What Would the Opening
of the Seventh Seal Mean?

Here, in the blink of an eye we find ourselves living in a technical global community. Cameras are everywhere now, unblinking and sleepless. There seems to be no rest from the pursuit of knowledge. In fact it is quite clear that that is exactly what we as the human "race" are doing - pursuing knowledge, or phrased another way, intelligence itself.

Indeed it appears that the destiny of mankind is to tenaciously pursue intelligence. It is only logical that we cannot go backwards as a race - at least for very long. Neither can we actually remain stagnant for an indefinite period of time either. No, we ultimately have no choice but to move forward - to evolve. Darwin appears to be mostly correct from this obvious perspective and these basic observations are credited to him. Then why is he still so bitterly refuted by many organized religions we might ask? Darwin himself never denied God, in fact he closed his Origin of Species by specifically pointing to The Creator as the source of all life.

Truly, humanity can often be very embarrassing. Flexibility is a sign of love, not breakable rigidity. Darwin didn't tell us anything that we didn't already know. For example, we can compare the life of an individual to that of a race and see how simple it all is: we're all born as perfect babes, then evolve into curious toddlers, then evolve to capricious kids, then evolve to troublesome teens - and then finally we're finished as hopeless adults. And then we must say that we all already knew that. Evolution is really just another word for change and growth! Tricky old Darwin didn't tell us anything new. Everyone knew what he knew long before he knew it himself. There's nothing new under the sun!

But!… Upon a closer examination we can discern that the creationists are right! Darwin is a liar! Any senior citizen can tell you that life doesn't evolve at all. "Don't kid around with me sonny" croaks out a wizened old voice midst the seniors morning roundtable breakfast convention at McDonald's. "Born as brats and that's what each and everyone of you still are and will always be. You're nothing but kids, all of you. Don't try and fool me." Not a single senior can disagree… Meanwhile back in technological Silicon Valley…

A question comes up. Okay, we're evolving, we'll give you that Darwin, even though the wise seniors know that we're not evolving at all. But towards what? Well? "We're evolving towards intelligence like you pointed out in the beginning of the article" pipes up a confident pencilneck voice through smart glasses fondling his sleek tie with one hand while petting his purring computer with the other. "That's essentially what you said at the beginning of your article. It's all been recorded right here on my computer." Fine! Pursuing equals evolving. But why can't you look away from you computer while you're speaking? Let me out of this cloistered cubicle maze!

Help! I can't seem to find my way out of this trap! Nobody looks up from their computers! The building is endless! There's nothing but cameras, computers, and cloistered cubicles in one giant cloistered cube! All recording! Me, I'm trying to pursue the exit! I want to evolve towards the EXIT! There it is! (And at that moment the owner of the building enters through the exit door…)

Ah, finally someone with some sense!

"What are you looking for young man?"

The exit! No, actually I was looking for the real answer.


What we're really doing all of this evolving and pursuing for.

"Ah, the real question. The question of questions in fact."

Any theories? What does it all mean?

"Well, let's look at it. If we're pursuing intelligence - what does that really mean?"

It means that we're pursuing the source of intelligence.

"Any particular name for that source?"


"There's your answer."

Yet some people 'think' that intelligence doesn't necessarily have to be linked with God.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. There's just cold reason, no heart. Well let me tell you a secret. Reason and emotion are one and the same thing - and God is the source of them both."

Reason and emotion are one and the same thing. Now what did he mean by that? Oh well, I don't feel such an urge to leave our building now. May as well get some free food in the cafeteria while I'm here. And I could use a handful of pens…

Hmm… It seems that an answer was given. We're pursing God. Of course we are! There's something else that we already knew. Nothing new here again. But then a few more questions come up though. First, why does God wish us to be here, evolving forwards back towards Him? And second, how can reason and emotion be the same thing? And then, can these questions help us to answer each other?

Tackling the second question first we might jump over to modern physics for an answer. Recently recovered unrecovered discoveries show that 'two' 'different' things are indeed 'one' and the 'same' thing. For example, when measuring a particle a certain way it's just that - a particle. When measuring it from a different way however - it is a wave. Hence we have one thing that is two things and two things which are one thing. Why, modern physics is embracing Eastern Mysticism!

Okay fine. It appears that two things can indeed be one thing. But even two seemingly opposite things like reason and emotion? It appears so. Hans Christian Andersen, the most popular author in literary history, told us this throughout his fairy tales. Can it be any wonder that he touched so many children? I don't think so.

Before going further it would be a good idea to play with the words 'reason' and 'emotion' some, to obtain greater clarity. I we were to phrase a question as "what is the reason for existence" - that would be akin to asking "why we exist." Asking why we exist is akin to asking the question of questions, namely what is the secret to the mystery of life? All of this boils down to the Biblical symbolism of the 7th Seal.

If we then look at the word emotion we can make similar plays. Emotion is something that a living creature experiences. And then, the only way in which we can experience anything at all is to feel it. In other words, just as reason and why and the mystery of life are three ways of saying the same thing - so are emotion and experience and feeling.

