Subject: How the story of Arson on Christmas Eve, 2007 committed at Historical landmark #567, The Little Country Church of Hollywood, located at 1750 Argyle Ave—relates to you personally, today, with ever increasing intensity, tomorrow.

To: Chief of Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles Chief of Police, Historical Landmarks and Records Commission County of Los Angeles, John B Wells of Carvan to Midnight, Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog, Blackstone Intelligence, Know More News, SGT Report, Professor Richard Tarnas, Professor Stan Grof, Hollywood United Methodist Church, Calvary Chapel Hollywood, First Southern Baptist Church of Hollywood, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, Ecclesia Hollywood, Advanced Anointing Church, Mosaic, St. Thomas The Apostle Episcopal Church, Zoe Los Angeles, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, other undisclosed recipients.

From: Joe Messineo, Author. Website: www.21stcenturyworldmessage.com

The Little Country Church of Hollywood

Dear respected people,

By chance, after nearly twenty-five years, I happened to be passing through Hollywood and stopped by 1750 Argyle Ave, the location of the Little Country Church of Hollywood. It is all fenced up now with a canvas cover so that it is difficult to see into the property. The parking lot which was in front of it is now all built up with high rise condos which went in a few years ago. It became clear after doing a little homework that it was time to reach out to you. I am the person who, with the gardener’s permission, Ramon, lived at the Little Country Church of Hollywood for two years when the two lovely elderly sisters were still running it. This was from late 1993 to the Spring of 1995. During this time a book was composed which reveals the mystery of life. This book is entitled A Theory Why. It was copyrighted in late 1994.

Word soon got out about this manuscript and I began to meet scientists from all over the world in the Spring of 1995 at UCLA where I was writing. The first people that interviewed me were the FBI. They wanted to know both who had the manuscript and what else I had written. When I left the church in 1995 a large meeting of Hollywood elites occurred at the church. Ramon, informed me of this. Things started to explode immediately. I will get back to this.

In 1997 the ladies sold the Little Country Church of Hollywood. It was time. They were up in years and attendance was down. The buyer of the property was Hollywood Properties, LLC. The property was purchased for a million dollars. And then we come to a very peculiar chain of events. The buyer got the two ladies to carry back a loan of 900,000 on the property. Then in 2002 Hollywood Properties LLC sells the property to Kalnel Gardens LLC. The price, for some reason, is not disclosed. Now there is a normal loan on the property from First Commerce Bank for 852,500.

And then we begin to come to Allan Anthony Konce, and his wife, Gabia Konce. In 2004 Kalnel Gardens LLC sells the property to Allan Anthony Konce. This time, the price is unconfirmed with an unknown loan type. 2,600,000 appears to be the price, but it is again, unconfirmed. Then of course, on Christmas Eve of 2007, the Little Country Church of Hollywood is burned down by Arson.

In 2012 LT Properties, which is clearly Allan Anthony Konce, sells the property to Future Hollywood LLC by the tools of a Non-Arms Length transfer and a Quitclaim Deed. Then in 2013, LT Properties sells the property to Allan Anythony Konce. At the same time, there is again a Non-Arms Length Transfer and the document used is an Intra-Family Transfer or Dissolution whereby the buyer is now his wife, Gabia Konce. Then, it appears that at the same time from county records, LT Properties LLC emerges again, and sells the property to AWSB LLC. This is the final recording on 11-21-2013. People are using names and LLC’s to conduct a shell game. On January 9th of 2018, AWSB LLC filed a Statement of Information in which it appears that The Hollywood Land Development Company is the manager or member.

The fact that the Little Country Church was set on fire by malicious evil doers on Christmas Eve is disconcerting. What you have by such a statement, is basically an attack on Christianity. What happens when an historical landmark is purposefully removed by such malicious evil means? Is it then lawful to use the land for any means which the buyer is able to pass by the city and county? Who decides what is to become of an historical landmark destroyed by the crime of arson? More specifically, who decides what is to become of an historical landmark which was the location of the Little Country Church of Hollywood?

