Gun Control? The Final Definitive Essay

Dear President Trump, The NRA, And All Jewish Owned Media Outlets:  

Nothing on Earth is more important than the kids. Nothing. And by heaven, at this very moment in time, every single kid is coming under dead serious protection. Not one child will ever again be molested or trafficked when this worldwide fire, just now starting to ignite, is over. But right now, during the sparking of the forthcoming tremendous conflagration which signals the awakening of humanity and the purging of ignorant evil—we still have this ignorant evil squirming—and while even upon in its death throes—actively struggling with its last gasp to perpetrate more vile and unthinkable acts of evil upon on the World Stage. The ignorant evil must be clearly realized, stared down, and forever eradicated from America, and the world. The purging conflagration coming will do exactly this. For such ignorant evil will not be tolerated upon the World Stage ever again. It will be forever wiped out—indeed—right up until the very moment when our Earth Herself no longer exists endless years in the future. This is how it is going to be now. For the first time in history, there is now a clear World Law upon our Earth. It has come to crush and completely burn out the vile ignorant evil which nearly usurped the planet. Every nation will follow this World Law. Every religion will follow this World Law. Governments as we knew them historically, will pass. For now, everything will take shape under the World Law, including new forms of government. The World Law is The Highest Law In The Land. In every land. This World Law is: The Protection of Children.  

The issue, is indeed of CONTROL. But the issue is not an issue of gun control. Gun control is only a symptom of the overall sickness of ignorant evil which has infected America, Europe, and the planet. Talking of “gun control” is a fool’s game. The only real issue on the table is that of a sick Satanic group of people who are endeavoring to control the entire world. The issue, is none other than WORLD CONTROL. This is the real and only issue on the table. We have a small club whose time has come to an end. I refer to the Black Magic Black Hat Bullies of the World: I refer to an occult cult of Satanic Jews with the Bauer Bunch at the helm. Most people know this name as Rothschild, the name that the AshkeNAZI Jew ‘Bauer’ stole in Germany—just like they stole everything else. The Bauer Bunch—Bauer meaning ‘farmer’ or ‘peasant’—is the head of the gangster Satanists of the World. They are aggressive inbred Mongoloid Turks who have as much origin in the Middle East as you do, President Trump. They are very dumb, very aggressive Eastern Europeans basically who converted to the Satanic Judaic in the 7th and 8th centuries below the Holy Roman Empire in what was called Khazaria. They are only Kharzarian gang members—most all of the Jews that you have infested all around you in government and throughout the key gate post positions in America are from Eastern Europe. For they have taken over America with the money that they stole from Europe as a head start to do the same dumb thing here. They have taken over because they have a sick written plan to rule the world, these Satanic Judaic followers and acolytes under the Bauer Bunch. This is no joking matter. The good and decent Jewish people are in a life and death struggle with this evil, just as the scourged and murdered and genocided Palestinians are—just as America is—just as Europe is—just as the entire Middle East is. Issuing from the Satanic Bauer Bunch at the top, those who are non-Jewish are under planned Zionist Satanic Jew enacted methods of genocide and enslavement. Your race is in their crosshairs, President Trump. For the Satanic Jew cult under Bauer plans to genocide and wipe out the white race—just as they have gotten away with doing to innocent Palestinians, where they have murdered even children. Lo. NAY. The time of their end is at hand. The Earth Herself will no longer allow this great evil to exist. Not a single Satanic ignorant evil cult member will be able to escape this fire. There is no place for them to hide anywhere on Earth. Their past and current dumb thinking has been that if they cannot murder you out of existence, they will breed you out of existence—you of the white race. For they are crazily intent on seeing the extermination of the white race in particular—whom they fear will stop their insane plans of world domination. Hence the great continual onslaught in the Jewish owned media against white people—which just shows the great ignorant evil of this cult, as most of them are just Eastern European converts, white themselves, and dumb as dirt to follow such ignorant evil as Bauer reigns over them. Hence their open border policy and the flooding of immigrants to European countries. Christianity and the white race non-Jews will not survive this Satanic onslaught by the dumb ashkeNAZI (Eastern European Jew) unless these Satanic Judaic villains now posing under Zionism are at once completely and permanently removed from the World Stage. This is no joking matter. ‘Zionism’ is nothing but ‘Satanism’. It will now be purged by fire from the Earth.

