Why E = F Had To Be Written

After completing The PPP Step One and publishing it in 2014, a radio tour was set up and engaged upon in 2015. Not much was said. It was decided that this was still the wiser course of action even later in the unfolding of this event, saying little. How many would be able to grasp Joseph Campbell’s great book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces? Probably not many people. Most in America were dumbed down, ‘watching’ “Star Wars” for example, instead of ‘reading’ the source of “Star Wars” which Lucas used The Hero With A Thousand Faces as a basis for. The radio tour concluded quietly.

But on January 13th of 2016, Caravan to Midnight invited me on their show. John B. Wells and I began to talk on recorded skype. This was the show that I really wanted to go on. John struck me as a man looking in the right direction. I knew that the mainstream media was fully controlled, just like the alternative media was under the same control by the same people. But here was the door opening to step forward in the Lone Star State of Texas, a state which is intensely familiar with my actions emanating from California in our twenty-five-year history of working together in bringing the unfolding mystery of life revealed to the world. Texas and I had done battle with each other in the early days. When you fight somebody, you see who they really are. Texas had been sent the original manuscript from California in 1994, and in Spring of 1995 the meeting with the FBI and I happened at UCLA, and Texas wanted to march right in here to California and be a part of that. They did so, and I stood toe to toe with them, as I did with the entire United States Hollywoodgovernment. As John and I were talking, I decided, for the first time, to tell on air what had been going on between myself and what I had coined the “Hollywoodgovernment” or “governmentHollywood”. It started with a war that broke out between myself and them when they tried to shut me down from getting my manuscript out after the meeting with the FBI in 1995. So, in 1996, I began to shut them down in return—which is possible to fathom if you believe in miracles or myths of Moses—or better yet, and really the only way—if you are smart enough to understand Campbell’s book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces which is a blueprint for how life grows and pulls itself from stagnation, at times with supernatural aid. The pathetic and finally about to be replaced United States GovernmentHollywood just couldn’t come out and tell you the truth about that, so you got it in their typical twisted, sordid, and underhanded way—in movie factions where they reaped enormous profits in the billions while trying to hassle, control, and cage me on the sidelines. No thank you. (Thank God that new and clean systems of government are finally coming in to not only replace the filthy governmentHollywood in America—but all of the ignorant dirt infested governments in the entire world as well—for with the revelation of why life exists and hence what The Highest Law In The Land is—new systems of enlightened governments are what naturally follow to clean out the Augean Stables of government off of the World Stage.) As the religious phenomenon unfolded the first two faction movies that came out to the world unbeknownst to what was really going on, were Michael in late 1996 and Phenomenon in early 1997. The Matrix (Trilogy) coming soon after and countless other movie factions coming out to this day are also the result of bringing the mystery of life to the public consciousness. I am the person whom “red pilling” is based on. The red pill is of course, humanity waking up as to why it exists, why life itself exists. This has been revealed and you will soon have the answer in your hands from the expansion of consciousness provided by the “red pill”—a metaphor for finally understanding the mystery of life revealed.

The blue pill was deemed just too dumb for the continuation of humanity. Why? Because why—why life exists—the mystery of life—was due on God’s timeline to be revealed. Red light green light. In order for humanity to shake off the blues, the complacency, the ignorant evil it was historically enmeshed in—it had to stop for a moment, decide to wake up a little, and take the red pill. And then comes the green light—the time for humanity to continue its mighty march forward in the consciousness of freedom, knowing now why life exists. And knowing more. For when you see why life exists, you see the great World Law that comes part and parcel with this sacred mystery of life revealed. And that is: The Protection of Children. This is now World Law. It will not be trifled with and is indeed: The Highest Law In The Land. In every land. This World Law will now be manifest all over the Earth. The time is at hand where not one child will be molested, not one child will be trafficked, not one child will be exposed to the horrors of war. NOT ONE. You bet your life. This is where it was always going. Everybody always knew it.