If Allan Anthony Konce was an upstanding citizen, a good doctor, I would not be bringing you this train of events, and something much much deeper on the main topic which will conclude this letter. The man is indeed a medical doctor, with a practice in San Francisco. He is now 78 years old. However, his reviews on Yelp are extremely disconcerting. This is all of the public record. So too is a lawsuit in which he had to pay money at the end of the day. I’ve included the two one-star Yelp reviews as well as a photo of him and his wife with a younger lady in the middle. Whether this man is a good man or not remains to be seen. I’m hoping that he is. But from what I see, there are issues here.

But the real story here, is that you have two histories now at the location of the Little Country Church of Hollywood and I think the time has come for you to be aware of it. You have the great history of the church which was built in 1934 and which started previously as a radio program hosted by Dr. Hogg and then by his wife. Mrs. Hogg kept the church going after her husband’s passing and ran one of the most popular religious radio shows into the 1960’s! That is quite a feat.

And now, you are being made aware of a second history that this church has, from late 1993 to the present day with ever increasing intensity. This is the spot where I lived when the mystery of life was written down in black and white in the book entitled, A Theory Why. Then the Hollywood movies started coming, one after another starting in 1996, to the present day: Michael, Phenomenon, Meet Joe Black, The Matrix Trilogy, The Truman Show, Castaway, etc. etc. etc. In fact, the survivor shows that you are seeing on television today, are all spin-offs on the movie Castaway, and all of this originated on the spot at 1750 Argyle Ave, the Little Country Church of Hollywood. For it could emerge from no other spot.

And what is emerging? It is very simple. The end of ignorant evil—Satanism—ending everywhere in the world—is emerging from that very spot. I define Satanism and Zionism as one and the same thing: as evil ignorance. Up until now, the world has been quite frankly, asleep. But now, the world will know why life exists. That is step one. Step two is seeing the great World Law that comes with understanding the mystery of existence. And that is? The Protection of Children.

Most of you do not know it, but some of you do. Soon all of you will understand that up until this moment in time, the world was basically run by a Satanic Cult. The Black Magic Black Hat Bullies of the World are the same people that killed your President Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. They killed Malcom X just as they killed Martin Luthor. They brought America into both World War One and Two. Now they are trying for three. They own your Federal Reserve. They own you basically. They run the American Government. They absolutely did 911 to you for their own evil ends. And up until now, there has been nothing that could be done by any local departments to ward off this infestation of evil Satanic ignorance. Just who are they? Who are these people that run and own Hollywood? Run and own Washington? Who are these people who have corrupted the youth of America and run the country into the ground, financially and morally? Well, in the words of the late George Carlin, “it’s a big club, and you’re not in it”. You’re not even in the know about who the club is, that just happens to be clubbing you to death. Literally. But not any longer. Not any longer. For they will be removed from the World Stage now. Just who are they?

They are the Zionist Jews under Rothschild who are insanely bent on ruling the world and wiping you out or enslaving you further, you the “Goyim” cattle or non-Jew. That is exactly who they are and what they are up to. And to be sure, there are numerous Gentile acolyte members of this Satanic brotherhood, this unholy alliance of elite Satanic Gentiles and Satanic Zionist Jews which I have coined the “Hollywoodgovernment” or “governmentHollywood” in my writings. This Satanic alliance owns and controls your media, and through this mechanism, they own and control most of your thinking. The time has come to remove them from the World Stage and you will see it happen in your lifetime. For those of you with your own minds, who cannot be programmed by “Anti-Semitic” and “Conspiracy Theory”, control phrases of the bullies—just go to the speech of the former Zionist Jew Mr. Benjamin Freedman, and listen to his famous 1961 Speech which begins with, “Here in America, The Zionist Jews have complete control of our government”. Mr. Freedman relates who the Zionist Jews are and what they did to bring Americans into both World War One and Two. Mr. Freedman was a Jewish man who left Zionism to stand up for America. For anything less, would be truly, “Anti-American”. That is the phrase now. And as for 911, Christopher Bollyn has solved it. There is no question about it. Read his books and watch his U Tubes. The Zionist Jews under Rothschild 1000% did 911 to you. They murdered innocent Americans right in your faces. The murdering and moral depravity of the Satanists has reached the breaking point. America’s greatest enemy is Israel under Rothschild. The reckoning is coming. The time is at hand where Christians will no longer be duped and destroyed by Satanic Zionist evil because all of this will be cleared from the stage by a realization as to why life exists and the accompanying World Law that comes part and parcel with this knowledge.