Up until now, America and Europe have been calculatingly destroyed by these Satanic Judaic insane criminal gangsters who have ganged up under the monkey pack name of ‘Zionism’—always aimed at the jugular of America and Europe. For these hate-filled dumb Satanic Judaic are indeed out to destroy anybody in their way in their diabolical and insane quest to rule the world. No wonder that even as American Independence was initiated in 1776, in that very same year, vile sick ignorant Bauer was forming the Illuminati in Germany. The Jewish religion has always been Satanic, that is why he fell back on this. He fell back on what he knew. When Jesus said “Synagogues of Satan”—he was saying much more than the average man could yet comprehend. But that day of comprehension has arrived. In the last two and three hundred years in particular these sick souls of the Satanic Judaic have wreaked great havoc, pain and destruction upon the world for their own evil ends.

The Satanic cult of Jews under Bauer led America both into World War One and Two. This is clearly relayed to us by the great Benjamin Freedman in his 1961 speech which is becoming common knowledge now with the tool of the Internet—a tool which the Satanic Zionists in America and abroad are aggressively trying to control, as is the way of desperate parasites about to perish. Up until now, the aggressive Satanic Judaic have rewritten history as a tremendous nasty lie. But this will no longer be tolerated. Benjamin Freedman was a former Zionist Jew who stepped down from Zionist sickness, rising tall in the defense of America. It is because of such beautiful men that place humanity above the clearly Satanic, that America and the world will prevail against this great evil. Many of these special men coming to the aid of the world, are or were Jewish—and without such men stepping forward the world would be engulfed by this “Satanic plot”. I refer you to Myron c Fagan, who goes after the Bauer Bunch in an historical way that will soon be taught in all of our major universities once our schools are finally free from the grip of the Judaic Satanic flying under Zionism. Benjamin Freedman makes it clear that the Bauer Bunch made a deal with England in order to obtain Palestine. You see, already at that time, the Bauer Bunch controlled the money supply of England. They simply used vile usury and deception, murder and theft, in order to achieve their blood-soaked positions of stolen money. No wonder that Napoleon called the Jews the “Master Robbers of the Modern Age”. But they are much much worse than that. They are breakers of the 6th and 8th Commandments of Moses, as well as most all of the Commandments. They are indeed, murderers and robbers. It is time for the world to understand just who these people are. As this happens, the Satanic Judaic will never grace the World Stage again. Practically the entire religion will be burned down. From the ashes will arise the awakened people of the rebuilt Jewish Religion, now finally free to join in with humanity that not only raises up Jewish kids high but raises up ALL kids EVERYWHERE. Such people I call, Jewians. Jewians are the heart and soul of the new Jewish Religion about to grace the World Stage.

Yes, Jewish owned media, we lost millions of our boys in World War One and Two from the Satanic quest of the evil Bauer Bunch who had basically hijacked the Jewish Religion. England made a deal with the devil to help Bauer get Palestine, which then had the Bauer devil directing the International Jews to bring America into World War One to fulfill the devil’s evil pact. The International Jews ganged up like the Black Hat Black Magic Bullies of the World which they were and enacted the will of the Bauer Bunch. This atrocity will be correctly written in the annals of history. Henry Ford hit the nail on the head: “I am convinced that nearly all wars are caused so that someone will profit and those who profited and those who are profiting now are the International Financiers, the Jews. Gather together the fifty most wealthy Jewish Financiers, the men who create wars for their own profits, control them and you will put an end to it all.” — Henry Ford

