subtle surely. A health insurance policy was laid on the glass table and stayed there for most of my short stay. The biological act of release occurred within the privacy of my room, and being quite ambitious in this field (and very creative) it occurred twice that particular night. I was a little tired. The next morning there were two bananas on the health insurance policy. Organized criminals are easy to spot - they have sticky chins.

God alone watches. Modern maggot man can't even wipe his own eyes, let alone his criminal chin. Modern myth, just like ancient myth, really pretty much repeats the old story. The Celtic hero Culchulain was put under the evil eye - and yet he was able to continue fighting and single handedly bought time for his comrades to recover as the evil eye had immobilized them.

The hero it might be said is someone who wakes up during the dream of life. The Hero With A Thousand Faces is actually a more detailed account of Plato's Allegory of the Cave. The sordid Truman Show was merely a demented take off on this and my manuscript. Hollywood to be sure, has steadily declined over the last decades to arrive at a state of depravity, decadence, and overall decay. And it must be said that Hollywood can only be a reflection of the morality of the country. One function of myth is to deliver the finishing blow to the outdated dragon. Surely - A Theory Why has done this. Hollywood is dead. Just look at it. The dilapidated buildings reflect the diseased and worn out soul. Something happens when the dragon dies though.

The spiritual pendulum begins to swing back after having been held up for so long in the land of mud and quagmire. Solid ground again appears under the feet and on the horizon. The captive lady, life, has been freed from the hoarding museum dragon. She is free to live and create again. The land begins to heal.

Hollywood is very dead but will rise out of its own ashes and a new and powerful spirit will emerge from it - a spirit brimming over with magic as in the early days. Something has to die before it can be reborn and I believe that we are in essence talking about the morality of the country.

Alas it is a terrible thing when a philosopher decides to make money. But maybe it can be forgiven. James Joyce, if he was alive today, would immediately melt down his statue, form it into a huge baseball bat, and with one fell swoop swat all of sleeping financial bound Dublin. The truth is that philosophy is the deepest business of all. What one man lacks inside he will make up for on the outside. Hence why sages are content with little or even better yet, nothing. Oh there's no shortchanging. The philosopher is much richer than the material man if you could look at the entire business of it all. The material man is the real peasant, the philosopher the real man of wealth. If fire and feeling burns energetically within why the necessity for second rate fire on the outside?

And yet, if the philosopher finds that his philosophy and his physical/emotional body is under attack by the prigs - then he must by virtue of what is right undertake the role of businessman for a time and route the enemy while establishing his own piece of territorial turf. Happy was the day when he could roam, but now the philosophy begins to take root and so comes the establishment of a base of operations in great Nature.

History has provided some examples of how easy it is for a philosopher to make money. Luckily for the businessman the philosopher usually isn't interested though, because if he was, he could bury the very best of businessmen. History has also shown that philosophers are above the cheesiness of fame. It is beneath them. I'm sorry but I could never take such a thing as fame seriously. In fact I would never take it at all. I would leave it. What has happened today will happen again tomorrow. At this very moment there's a fresh youth out there ready to one day set new precedents. Rightly so!

"He who knows the Tao is neither affected by praise or blame." Well, I'm on my way to learning the Tao. Blame and criticize all you want, just don't try to praise. Actually, either one would not get my attention. Everyone is a politician, and musicians are the worst ones of all. In fact the only thing worse than a musician is a rich one. So whatever their political agenda is, I'm sure they'll state it. The pop subculture like the Hollywood subculture will never be at any loss of words, that's a fair bet. Now the thought content behind the rhetoric is a different story. That would depend on the depth of the individual. An individual always has merit.

I think enough has been said for a decade or two or more. Silence and practical activities are best now, and maybe touring with the musicians. The ultimate outcome of all of this is God's call, as it has been all along. In keeping with the great tradition of American business and entertainment this essay will be concluded with a business summary and a play.


1.  A Theory Why literally took the entire world by storm.
2.  Myths happen.
3.  It has happened.
4.  Many people already know.
5.  The people who know don't know much.
6.  My job to you is now complete with this website.
7.  I have absolutely no more comments for a decade or two or three or longer.
8.  A new age of enlightenment is dawning where we will gradually realize that God wishes us to feel.

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