And all of this is happening by what happened at the Little Country Church of Hollywood. For at that spot, is where the mystery of life was realized. Satanism/Zionism are done for. They are one and the same thing. They prey off of the innocent—and the kids of the world are now coming under dead dead dead serious protection. Not one Satanist will exist when this worldwide fire, just now starting to ignite, runs its course. For this is where it was always going.

Where was it always going? Not one kid will ever be molested. Not one kid will ever be trafficked. Not one kid will ever be exposed to the horrors of war. Anywhere in the world. Not ONE KID. This is always where it was going. And it all originated right from that spot in the middle of Hollywood, right there at the Little Country Church of Hollywood. For those of you with intellect and courage, this runs as deep as you want to study it. I’ve brought you the message. For nearly twenty-five years now I’ve gone toe to toe with these people and the job will be completed with excellence. The story has already touched you, but you have not been aware of it. The website, www.21stcenturyworldmessage.com has on its cover to the left, the second major book which was published in 2014 entitled The PPP Step One. In this book is written the history of what happened at the Little Country Church of Hollywood twenty years previously. All books have received the very highest reviews possible including a children’s series which was also conceived there.

A final book is coming out now from literary retirement which will solve the problem once and for all with revisions coming to both the Christian and Muslim religions, and the burning down and complete rebuilding of the Satanic Jewish religion in particular. Not one Satanic Zionist or Satanic Gentile will be left standing when this is over. This is your historical landmark as it sits today. The burned down Little Country Church of Hollywood is indeed, more alive than ever and about to burn down the entire worldwide Satanic cult of evil ignorance off of the World Stage for all time. Those who tried to burn the Little Country Church of Hollywood in the Zionist/Satanist war against Christianity did so because that is what is happening to them from that very spot—from that very spot—the realization of the mystery of life and the accompanying World Law has come to remove this great evil from the World Stage.

Permanently. Surely.


Joe Messineo

Two One Star Reviews on Yelp Allan A Konce, MD

I came here for a repetitive strain injury in the wrists and elbows. He and his assistant (his wife) seemed checked out most of the time and not all there. At one point, I complained about pain in my knee---a completely unrelated joint--and he insisted on examining it. After the uncalled for knee examination (which later turned out to be an SI joint issue radiating down to the knee), he declared me "permanently disabled" in the wrists and elbows. WTF?! He told me I needed to find another profession and that everything would be ok....BUT my wrists and elbows were improving!!! Talk about poor listening. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Luckily, my insurance promptly arranged for me to see another doctor and I was back to work shortly after my debacle here.

First to Review

Don't trust this guy. I made the mistake to trust this dr. And he left me in a wheelchair for a year. He was always late for my appts. Many times didn't show up at all. To rectify a missed appointment he had his asst. Ask me out for dinner. When I finally clued up and transferred dr's he refused to help me. Would not renew any of my prescriptions, nursing aid etc. If i didn't see my primary care physician i would have had a seizure from one of the medications he had me on and simply refused to refill without any plan of weaning me off of them. He was obviously concerned about not collecting my insurance money rather than my recovery. I suspect he's taking his own drugs. I saw once a week for months, and he would act surprised when I relayed the medications I was taking.....when you prescribed them to doc! Please learn from me and do not waste your time.