He was right. So, the Black Magic Black Hat Bullies of the World next ganged up on him too. Such is the way of cowards. They act in gangs, and secrecy—and you have great speeches of former presidents of America who iterated this with eloquence. I speak of President Wilson and President Kennedy. The former was hammered into letting the Federal Reserve pass which enslaved and chained the American people to Babylonian usury—nothing but dumb Bauer Satanic Babylonian debt traps reenacted in the modern world. The latter, our as yet, unavenged President Kennedy, was murdered in cold blood on national television. The event was never solved because the Satanic Jews had infiltrated the CIA, and even at that time—ran the American Government. Without any question at all, ignorant cowardice flying the flag of Satanism under Judaism purported to Zionism has overtaken both Europe and America—leaving in its wake great murder and destruction. But now the permanent end of the ignorant International Satanic gang cult is at hand. What Henry Ford thought to be a solution all of those years ago, is a basic and brilliant common-sense solution that will be enacted today—along with some other surprises. Henry Ford was exactly right. The Satanic Jews under Bauer are: “The World’s Foremost Problem”.

All of you know that of course it was the Satanic International Jews that enacted the 911 attack upon America. That—was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You know it and America knows it. The Jewish owned media control exerted upon the unsuspecting Gentile is now starting to come down—for there are good Jewish people fighting for America also. The evil ignorant Zionist Jews 1001% did 911 to further drain the blood and the money out of this once great country. To blame the Muslims is something that only somebody with a negative IQ would ever believe. This is right as rain, President Trump, but you have limited powers to deal with it. For it is the technique of the Satanic Jew Cult to sickly and aggressively go after positions of power and money. That is quite likely why you find your daughter married to one. That is quite likely why Alex Jones was married to one. For the Satanic Jews who with Satanic Karl Marx created communism as a tool to enslave and wipe out 66,000,000 mostly white Christians—believed in controlling the opposition as well—in owning both sides of the dialogue to their interpretation and goals. Money giving control has been their simple tool. That is why everywhere you turn in your new political arena, you are surrounded by them—be they Republican or Democrat. That is why the small but munificent NRA finds itself constantly under deceptive and evil attack. The Deep State? It is simply and exactly the Satanic Zionist Jews under Bauer. Zionism is the same word for Satanism. I have seen through this ugly cult and will see it completely and forever removed from the Earth. Though the Jews supposedly represent one percent or so of the American population—so they tell you—but don’t believe it because they are allowed to lie in their religion and they, like the Bauer devil that rules them, are duped liars and deceivers—these aggressive ashkeNAZI Eastern European Mongoloid Turk converts who just so happen to be in just about every gate post position possible. Why? This is their technique, the technique of the burned-out devil about to fall, permanently. They infiltrate, and they deceive—always after the dollar to lead to the enslavement and destruction of the non-Jew. “By deception thou shalt wage war” quotes the Mossad, the corrupt insane CIA of Israel. Such is the way of the devil, President Trump, NRA, and members of the Jewish owned media. Israel is the false bandit nation under the false prophet Bauer who profited by false means and murder. This devil-nation under Bauer will no longer be allowed to exist as before. Wonderful surprises are in store for both good Jewish people there and for the sliver of good Muslim and Christian people still alive able to survive the great Judaic Satanic stupidity in that horrid false nation.

So, let’s get right down to it. The Satanic Jews under Bauer want and are pushing for nothing less than ruling the world from Jerusalem with their “Jewish Messiah”. They don’t give a damn about your Christianity which they hate, or your Jesus who they refer to as being as “dumb as a brick”—and that is also why Jesus is “burning in his own excrement for all of eternity” in the sick Talmud, a so called ‘holy book’ of the Satanic Jews. That is why Mary is referred to as a “whore” in the same sick book. These people are sick. And dumb. Moreover, they are full of hate. That is why they try to ban hate speech. They are the root cause of hate because they are full of it. That is why it is okay to kill and wipe out the white man, for such is written in their books. “Even the best of the Goyim (the ‘cattle’ which is the non-Jew) deserves to die”. And yes, in the big picture, they plan not only to rule and enslave the world—but to genocide the white race—whom they fear. This is documented everywhere. Look at some leading sick Jewish Harvard professors for starters. They are open in their plans to wipe out the white race. That is why there is the constant push to make the white man the enemy and undesirable with open borders in America—while Europe is infested with immigrants—it is all being done by the sick Jewish owned press under the Bauer Bunch who hope and plan to breed the white man out of existence.

