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Part 1

Dear America, and the global community - because you have been impacted too - the time is right now and so I am endeavoring to communicate with you directly.  If you are intelligent a whole field of knowledge and study will be opened as we illustrate what has transpired since January of 1995.  It is a story of monumental proportions which has already begun to impact the entire way in which the world is seen.  There are not stories which get much bigger - and most importantly - this is a story which you have a right to know about, and examine, yourself.  What certain groups have mumbled to date is meaningless.  Hence why we are communicating with you directly.  In fact in order for us to be able to communicate with you directly these certain groups (whom I will elaborate upon later) were the first class of people to overcome and push aside.  This has been done and the Internet could not have appeared at a more critical and useful time.

I have much to say to you America, my country, and the global community. It has been nearly five years since the conception of A THEORY WHY - the most controversial manuscript of the day which was copyrighted on 11-5-94.  A silent and ferocious struggle of worldwide awakening has attended the growing fame of this work. Certainly, this manuscript and the story surrounding it have effectively opened and closed World War Three - the war to end all wars - the war which most of America and the world at large slept through and is now only gradually beginning to realize.

Much of this presentation was formally at - but was illegally taken down without explanation on 3-18-99.  The previous presentation depicted a collection of various letters written within the last few years - so we ask that you be patient as you'll be getting the story from a few different angles, which, after all, may prove interesting.  The heart of the story is to be found in Hammer, but it would probably be best to read and study the web site as it is listed in the table of contents.

Caro and I have decided to use only our first names now, as this story is just too controversial and must come out gradually for the general well being of all. In fact for a few decades or so, (though perhaps we'll move faster or slower) that is until 2020 when we formally begin to take the governmentHollywood to court - I have absolutely nothing more to say on this entire subject.  Nothing. Enough is being said right here for now and a decade or two of reflection and tending to practical affairs seems to be the best course of action. Perhaps at a future date another work will emerge to explain in depth any questions raised in A THEORY WHY.

The Hollywoodgovernment fought and complained and whined for five years that the world wasn't ready for A THEORY WHY. Very well then. Let's wait the proper number of years now. And so they shouldn't come around with tons of offers to publish like they're now doing. They should go away. And they shouldn't go away mad either. They should just make sure that they go away. Until at least 2010 A THEORY WHY will not be published. And in 2010 I might decide to wait another decade, or two, or twenty, or twenty thousand. In other words, if I acknowledged them I might say "fuck you and fuck your offers governmentHollywoodmousedogs" - but I do not acknowledge them and haven't all along because you don't exist (see the Epilogue/Apology for an explanation of why).

I want to tell you dear reader not to be duped into being offended by the use of any charged words in this presentation.  Words are only words - and most people don't even know that "fuck" for example really only means "feelings obtained by exchanging energy."  There is no room for any vulgarity here, we are able to look deeper.   The best and most economical way to get the point across - that's what will be used.  Moreover I personally cannot and will not fit into any moldy mold of the past.  I think it best to be yourself and besides, even many of the so called wise of the past, most all of the wise of the present, many great religious founders, scientists, and the like, seem very dull to me.  In truth only a handful of individuals here and there in any given age have actually had the ability to think.   The secular writers greatly carry the torch today.  Ralph Waldo Emerson, America's philosopher, is worth more to me than the whole prepreschool institution known as Harvard from which he outgrew.  Joseph Campbell, James Joyce, Hans Christian Andersen, Carl Jung - these are modern lights which shine more brightly than any institution or organized religion ever could, let alone the comical egocentric swishing scientific community.

On the former web site Caro and I had a guest book as well as an E mail address. Yet the irked Hollywoodgovernment used these communication tools for unpleasant spamming. This was a waste of our time and energy (both of which provide the same end product - feeling) and so we decided to just put up our site and to let the intelligent reader draw his own conclusions and the very intelligent reader begin his or her own research. We may put an E mail address in the future but cannot promise that our staff will answer it.

What does the governmentHollywood or the Hollywoodgovernment coinage mean which is being used in this presentation? In mythological terms it signifies the tyrant "Holdfast" (see Joseph Campbell's, Hero With A Thousand Faces) which must be defeated by the hero - Thor slays the giant. Or, in Biblical terms, it means the Devil. How so?

The devil or giant is the figurative summation of the groups briefly mentioned at the beginning of the address. It is this summation which I've had to defeat. This has been done most successfully and with great pleasure. I believe this website to be the final merciful blow to which the devilgiant giantdevil Hollywoodgovernment governmentHollywood will be put to peaceful death - hence rebirth. In other words the giant devil is the outworn idea(s) of an age which must be 'finished' - killed - for the new age to begin.