Usually, as the great Karl Jung and Joseph Campbell have pointed out, a Law comes with the archetype that has been dredged up from the unconscious, the source of all life and myth, which are one and the same thing, myth and life. A Theory Why, penned in 1994, reveals the mystery of life. It is the archetype, the answer why, which was always within us. We just had to bring it up to the surface—in other words we had to integrate it into our current collective conscious. This is the effect of red pilling. Red pilling is an awakening from an expansion of consciousness which comes in from the unconscious. Interestingly, we think we are awake here while living, but we were really just kind of dreaming. And so, the unconscious, the place where we go to when we dream, is what actually helps us to wake up a little here in life! That unconscious wasn’t so asleep in us after all… We just had to take the journey there in life, the place we go to in death and dream… And so, after some time passing it became clear that there was now a World Law to follow with the knowledge of the mystery of life revealed and that I would have to write the next step of A Theory Why to bring forward the Great Law that came with the dredged-up archetype of why from the unconscious which all humanity shares. This World Law was illustrated in The PPP Step One which was published in 2014, twenty years later.

And then there I was talking with John, in January of 2016. The average person is fine with putting on their immature baby bib and reading about say, the myth of Moses in the Bible or bib all, a mental cloth to protect them from feeling such a direct experience or supernatural experience in life. Yes. This is historically how it has worked. But what if something like the myth of Moses was happening in the modern world, today for example? The average technological person of today would still be frightened and the out of control controlling governments always historically out for themselves first and foremost, would try to hide it, block it, and control it while trying to profit from it. This is what has been happening. No matter. The Thunderclap sounds at the nadir of man’s fall as Joyce proclaims, and mankind returns to a New Golden Age after being reawakened to the claims of the supernatural. Is this really underway? Yes, indeed. Only this time, the hero, is you. For it has been shown that we all share the same unconscious. This is the direct link to the supernatural, to God—who we know was always within all things. God is waking us up now and telling us to obey the World Law: The Protection of Children. Can you imagine not a single child ever again being sexually molested, ever again being trafficked, ever again being exposed to the horrors of war? The image of the nations, your inspired imagination in action, is bringing all of this about. For this is where it was always going. This was always the future of the Earth! And it is happening right here and right now. You bet your life. You bet your life.

John listened carefully to the story of bringing in the answer of the mystery of existence to the world, giving me room to talk. But even as we talked, I knew that he was not going to be able to air the show and that he knew this too. I had come on as a beta test. I knew that and decided to continue to move forward with the show. And so, for the first time, the deeper story was told on a show. The miracles behind the Hollywood faction movies emanating from California and the United States and the world were touched upon, such as what really happened when America was shut down on the East and West Coasts, not the lies that were printed in papers. These things have all touched you already, but you have not yet been aware of what was really going on. It is good to wake up not too quickly, and to prepare yourself as best as possible to integrate the experience which is opening up. Humanity will be able to do so. I know.

As John listened, he asked me what I meant by the “Hollywoodgovernment” or “governmentHollywood”, a phrase that I had coined in my battles against them. And this is what led to the final book out of retirement, E = F. I explained to him that there are elite Gentiles in our government, and elite Jews—and when I said the word “Jews”—John followed me closely and nodded his head emphatically in complete agreement. Of course, I had never paid much attention to this. To me, who has seen through the mystery of life and hence the misery in life, I wasn’t interested in misers—let alone an entire black magic cult of miserable misers wearing black hats who were quite clueless as to the mystery of life as, accordingly, they so arrogantly (stupidly) thought they were above laws and governments the world over. People are people trying to live, trying to feel. I had seen behind it all. Yes, they were extremely arrogant, these people whom I had done battle with for years. Truly, when you fight somebody you get to know just who they are. I was always astounded by the great arrogance of this cult which I could feel from a mile away. I never liked this cult, but I knew that their great arrogance was always just their great ignorance and so in a way, I had pity for the poor dumb bastards who thought that they were just so much better than humanity. And so, as most slept, I took the fight to them through the long years. Well, the show with Caravan to Midnight concluded, and John wanted me back on and SOON. You cannot fake such a reaction. The first show was to air that night. But of course, it never did. In particular—the Jew cult who had profited immensely by the stealing and thievery of my story and manuscript were starting to come under the proper scrutiny—for this is what the Hollywoodgovernment actually was—a usurped corrupt government run by a cult of black magic Jews with some sold out Gentiles mixed in. This is what was sent to me:

Joe Messineo
Jan 13 at 4:20 PM
Joe I wanted to let you know we are having some issues rendering you interview may not air this evening, not sure what is going on at this point will get back to you sorry seems to be a recording issue we have never run across.