Night and day The Black Magic Black Hat Bullies of the World push to divide and conquer. To have the white and black man in great stress here in America is their goal, as the maggot scum Satanists think they can remain in the shadows while the two destroy each other to the Satanists delight. On the greatly infected East Coast of America, you are surrounded by Satanic parasitical Jews in their stronghold of New York—often referred to as “the bank”—who do not have the best interests of America in mind. Quite the opposite. Many of these Satanic scum are dual citizens of Israel. Israel is no ally of America. The very opposite. It is in fact at the moment, America’s only real enemy. The Satanic Jews under Bauer control both the Republican and the Democratic parties. Every single senator is bought and paid for. Congress is under the control of the ugly evil Bauer Bunch. They also have infiltrated the FBI. The CIA. There is virtually no America left. We are under complete Satanic attack. But the line has been crossed. The line which will shock every Satanist to death.

The line of death has been crossed. Not a single Satanist will be alive when this is over. The unthinkable torture of innocent children, of so called pedophilia—a word that will soon be eliminated from the vocabulary of Earth—is the abomination murder they have gotten away with and what the Earth will no longer allow as every single one of them is wiped out. They have raped innocent kids, tortured them to scare them, and then killed them. Then they consume their adrenaline-charged blood called adrenochrome. This is traced to the Satanic Jews in so many European countries in which they have been kicked out of. The Jews themselves were kicked out of every country they ever inhabited—more than one hundred—because Jewish doctrine written in sick books espouses Satanic parasites who think that it is acceptable behavior and their God given right to live off, and to destroy, the non-Jew. This is what you are seeing with the shootings in America. Exactly this. You are seeing the Satanic Jews preying upon innocent kids in America in order to fulfill their evil aims of disarming the population in order to genocide and fully enslave it when the time is ripe. The Zionist owned media covering it, the crisis actors rigged by Zionist owned Hollywood and the Zionist run CIA are all Satanic Zionist Jew tools of destroying America with the same old false flag Hollywood show and coverage—and focusing on the youth is something that only a dead man walking could ever imagine. Dead they will be and already are. Every last one of them that ever hurt an innocent child. These people that are behind the exploitation of children are not long for this world.

A cult of Satanic Jews and their non-Jew sold out acolytes are festering like rats and fleas in certain locations in America, such as Washington, Hollywood and New York. These abominations have been living upon innocent non-Jew kids—secretly—as is the way of dumb evil ignorant Moloch abominations. No longer. And never again. Zionist cities throughout America and Europe are Satanic cities. Therefore, every last one of them will be wiped out now. Not only were the Jews themselves historically kicked out of every country they ever inhabited—certain Satanic Rabbis were caught and killed for sacrificing innocent Gentile children. These children they tortured to death by puncturing them with sharp needles. When the poor child expired, these abominations drank their blood. Thus Satanism, was always in the Jewish Religion. The cult of Dracula that is infinitely sicker than Dracula, must be completely burned down and reformed under World Law. And what of the poor bodies of the innocent tortured and murdered children, under eight years of age as the abomination Rabbis preferred? They were not buried. Why? Because the non-Jews are cattle, and therefore in stupid sick Judaic Satanic thinking, they could not be buried. You don’t bury an animal, you see. Do you see? The Jewish religion, the darker parts of it, are a great plague and parasitical infection upon humanity that must now be completely uprooted. So, the dumb stupid asinine murdering Judaic Satanic Rabbis would try to hide the body by not burying it. Throwing it in a well, putting some rocks over it, this is what these literally insane murderers did. And so, at times these poor bodies would be found, and the Rabbis would be caught. But many times they were not caught. And with stolen Jewish money it became the norm to cover up things with money. That sure as hell is over.