Basically there are only really three groups, which I've telescoped into two. And these two groups just happen to be the same group, which is why they are connected as one word and why it doesn't matter if you say governmentHollywood or Hollywoodgovernment - they're the same thing. What exactly is this "group" then?

The three groups telescoped to obtain this simplification were - religion, and of course Hollywood and government. It is very obvious how simple life is. Religion deals with two things - MONEY and how you FEEL, be it past, present, future, or afterlife. Government or politics? Same thing. MONEY and how you FEEL about an issue. And Hollywood?  Same thing too. Hollywood sells movies which are simply FEELINGS - and strangely enough they still expect MONEY in return for them.

In short we have MONEY and FEELINGS, or, FEELINGS and MONEY.  It doesn't matter how you list these two either as they are both one.  Now, it is apparent that these entities all deal in the same exact thing and that if you walk into a church you're walking into a theatre as you're walking into a courtroom or any other type of assembly political.

You will find that entertainment, religion, and government is where the money is. But history shows that where the money is the truth isn't. I've focused on Hollywoodgovernment to make things clear, leaving religion respectfully out as the phrase governmentHollywood sums it all up anyway. And now to make my point in a rather graphic way. These 'two' entities of entity - namely Hollywood and government - have their heads so far up each others asses that they come out of each others mouths. Kennedy.  Monroe. Enough said.

This is the entity which I've clobbered.  You say that this entity is life?  Yes.  Life grows by attacking - itself - with MORE life.  Here is the central them of The Hero With A Thousand Faces. What the manuscript A THEORY WHY has done is to present a tremendous GENERALIZATION - much as Darwin did.  A quote from Emerson comes to mind:  "Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet.  Then all things are at risk.  It is as when a conflagration has broken out in a great city, and no man knows what is safe, or where it will end. There is not a piece of science but its flank may be turned to-morrow; there is not any literary reputation, not the so-called eternal names of fame, that may not be revised and condemned. The very hopes of man, the thoughts of his heart, the religion of nations, the manners and morals of mankind are all at the mercy of a new generalization. Generalization is always a new influx of the divinity into the mind. Hence the thrill that attends it."  Similar to the effect of the "fairy tale", The Emperor's New Clothes - the entire world parade procession is about to awake from yet another deep sleep. Suddenly the mist was gone from the eyes as we realized that the earth does indeed revolve around the sun, that life does evolve, and now that the reason why we and life itself exist - is? To feel.

An equation has been unrecovered and the implications of it are enormous. The equation is as follows:  REASON = EMOTION.

It is clear to me that we are talking about the philosophical idea of the next generation and possibly even the next millennium. Though a fantastically simple idea it is at the same time very deep and quite complex. Life is the "will to feel" - that is the heart statement of A THEORY WHY. A mere third step was taken after two groundbreaking German philosophers to arrive at this conclusion; namely Schopenhaur and Nietzsche. And so Schopenhaur's "will" and Nietzche's "will to power" have been built upon and only slightly refined, much as Einstein did with Newton's theory of gravity in the field of science.

"Will" is another word for "energy" or "power."  And so "will to feel" is equivalent to saying "energy to feel" or "power to feel."  Einstein revealed to us how everything is essentially energy. We can now deduce the very basic universal business transaction of life depicted as "this" for "that" - "energy" for "feeling."  There is the mystery of life solved concisely.  You want to feel?  You need energy.  You as a form of energy ARE feeling.  That's WHY you're here and that's WHAT you're doing.  Another equation:  WHAT = WHY.

Yet another:  LIFE = FEELING.

We have two different words - feeling and energy - yet they are one - even as they are two.  The modern mind is learning to hold two seemingly opposing ideas in the mind at the same time and this is quite right.  Let's say that you don't feel well because you have the flu, well your energy has dropped also.  And if you feel very strong about something?  Your energy is up too.  The two are one even as reason and emotion are.

Star Wars.  "Feel the force" - exactly.  That is the purpose of our lives - our why.  Or we might say "feel the energy" - same thing.  Throw the Star Wars slogan in the mirror and you obtain "force to feel" - there it is "energy" or " "will" to feel" - our WHAT, and WHY. What = why as why = what.

