Destroying Dracula on 911

911 was a highly sophisticated military operation carried out by Israel and its Zionist Jew cohorts within America against the American people. Christopher Bollyn, has solved 911 beyond any doubt. We know exactly who did it and we know exactly why they did it. We know that the Zionist Jews under Rothschild with a small cast of bought and paid for non-Jew politicians in America collaborated in a great mass murder carried out on a demonic and psychotic level of ignorant evil upon innocent American people—all for the purpose of expanding power for Israel in the Middle East.

Only one question remains: How have the Zionist Jews under Rothschild so far gotten away with such an atrocity without being lined up and stripped of all money and positions of power? And when will they finally be stripped of all money and positions of power?

Ah, that is the question which points to the real issue at hand. How do you defeat an ancient evil? Transylvania’s Dracula you see, had developed powers throughout the centuries in order to murder and feed off of the blood of his victims. People that tried to resist Dracula were subject to facing the will of evil focused. Most of the innocent people fell to this power. Dracula focused his will, and the victims found themselves unable to resist his concentration as their guard lowered and the monster moved in to suck their blood and to ultimately take their lives. Murder in the dark perpetuated this way for centuries. People had no way to stop the parasite that came out to destroy them at night and who could use disguises and transform himself into a bat or a wolf. On top of this, Dracula, with his honed evil will, would create acolytes out of the weak minded to help him search for his next victims. These acolytes, were always ultimately discarded and murdered as well. For example, the used and abused Renfield who lost all power when he looked into Dracula’s eyes.

Dracula is no myth. It is a real and terrible event which has befallen the entire world and the reality is even worse than the myth. Dracula, is the evil Dark Lord heading a parasitical secret cult whose time has now come to an end upon the World Stage. Dracula was a monster who tried to create a path to immortality by centuries of in-breeding and secret monopoly upon the masses whose blood was drawn and sucked at will as the countless lifeless corpses cast away throughout the dark centuries littered the dark blood soaked halls of history with humanity unaware that it was being preyed upon and eaten literally alive with its life sustaining blood sucked out of its body by the monstrous parasite. Dracula started both World War One and Two and lived off of the blood of the innocent and profited while doing so. Who is the evil Dark Lord?

It is Rothschild. The Transylvanian monster of evil has transferred his home to Israel and hides behind the Jewish religion which has been even more perverted than it was. And do you know where the Transylvanian monster is sleeping today? In what part of the Earth? No, you do not. For the evil has power over you to this very day, remaining in the shadows, sleeping by day and planning by night in different parts of the Earth, even as you are 911’d in broad daylight by his actions. Europe had the blood sucked out of it. Germany was devasted by Dracula as the monster rules over it to this very day with a carefully crafted extortion and lie called the “Holocaust”. Russia was destroyed by the monster who sucked the life out of 66,000,000 mostly white Christians. For the monster created Communism as a tool of genocide against the white race, whom Dracula saw as an enemy that could defeat it. Germany was feared. Russia was feared. So, they were destroyed as the parasitical host set its sights on America and dug in deeply, always destroying America in the process as well.

What is the goal of Dracula, of Rothschild? To rule the world from his castle in the New Transylvania, in Israel. The ashkeNAZI Jew cult of ignorant blood evil has no problem wiping out any non-Jews or even Jews that dare to get in its way. Dracula Rothschild is their leader. And Judaism was always a Dracula cult of Satanic ignorant evil anyway. Throughout history, Rabbis were caught after murdering innocent Gentile children. Gentiles you see, are animals in the sick Jewish cult and therefore, the law of such sickness is that you cannot bury them. So often, the murdered innocent children were found, with puncture marks all over their entire bodies. For the Rabbis had poked the scared and innocent kids to death, on purpose—as they murdered them. Then they drained and drank their blood as the child expired. Today you see this Vampirism cult of Judaism operating in Hollywood and indeed, all over the world as kids are murdered for their blood called “adrenochrome” which gives the drinkers a high. The adrenaline flooding the body of the innocent kids is what the Devil Vampires wanted to get high on.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Devil was always Dracula and Rothschild is very real. The time has come to put an end to his living death. How? How can it be done when the evil power has such a grip over the American media, over the minds of the American people who do the bidding of the Devil Dracula monster by fighting wars for the New Transylvania encampment of the proxy state of Rothschild called “Israel”? America is completely infested by the Vampire Cult of Judaism under Rothschild, the Dracula cult leader. Dracula mind control is used upon the masses. If people of character, try to rise up they are attacked by the black magic control cult, the wearers of little black hats in secret. They are labeled with “hate-speech”, as “conspiracy theorists”, as “Anti-Semitic”. The mind control of the Dracula cult has a firm grip upon the throats of the American people who, if they try to resist the parasite, might find themselves the next victim drained of their blood. Rothschild, Dracula, has complete control over the money in America, over the media in America, over the Congress in America—in short Dracula Rothschild has control over the minds of America with ancient Satanic Judaic evil honed through the centuries. What can be done?

Eventually, a hero arises who has the power to break the will of the controlling monster. Van Helsing appears and squares off with the monster—and will not be controlled. Christopher Bollyn is such a hero. And then others come, and the monster will be taken to task. Meaning? Dracula will be exposed to the direct sunlight—where he cannot survive. The monster will perish in the light and the reign of evil will be forever removed. Germany, terrifically infected the Satanic Judaic parasite of the Dracula cult—will get rid of this black plague once and for all—and the demonic control of evil and lies will be forever broken.

It is a very simple one two process. First Dracula Rothschild is removed and exposed to the sunlight, where he will expire. Then the religion of Dracula, Judaism, is burned down to the ground. As this happens, the vast majority of Jewish people will find themselves removed from the draconian Satanic spell of the deceased Vampire, and finally able to think for themselves. Hence from the ashes, Judaism will be rebuilt under World Law. For there is now a World Law upon the table. For you see, Dracula and the Dracula cult were only a tool to bring in this World Law.

What is the World Law? It is The Protection of Children. This is where it was always going. Where was it always going? Not one kid will ever be molested again on Earth. Not one kid will ever be trafficked again on Earth. Not one kid will ever be exposed to the horrors of war on Earth. This is where it was always going.

Zionism, Draculaism, will be nothing but removed memories in the sunlight. Israel will be transformed from a former Transylvania castle of horrors into a nation that celebrates not just the Jewish kid, but the Christian kid, the Muslim kid—and you bet your life: All kids.

This is where it was always going, and that time is here and now. All kids are under dead serious protection now and off limits. You bet your life. “If you want to know the quality of a woman, watch the way she treats her child”, said Nietzsche. Mother Earth is speaking, and if you want to know the quality of humanity, watch the way they now uplift every single child in sacred protection upon Earth until the very end of the Earth Herself. You bet your life.