Are you getting the picture? There is no such thing as gun control. There is only loving the kids as opposed to something else which will now be wiped away: exploiting kids and even torturing and murdering kids in unthinkable Satanic acts of cowardice and dumb ass ignorant evil. If abominations will torture, rape and kill kids to drink their blood, they will also use them as props to stage false flag events for evil ends—for these abominations who have crossed the line have no law—therefore only death awaits them. If you look to Zionist owned Hollywood movies, you now understand why the innocent children are being attacked even in Disney movies. Here they are being ‘undermined’, for it is all a ‘mental’ attack—which is a spiritual attack upon their physical bodies. Innocent kids are beset with images of “sex” and shown pornographic images, all in accordance with the Protocols of Zion to corrupt and bring down the innocent youth. All of this is designed by explicit planned evil to bring down the kids. And by heaven, not a single Satanic Zionist Jew or acolyte taking their money and supporting such evil will be allowed to exist.

The Protocols of Zion written by Satanic Jews are being enacted upon America, Europe, and the world at large. No matter how much Jewish screeching tries to say these protocols are not genuine, it doesn’t matter. They are. Wonderful Jewish people of character who have deserted the lost Jewish bandwagon tell us they are. And it is because of such people on the side of humanity that humanity will prevail over ignorant evil. Today it is the job of every American and European to understand these genuinely sick 25 Protocols of Zion, as Zionism is wiped away permanently. Here is the basic outline of sick old Jew Bauer using Satanism as a means to rule the world. As America was struggling for her Independence in 1776 this doctrine by a fat sick Eastern European Jewish Satanist known as Bauer who changed his name to Rothschild was drafted and enacted:

Rothschild’s 25 Point Plan For World Domination

“In 1770, Mayer Amschel Rothschild married Gutta Schnapper. In that same year, he retained Jewish-born, Adam Weishaupt, an apostate Jesuit-trained professor of canon law, to revise and modernize Illuminism, the worship of Satan, with the objective of world domination and the imposition of the Luciferian ideology “upon what would remain of the human race” after a final orchestrated social-cataclysm. In 1773, Mayer summoned twelve wealthy men to Frankfort and asked them to pool their resources, then presented the 25-point plan that would enable them to gain control of the wealth, natural resources and manpower of the entire world.

1. Use violence and terrorism rather than academic discussions.

2. Preach “Liberalism” to usurp political power.

3. Initiate class warfare.

4. Politicians must be cunning and deceptive – any moral code leaves a politician vulnerable.

5. Dismantle “existing forces of order and regulation.” Reconstruct all existing institutions.”

6. Remain invisible until the very moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning or force can undermine it.

7. Use Mob Psychology to control the masses. “Without absolute despotism one cannot rule efficiently.”

8. Advocate the use of alcoholic liquors, drugs, moral corruption and all forms of vice, used systematically by “agenteurs” to corrupt the youth.

9. Seize properties by any means to secure submission and sovereignty.

10. Foment wars and control the peace conferences so that neither of the combatants gains territory placing them further in debt and therefore into our power.

11. Choose candidates for public office who will be “servile and obedient to our commands, so they may be readily used as pawns in our game.”

12. Use the Press for propaganda to control all outlets of public information, while remaining in the shadows, clear of blame.

13. Make the masses believe they had been the prey of criminals. Then restore order to appear as the saviors.

14. Create financial panics. Use hunger to control to subjugate the masses.

15. Infiltrate Freemasonry to take advantage of the Grand Orient Lodges to cloak the true nature of their work in philanthropy. Spread their atheistic-materialistic ideology amongst the “Goyim” (gentiles).

16. When the hour strikes for our sovereign lord of the entire World to be crowned, their influence will banish everything that might stand in his way.

17. Use systematic deception, high-sounding phrases and popular slogans. “The opposite of what has been promised can always be done afterwards… That is of no consequence.”

18. A Reign of Terror is the most economical way to bring about speedy subjection.

19. Masquerade as political, financial and economic advisers to carry out our mandates with Diplomacy and without fear of exposing “the secret power behind national and international affairs.”

20. Ultimate world government is the goal. It will be necessary to establish huge monopolies, so even the largest fortunes of the Goyim will depend on us to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of their governments on the day after the great political smash.”