Good. Now what? The next step is to follow out our idea - which is? Reason and emotion are the same thing. In mathematical language we could say that "reason equals emotion". In math "equals" is equivalent to saying "is". Now we have "reason is emotion".

Wow. That is a fantastic phrase which, though appearing as a paradox - is not - as modern physics could back us, but the owner of the building doesn't need any backing. What we've come to is that the reason - is emotion. Again justly playing with our words we can now say that why we're here is to experience feelings. Put simpler, we're here to feel!

And the source of our being here? God. And His will for us? To feel. God's reason, another way of saying His Will - is for us to feel. And with such a realization the Biblical 7th Seal is answered. Life is the "will to feel."

Another phrase presents itself. They say that a fish is so immersed in water that water will be the last thing that a fish will ever see. It seems that we're so busy doing what we're doing that we don't see that's why we're doing it. And so - what = why.

And what are we doing? We are feeling. And why? Because we want to, we will to, and it also just so happens to be God's Will…for us to feel. And then another phrase jumps out. Which is? Life = feeling. Oh, there we go again. Something else that everyone already knew. Nothing new again. Everybody already knows that we're here feeling. Ask anyone! No one will disagree. Try for yourself! Back to Mr. Andersen…

Using the Biblical 7th Seal as the symbol for the mystery of life revealed it immediately becomes clear that well over a hundred years ago Hans Christian Andersen, the silent Christ - opened it. A simple review of The Snow Queen: A Story In Seven Parts will bear out this statement. From there one might then read The Snowman or any number of his stories. Hans Christian Andersen knew why.

Little wonder then that James Joyce, another writer who knew why, refers to Andersen as "Enderson" in his great work Finnegan's Wake. Where else would the answer to the 7th Seal - the mystery of life - come from, if not from writers? History shows that it is always the "rebel", someone from the outside, the secular individual who shakes up the long established institutions who need shaking up to keep from becoming dead petrified empty mausoleums.

Joyce states that the answer to the mystery of life is a process of finding and losing - that the answer appears in a certain manuscript as the need of different ages dictate. *Without question, our age needs to know why. Now. It's in the very air. We need the answer. And we're expecting it.

Why? It's time. Joseph Campbell, in his great book "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" illustrates how life provides for itself. When an answer is needed for the continued growth and restoration of society - the answer will appear. The "Thousand Faces" stands for whatever area the answer or discovery may come from - for example science, religion, philosophy, or any of the numerous branches within. The idea of the hero corresponds to the Biblical idea of the messenger. The Biblical idea of the message and the messenger corresponds to the 'myths' found all over the entire world - and the world is indeed in debt to the genius of Joseph Campbell for shedding so much light on the Universal Monomyth - a phrase coined by Joyce.

Why is it time for us to know why? Well, it's very apparent that we're looking closely at ourselves now. Yes? And in doing so we're looking at our motive - yet another word for why. Technology, our pursuit of intelligence, has given us no choice. We find ourselves more and more under camera. The global village becomes smaller every day and privacy is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Without the answer we could literally choke ourselves with cleverness. In fact, that's what's happening right now. What would the answer to the mystery of life give us?

New life. And freedom. Instead of technology leading us and in so doing making us its slaves and drones, a new philosophy could emerge, a new answer which would cut the chains forged by our own cleverness. But at first there is always a tremendous battle - because the new idea must necessarily be a threat to the status quo. Here is the theme of "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" in brief - which by the way the movie series Star Wars is based on. Luke takes on the Evil Empire. Moses takes on Pharaoh. These 'myths' are based on reality.

Has this battle already been happening right under our very noses? The earth sure proclaims so. The weather, from 1995 to the present day has been the roughest in recorded meteorological history. It's very interesting to see that what is EXPECTED does indeed come to pass. When large masses of people EXPECT something there is much force behind their expectation - the ball gets rolling - and the expectation itself is based on common sense - common sense being the result of many minds over time - genius - all of which stems from the source of force, the collective unconscious.

Hence it is no wonder that the answer will come. But perhaps not in a way that anyone could have expected or that might have been foreseen… It appears evident that the revealing of the mystery of life - the opening of the 7th Seal - will end up telling us something that we all really already know now. It seems clear that we are destined to get what we expect. It is our hope that the answer will bring new life and new freedom.

Yet the answer is felt to be the portent of the end? Precisely. Because - for something to BEGIN something else must END. Endings always mean new beginnings. Armageddon is only another word for evolution as well. It stands for the death of old ideas and therefore implies the birth of new ones. Humanity will continue to live amidst this sea of change and growth. First the earth was flat and then Armageddon happened… That flat world perception died and a round one was born. First the sun revolved around the earth and then Armageddon happened... The earth revolved around the sun. Another death, another birth. First people weren't exactly aware of why and then Armageddon happened again. They were, again…

What would the opening of the 7th Seal mean? It would mean that humanity would suddenly have a clear understanding of God's will. Which is? For us to feel. And the issue of the so-called end? The opening of the 7th Seal to public consciousness will only be a beginning.

The Theory