Yes it is. Very much so. All you need do is to spend a few lifedays reading Finnegan's Wake. But for those of you who just clicked right to this page - you are missing the point. This is a presentation which must be earned. You will not be able to understand the vast and clear contents of this site with a deft move of your mouse to a certain link. I'm sorry. In fact lazy and lax minded sensationalists, or strict and structured Biblical scholars for that matter, are not exactly welcomed - unless they have the possibility of thinking for themselves, free from Hollywood emotions or sect imposed restrictions.

We have knowledge and instruction here - not sensation and dogma. And we might possibly even have the ability to raise a question or two. Certainly we appeal to the individual and the future. You will get out of this phenomenal website exactly what you put in it. Hammer Strikes must be studied - slowly, carefully, and over a period of years. Perhaps decades. More likely centuries. Stated quite simply: we will not allow a sensational reaction by the lovely lazy masses - and by the same token - will not tolerate anger mayhem or uproar by the world's varied and beautiful religions. Our idea runs through the heart of the entire world mass, and, happily, modern science has been finally and permanently humbled in the exquisite realizationunification of reason and emotion of the bodyspiritual heartmind.

We offer hope with the necessary simple answer and idea of the time. All person's of earnest and depth are welcomed here. Women are especially welcomed. Earnest ones in particular.

(Originally a different letter appeared on this page but the other article "What Would The Opening Of The Seventh Seal Mean?" basically covers it - and so since so many people clicked right to this page on the first website we thought to put this letter here.)

What Would the Opening of the 7th Seal Mean?