21. Use economic warfare. Rob the “Goyim” of their landed properties and industries with a combination of high taxes and unfair competition.

22. “Make the ‘Goyim’ destroy each other so there will only be the proletariat left in the world, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause, and sufficient police and soldiers to protect our interest.”

23. Call it The New Order. Appoint a Dictator.

24. Fool, bemuse and corrupt the younger members of society by teaching them theories and principles we know to be false.

25. Twist national and international laws into a contradiction which first masks the law and afterwards hides it altogether. Substitute arbitration for law.”

If it sounds like just another depraved movie from Zionist Satanist Jew owned Hollywood, it is. One that will be cast away in the garbage heap of history. The Orks are the Zionist Jew monkey pack running out of control—that is why they seek to control the world—they were unable to control themselves. In their desired perverse end, the Satanic Jews wanted, planned, and actually believed they were going to rule the world. Crushing and exterminating the Northern European was one of their first goals. That’s not going to happen. Any of it. What is happening now is that an idea is coming in. This idea will completely burn down the Jewish Religion in order to rebuild it under the World Law: The Protection of Children. The sick Zionist Ork pack currently on the World Stage will be gone. The vast majority of the innocent Jewish people will then finally be freed from centuries of stupid Satanic evil to rise now under the World Law which has ended Zionism forever. The Protection of Children is now the first, middle, and last word in every holy book on Earth.

You’ll notice protocol 8 & 24. Such scum thought to infect and attack the non-Jew youth of the world, the “goyim”, the human cattle. Nay. The line was crossed and not a single Satanic coward will remain alive. “Satan” was always and only, just the great ignorance of cowards. Such a concept cannot live in a world of character and courage that realizes all kids are now under strict protection. Not a single child of any race or religion will ever be molested or trafficked again. EVER. EVER.  

There was never any issue of gun control in America. There was just the job to bring down the Satanic Judaic and their bought and paid for sell-outs and converts who were hell bent on controlling and ruining America for sick evil ends and easy money—and they did this by exploiting kids which only abominations could ever think of. These people were the direct cause of gun violence. They wanted it. They fostered it. They caused it. They participated in it. They orchestrated it. They enacted it. Once the Satanic Zionist Jews and their sell-out acolytes under Bauer are wiped out of America and the world, there will be no more gun tragedies at public schools—public schools which were just Zionist run education camps with the program to keep kids down. This is exactly true. What you saw with these evil ignorant Satanic devils was the orchestrated bringing down of kids. You saw the oppression of the kids. You even saw Satanic attacks upon the kids through the Zionist run CIA and FBI. You saw absolutely enough—and that is why these people can never exist again on Earth.  

All kids want attention. They want to feel good about themselves. And by heaven, that is how it is going to be now. Kids are an exact reflection of the state of our society. You love them and treat them right, they will rise high to give it back to you and there will be no problems. But up until now, America’s youth have been brought down by evil Bauer Bunch design, everywhere. In schools. In Disney movies. Everywhere. Hence the sick state of our society. Kids have been under direct physical attack—for mental attack is physical attack. The attackers were the Satanic Zionists. They attacked American kids by breaking up the family itself, while defiling family values. For example, it was Bauer (Rothschild) scum that brought about Women’s Lib—because they wanted women working so that they could steal more tax money. So, the quality of childhood was stolen in the stealing of money. America has been slowly destroyed and eroded by Satanic Jew ideas to usurp and steal as much money as possible in order to rule over the unsuspecting public at large. The attitude in America is negative because America is infected by the Satanic Judaic parasite that must be forever burned into oblivion. This Satanic Judaic parasite infects and threatens the entire world today. But not for long. It will soon be burned off the World Stage.