So what's the big deal?  What's the big story behind this simple idea?  Today we have this religion and we have that, much as yesterday, and today we're even blessed with science.  One part of the world is quite convinced that they are right while the others are not.  They are still quite willing to war on behalf of their beliefs, as they were in the dark ages.  Here's what's happened:  All of the worlds' religions have been gathered and assembled at a round table. The scientific community has been invited there as well. And there sits the literary community and the common man. There sits the whole world. Plop! The Word Why has been thrown on the table. There is silence. A simple idea can create a whole new age because the world is suddenly seen more clearly.

First question:  WHY indeed ARE there so many religions?   Answer:  because DIFFERENCE is a prime ingredient of FEELING - of LIFE. That's exactly WHY. Second question:  What is the scientific community studying, and what are religions and the literary community talking about and doing likewise?  FEELING.  Millennial meeting adjourned.

The implications of the will to feel are HUGE.  In fact the anticipated results of this idea sparked the governmentHollywood to attempt to blackball the manuscript.  But I fought them and trounced them.  That is the entertaining part of this story which Hammer will outline.

The Hollywoodgovernment is akin to the little outdated eye which will one day be taken off of the back of the American dollar (in reality it has already been taken off, scratched out you might say.)  The illuminated Cyclops eye which thought itself to float within its own ring of light apart from the rest of the pyramid has been put out forever.  The noxious fire is permanently doused.  How So?

First off the governmentHollywood is exactly symbolical of this eye which used to think of itself as above the law. Like the results of Socrates who found no one to be wise, I've discovered the same but with a few minor exceptions. I've discovered handfuls of enlightened people and the only thing illuminated about the outdated so called illuminated governmentHollywood ring around the eye is their ass. I have found these people to be stupid and noxious and have let them know it. My whole experience with them can be summed up in one word - nauseating. But I think they can be helped. We need some basic answers to the big questions which nobody ever seems to get to.

America is a shame. There is no frustum. This symbol on the back of the American dollar is a sign of our spiritual infancy. Why? Because the light comes from BEHIND the pyramid (which is the symbol of life - 'pyramid' meaning 'fire'). God how arrogant and stupid that spiritual maggot outdated little lost eye looks! It's a very poor joke. Its like saying that the earth is the center of the universe again. Dumb. Very very dumb. And here's the main point: The light shines from the force behind the ENTIRE pyramid. Its time for us to wake up.

Its time for us to increase our love yet another mote and face reality. Reality is that life lives off of life. Reality is that life is capitalistic and exactly symbolic of the pyramid - because - such is the way of feeling. Reality is competition which implies that some will win and some will lose - but we all choose to play. Reality is that life is not fair - and yet it is. And here we face the answers to the big questions.

Why isn't life fair? Answer:  Because man is self-motivated, as feeling dictates. If life was fair it would be lifeless. So we have some people who will do better than others. And what happens to those who suffer more from the often crushing effects of the pyramid? They are 100% taken care of. Everyone is. Everyone knows this.

But compete we must. Such is the way. In ages past there was always an annual complaint uttered by the poor against the rich. Such a complaint is made void by the grasping of our purpose - which is to feel. What is EVERYONE within the pyramid of life trying to do? They are trying to feel good. Every creature does this to the best of their ability. They do it by first always avoiding pain and second by seeking pleasure. With a simple idea the age old complaint is abolished. Everyone is just doing their damnedest to feel good. That's all there is to it. Rich and poor are all trying to feel good. Money is often pursued because it is a form of energy, and the more ENERGY around the creature the more FEELING. Very simple.

And I feel that it is very important to realize that all of our lives are the merest soap bubble and will always be quickly and entirely transcended. But that is no reason to be flaky during the dream here. There. The big questions have been briefly touched upon. It again is also important to see that truth and knowledge are not a result of competition - the top of the pyramid - they come from behind. On to the smaller items of the address, though very entertaining.

When the Hollywoodgovernment tried to blackball the manuscript I took the fight to a whole new level. Of course I did this just as much as you run your own heart. Things happened on a much deeper level. The castle was literally stormed (see Kafka's The Castle) by the blizzard of 96' on the 7th and 8th of January and the United States Government was shut down. Meanwhile Los Angeles was experiencing record heat on those two days.

Now it just so happens that scene 7 & 8 are the heart of A THEORY WHY. (The mostly non-fiction work is written in the form of a play.) The myth of Moses for example ladies and gentlemen, is based upon what really happens. Joseph Campbell's genius makes this clear and Hammer will go into more detail. Suffice it for now to say that Mother Nature and Her elements rose to my aid against a seemingly impossible fight. The governmentHollywood got the crap kicked out of them.