Best Regards
Ken Keeling
Associate Producer
Caravan To Midnight

Sure, right. The show was blocked, the way it had gone all along with bringing forward the answer to the mystery of life to the world for over two decades. The governmentHollywood would try to block, and then get blasted. I remember a slight cringe on John’s face when I told him that I would knock the Hollywoodgovernment flat on its back. And that is really what has to be done, isn’t it? The governmentHollywood needs to be knocked down and out and removed from the World Stage. We need an entire new system, a World Law, to govern mental. For before, we had the clueless and hence the lawless: all we had was a very sick and DUMB black magic cult of parasitical vampires trying to govern your minds as they drained your energy and your lives. That ignorant evil will no longer be allowed. Well, a handful of days after the blocking of the show, the East Coast was shut down for the second time in twenty years, in exactly the same way as it was twenty years before. The message here is that the governmentHollywood cannot shut this down, for the Hollywoodgovernment is about to be shut down and cast away. (Cast Away by the way—that was yet another movie faction made by the black hats of the world with their sick cult member, Hanks.) So that made things even, it was now twice that the East Coast was shut down and twice that the West Coast was shut down. Sometimes it takes persistence to deliver a message. As this happened, I got to thinking about the interview with John. Then it was time to study.

About nine months later, I got all the way to the bottom of things. You know when you’re there. There is a rock that has hit the bottom of the empty well and echoes are heard all around. Ah, my job was not yet complete. There was one final thing to do. I would have to come out of literary retirement and finish the job. Re-revealing the mystery of life was the first step—for Hans Christian Andersen had already done that for us—as validated and done again by James Joyce. A Theory Why was simply putting into black and white this knowledge. The next step was showing how the mystery of life pointed to the World Law: The Protection of Children. This was accomplished with The PPP Step One. And now the third step was to implement this World Law by reforming the world religions—and in particular—by burning down the Satanic Jewish religion in order to rebuild it to rejoin the ranks of humanity finally under a World Law. For the very bottom of the world situation had been reached and it was easy to see—the Jewish religion in particular had crossed the line and could not be allowed to continue in ignorant evil. For as Socrates pointed out two thousand years ago, evil is only ignorance. Those Jews who were trying to push upon the world that they were the smartest and best, were only the most ignorant. They needed help, the Jewish people in particular caught up in this cult of evil ignorance following a mad tyrant banking bloodsucker house. Now it all made sense.

That great arrogance that I had felt all along. That’s who it was. When you understand the Jewish Talmud and Kabbalah, you see very quickly the JP: The Jewish Psychosis. It was a group psychosis. Some people think that the problem is a very complex one, hard to explain, hard to solve. But the very opposite of this is true. The problem is easy to see and easy to solve. But I only know for some reason, why life exists and what The Highest Law In The Land is. Fortunately, this appears to sufficient to solve the problem for all time. And this is exactly what will be done. The ignorance will be solved for all time. For the world is about to understand why it exists.

The only thing I cannot understand is why this sickness was allowed to fester upon the World Stage for so long. That is the only thing that is baffling to me. It is clear and beyond question that the Satanic Jews under Rothschild 911’d innocent Americans, just as they brought American into World War One and Two—all for their insane desire to establish a base in a land in Israel in which to one day rule the world. Crazy. Just understanding these two events of 911 and the World Wars and who was clearly behind them—will have a decent man thinking hard for months on end. History will marvel upon this one day as a sordid chapter that was learned and left behind. In all of the madness of ignorant evil, there was something to learn. It was always just a tool for the moving forward of the human spirit bursting the bonds of slavery in the mighty march of the consciousness of freedom. Freedom comes from protecting all kids. This is now the World Law. You follow that course and you just can’t go wrong. The future of humanity is bright for thousands and thousands of years to come. The Word has been revealed which reveals the mystery of existence.

One radio show host who interviewed me live in 2015 asked what the implications of this were, of understanding the word which reveals the mystery of life. My response was to give it five or ten thousand years to sink in. That’s probably a fair response…