Attitude sets the tone. Look at Switzerland where everyone is well armed. They don’t have any problems there. The lowest crime rate in the world. Freedom and safety. Hitler could never invade there. But if the Satanic Zionist Jews under Bauer took the guns away in America? America would experience a great holocaust where perhaps a third of the country would be wiped out. I again refer to the holocaust that the Satanic Jews enacted upon Russia when they wiped out 66,000,000—that’s sixty-six million mostly white Christians who were exterminated in camps under Communism—which the Satanic Jews created and enacted. Some are saying that the number is really 90,000,000. Ninety million? Who can think of such a number? Russia is quite awake after that tremendous loss of life. This is why Christianity is beginning to flourish again as the parasite is leaving Russia. Soon the parasite will be gone from planet Earth—for what must happen is that the holy books themselves must be cast away and reformed. The mental worm that ate into the brain of the demented Satanic Judaic who then released their affliction upon the world will then be successfully removed.

Many people today are afraid to say it exactly like it is. They talk of “Globalists” to refer to the criminal mafia in the world. Or they refer to the “Deep State” to refer to the same criminal mafia in America. Some talk of the “Vatican”. None of this is accurate. The Satanic Jew has infiltrated all of this. They have for example, run the finances of the Catholic Church since 1823. They run the CIA and the FBI in America. In war, it is important to know exactly who your enemy is and the exact extent of their infiltration. This is the war to end all wars, the war to end arrogant Satanic Judaic ignorance.

The Satanic Jews under Bauer have banded up to an international Supra-State, Supra-Nation. They think themselves above any country, for they plan to rule them all. Hence, they will depress and exterminate them as they see fit also. The actual Hitler of the world whom the historical Hitler was fighting against, has been exposed. It is the false prophet Bauer who profited by false means (stealing, murder and usury) all to ultimately create the bandit Satanic State of Israel. The twisted path of the Satanic Bauer Bunch led the Satanic Jews to decimate Russia, Germany, America, and Europe—so far—for they are pushing hard for World War Three in order to further decimate the populations in order to make their rule over them possible. That will not come to pass. Bauer, chose the six-pointed star for the flag of now genocided Israel as opposed to the Menorah because it symbolizes the 666 which these so stupid Satanists follow because they are so dumb. (It has six points, forms six equilateral triangles, and the interior is a six-sided hexagon. 666. I could not imagine an uglier flag by the way. This ugly flag will soon be changed as the freed Jewish people rise up to unite with the Palestinian people.) These International Satanic Jews under Bauer think themselves the chosen of God to do as they see fit to bring about the domination and destruction of those in their way. They plan to announce their “Jewish Messiah” at the appointed time as the dictator of the world. No thank you.

Can you imagine just how stupid the phrase ‘Anti-Semitic’ sounds to an awakened ear? That just shows you how dumb these arrogant Zionist Satanists are. For in America the phrase will now rightly be: ANTI-AMERICAN. You’re either an American or you’re not. Clearly, the Zionist Jews are not American nor are they members of any country. They are members of the Supra-Nation that wants to rule the world. America and the world has suffered great evil at their hands for long enough now. The slow killing of America by the Zionist Satanic Supra-Nation will be taken down. That means no more aluminum being dropped in downpours with other heavy metals in our air here in America. That means no more poisonous fluoride being added to all of the public water here in America. That means curtailing the tremendous assault upon our young with cell phone towers and other placed invasive electrical technologies, effectively killing 50% of a young lady’s eggs. On and on it went. For when you had a group of sick Satanic people sitting down and planning and plotting how to quietly wipe out a nation and a race, the possibilities were endless. But the Satanic are already the walking dead at this point in time. Autism will soon vanish. No kids will ever again be vilely put on drugs—and no sick vaccinations will ever penetrate the skin of any child until any and all side-effects and the science behind it is tested for a hundred years. The kids are under dead serious protection now as the Satanic State completely dies—never to be seen on Earth again.