Aldous Huxley was worried about the future state of man when government's and science would become too powerful - yet he did not count upon the super and very natural. This is exactly what has happened dear America and the global community. You have been witnessing the battle for nearly five years. When you finish Hammer you'll know WHY the western half of America was shut down on 7-2-96 & 8-10-96. You'll know WHY the Los Angeles earthquake happened. You'll know WHY the miracle temperatures happened in my hometown of Monterey California on 10-7 & 10-8 of 1996. You'll know exactly WHY the weather from 1995 to the present has been the roughest in recorded meteorological history. The miracles have been wrought and the Word has been brought in and I'll be damned if any Hollywoodgovernment keeps what is yours from you by tricks and distortions. That's why I'm posting it personally.

But hype is distasteful to me, which is why we're letting this sit a decade or two. The fizzlehypemedia doesn't have the power to last that long. I could say "Mr. Pope over there in Rome! Catholics! Jews! Protestants! Baptists! Moslems! Buddhists! etc. etc. etc. - the Word has been brought in! See for yourself the validity of Hammer."  Such a display would be melodramatic. Besides there is no need to say "Mr. Pope over there in Rome! Catholics! Jews! Protestants! Baptists! Moslems! Buddhists! etc. etc. etc. - the Word has been brought in!  See for yourself the validity of Hammer." So I won't say it. I won't say "Mr. Pope in Rome! Catholics! Jews! Protestants! Baptists! Moslems! Buddhists! etc. etc. etc. - the Word has been brought in. See for yourself the validity of Hammer." What foolishness that would be.

It seems right that you should hear my voice now instead of staking any real validity in what movies have filtered to you, artists and puppet artists have voiced, magazines and newspapers have fuddled or any other type of propaganda. You're hearing my voice here. And about damned time too. The other things like the movies "Phenomenon," "Michael," "The Truman Show," "Joe Black," etc. are just initial reactions by those trying to avoid pain by making a buck on reality by turning it into fantasy. Really harmless.

But also quite diabolical. Which is why I maintain that the Hollywoodgovernment is the Devil - they tell some truth mixed in with lies. (Hammer will depict this in greater detail.) I also feel that with this address and website artists will be given firsthand information on what has transpired. Till now this has been impossible. Yuck. How irksome the Hollywoodgovernment propaganda has been. For example take only the briefest glance at "Joe's Apartment" (that's all I could stomach and I'm sure it will be the same with you) which came out in 1996 - the year in which the governmentHollywood and I really began to square off. There I was living in an apartment, fighting in my hometown of Monterey to get the message out. And there was the Hollywoodgovernment - all over me. Cockroaches can be used to eliminate privacy believe it or not. Cameras are placed on them and then the "bugs" are electronically stimulated to obtain the desired picture. Needless to say it was very difficult for me to finish the Wackenteach Children's Series fighting in such a war zone. Yet it stands complete.

The governmentHollywood did the worst thing that you can do to a person - they totally eliminated my privacy by the means of what I correctly term "low technology." And what's more they did it secretly. Nevertheless, I continued to hunker down and took the fight to them. I call our so called "high technology" low technology - because it always requires a physical apparatus. In order for the governmentHollywood to put me in a glass cage they needed cameras and bugs - physical devices. Yet in order for me to defeat them no such device was necessary. This is what I refer to as true "high technology."  It is what shut down the west twice for example.

The worried Hollywoodgovernment, very aware that I was using the force - high technology - attempted to do to me what was immediately done to a Jewish prisoner in World War Two - strip him and humiliate him. The same thing happened in World War Three ladies and gentlemen. Only I refused to be stripped and humiliated. Nay. I think not. If you look at the governmentHollywood propaganda song entitled "Sunny Came Home" you'll have a rather melancholy tiny fractional portrait of the manuscript. "Sunny" came home, as I went to Monterey to fight.   (A THEORY WHY refers to life as a movie and a match.)  And if you look close you'll see the lady desperately trying to escape by feeling her way along the wall.

That was me, dear America and the global community.  Due to high technology I knew that the governmentHollywood was all over me, yet what could I do?  They effectively put me in a glass cage and shook it - thereby attempting to test my mettle and endurance. For a period of six months I would sometimes wake up and find myself desperately trying to open a door or a window in a state of near panic. Quite right. Finally I said "that's enough of that" and refused to allow it to happen further.  Nobody likes to FEEL trapped.

Part 2