President Trump, NRA and the Jewish owned media: though you are doing your very best to keep America alive from the devastation of the old Satanic Judaic parasite gone parabolic—and I truly admire your efforts and your courage—it will take the bringing in of a simple idea to finally solve this great problem, providing the natural raw materials for you to work with who have realized that humanity protecting children is what is destined to rule this planet—not a hijacked Black Magic religion. The Satanic symptom of gun violence in schools will vanish overnight as the ugly ring of international Satanic perpetrators fall from the highest positions all over the world like dead flies—for the idea coming in—the burning white light of enlightenment—instantly destroys evil. The wheels of this great event have already begun to move as most of you are well aware of. The final book out of retirement, E = F will begin to ring the curtain down upon the Satanic Judaic. The Jewish Religion in particular will be burned down to the ground, but also vital parts of the Christian and Muslim Religions. From this burning down, the real soul of freed and awakened humanity will rise in union with what really matters—every single kid on Earth. For this is now the age of the kids. The New World Order coming down from on high—is The Protection of Children.

America’s youth will not be bullied on Jewish owned control grid platforms of facebook, u-tube and Google. I know who the Black Magic Black Hat Bullies of the World are. My job is to remove them. Banning brilliant young kids on u-tube, Facebook, and Google—in other words banning talented young American kids on Satanic Judaic owned platforms—will no longer be possible. Mark Zuckerberg for example is just an ashkeNAZI puppet of the Satanic Judaic. He never created Facebook—the Satanic Jews stole the invention and put him up as a Jewish symbol, as a sold out arrogant puppet. The Satanic Jews behind the CIA are the same people who have used Facebook to make victims out of the unsuspecting non-Jew masses by stealing and gathering information they had no right to. Google and Facebook are giant ashkeNAZI Jew Psyops: “military operations usually aimed at influencing the enemy's state of mind through noncombative means”. But such has always been the way of the gang of ignorant Satanic parasites throughout history. Why? They had no real law to follow. But now they do. Now there is a World Law to follow, and every race and religion will follow it. U-tube bans these brilliant kids because they are now wise to the Satanic Judaic stupidity and will not tolerate it. U-tube says it will not have bullying or hate speech. That is how the devil does it you see. They say that you cannot fight back with what they are doing to you, en masse. The GIANT haters are the ignorant evil Satanic Jews who thought they were to rule the world. The GIANT bullies are these same people. People will no longer be fooled. Judaism was Black Magic Bullying because they ignorantly brought down other races to the level of the animal in order to raise themselves up. That is called Black Magic—and it is always loses and is for losers. And what does the Satanic Judaic Black Magic superiority complex really show? It shows that their superiority complex arose from their inferiority complex. For a strong person believes that all people have limitless potential—especially kids—and this is quite right and proper thinking for an intelligent person. But the Black Magic assholes were not intelligent—quite the reverse. That is why they thought that money could buy them the thinking and spirits of people much smarter who were not of the Jewish religion. That is why they thought they could later even rule over such higher spirits with such stolen money. But the act of stealing money higher spirits would never engage in—and in the same way they will not be ruled by lower spirits using money and Black Magic. That is why the Satanic Judaic even stupidly poisoned their own kids with sick books, telling them their whole lives that the Jewish child is supposed to rule over the goyim, the cattle, the non-Jew. Such assholes have no place on the modern World Stage. Such stupidity will no longer be tolerated. Mark Zuckerberg is just an unwitting victim of the dumb Judaic Satanic inferiority complex manifest. Hence the great arrogance. It comes from the great ignorance. Today we well understand the biology of belief clearly illustrated by the soon to be Nobel Laureate, Dr. Bruce Lipton. Therefore, all kids are special beyond belief. Beyond belief! The Black Magic Satanic Judaic ring around the world will be completely and forever broken. Not only will International Jewish monopolies all be disbanded, all monopolies will be. For the World Law—The Protection of Children—The Highest Law In The Land—is fair to every race and every religion. There is something much higher to serve now than self-interest. The time of the kids is at hand. Races, religions and nations—are now in the back seat. Family dynasties and the ultra-rich no longer have a place on this Earth. It is indeed, all about the kids now. And the discussion is public. Private and secret groups will no longer exist. Great public input will work out the population and pollution problems in the highest and best ways for the kids. For the kids now, are always first and foremost. All kids. Every single one.

E = F will be posted to the website below late this year. It will bring forward the idea to solve the problem while pointing to the solution. For the solution was always, the kids.  


Joe Messineo