21st Century World Message

The time has come for humanity to recognize its reflection in the mirror. Are you the master race? No. Are you the master religion? No. Are you the master region? No. What are you? Up until now, humanity was just a tiny speck of lovely dust, floating in great ignorance and arrogance in the vast and forgiving universe. However, the day has finally come. The day of awakening. The day of growing up a little. The dust has settled. The animal has obtained the conscious ability to recognize its reflection in the mirror. The unconscious mind, which all of humanity shares, has come a bit into the conscious mind of humanity, expanding it into a new awakening for all of humanity to see. For this process of sleeping and waking is what we are and what we can see now. Humanity is the great unfolding of unconscious and conscious mind processes—which are shared by every human being on planet Earth—today now waking up a little. Now we see it. There was never any master race. There was never any master religion. There was never any master region. What was there? Inside of the innocent human animal, what is there?

The great revealer, and the most popular author in literary history, is with us today—now finally delivering his secret message for all to hear. Hans Christian Andersen revealed the great mystery of life quietly in his fairy tales for children to hear, for he knew that they had the ears to hear. And yet he also knew that this day was coming, and when it was coming—the day that his great secret message would be delivered to the adults of the world to remember—to remember what they had forgotten as children. Now we are able to look at the great mystery of the Sphinx in the desert and finally understand. Mr. Andersen, the master of the matrix, has led us to look at ourselves in the mirror. And what do we see?

Ah, looking at our reflection in the mirror we now see what has been in front of our faces the entire time. There was no master race, religion, or region. There was purely, a sacred wish. What was this wish? This sacred and innocent wish was the will of God to come innocently into bodies and minds in order to have the experience of being alive—in order to have the experience to feel. That’s it. Simple as that. And deeper than the Seven Seas. We have solved the riddle of the Sphinx reflecting alone in the desert. The innocent animal supports the great Godhead sleeping within. Today we see why life exists. God wishes to feel. The innocent animal is the vehicle of the divine come to experience what it is to be alive—to feel. Now it is known. And we see more. Every child coming to Earth, of every race, religion and region—is indeed God coming to Earth. And now that we see this, we have one hell of a charge, one hell of a great duty to carry out. And you can bet the life of humanity—we will carry it out.

What is this great charge? What is this great duty? We will not destroy ourselves out of arrogance and stupidity for starters. Nay. For our charge and duty are clear—we will protect and uplift the kids coming in—of every race, religion, and region. For it is destined that the united race of humanity will succeed in its evolutionary journey up the great magic mountain of God. At the moment, the great preliminary task of the day is to come together as a world in order to begin to come up with the only real issues on the table waiting for our full attention as a world in united focus: how to best deal with our population and pollution problems for the kids coming in—who will inherit and lift up the Earth for their kids coming in. How do we even begin to undertake this tremendous task?

We have help. It too comes from within, from the same region of the unconscious knowledge that has now become conscious, allowing us to finally be able to recognize ourselves in the mirror to see why we are there—to feel! And now that we finally understand that we exist to feel, we can see that there is a Great Law that comes part and parcel with this knowledge of the mystery of life revealed. This Great Law, is The Highest Law In The Land—and for the first time in history all regions of the Earth now have a World Law to follow. Every region will follow this law, every race, and every religion. This World Law is: The Protection of Children. This is the Law now— everywhere—for every race—and it supersedes every other law in existence in every region—just as it supersedes every other law in existence in every religious book.   

The world is under one Law now: The Protection of Children is this Great World Law.

You may clarify and ask, as you look into the mirror—does this Great Law truly come from within, and is this Great Law right? And as you look into the mirror the answer will be right before you—coming from you. For the Great Law comes from within you specifically. Today it is being uttered by the Earth Herself through your own unconscious knowledge now made conscious. All you need to do to check the veracity of the Law is to look within as you look without and ask yourself if it is true. Is The Highest Law In The Land The Protection of Children? Go ahead and ask yourself. Your own voice will answer yes—because verily—your own voice is the giver and revealer of this Great Law. And now the time has come for The Highest Law In The Land to manifest itself upon the Earth. You, the adult listening within, are the giver and upholder of this Great World Law which is now already spreading upon the face of the Earth. How will this process unfold?

All systems of government will be completely rebuilt to serve under this World Law with ‘open pyramid’ systems—systems which promote great freedom while upholding The Highest Law In The Land. Every current system of government in the world will pass away as historical closed pyramid slavery systems deemed unworthy in The New Golden Age as here described.

Regions of Russia, China, and the United States: Your current systems of governments, as all others in the world, no longer matter. They are all closed pyramid systems—slavery systems—and they will be completely replaced. The World Law of our New Golden Age has come to guide humanity which will lead to open pyramid systems of government—and you will all follow this Law—as will every region. The Protection of Children is the World Law—here and now. Your new forms of government will form under the support of this Highest Law. The highest power now is The Protection of Children. In America, the antiquated Constitution will be completely rebuilt from the ground up following this World Law. The Modern American Constitution will emerge as governments everywhere awake to the consciousness of freedom expanding under the guiding World Law. Shadow governments and the deep states around the world will be completely eliminated. Open and honest systems under The Highest Law In The Land will stamp them out into history—for the time to make an honest living is at hand. There is no room for any overt or covert oligarchies in the New Golden Age.

Religions of Muslims, Christians, and Jews: Your current religious doctrines and the like are now reined in and put in proper order. For the end of the great historical stupidity of your religious wars is at hand—both in-fighting—thinking you have the best picture of your particular inflected religion—and out-fighting—thinking your religion is better than any other seemingly different one. Every word in every one of your holy books is now secondary to The Highest Law In The Land. You will all follow and uphold this Highest Law now. Kids are important—not any dumb dusty books all trying to think they’re the best. No book is—for there is no master religion—just as there is no master race—just as there is no master region. What there is now is a World Law, and you will all uphold it. And not one kid will be bothered with historical religious wars—that stupidity now is finally over—for The Protection of Children is here. Right here and now. Kids are it now. All former clique systems that wanted to think they were the best will pass away into history. The kids are indeed the new Great System—and they alone are the best. Adults everywhere uphold them, and therefore uphold The Highest Law In The Land.

A new day has come—emerged from the unconscious knowledge of the night. In days of old, every race, region, and religion could only see in the sunlight of its own day—and they were right—even as they were wrong and blinded by limitation—for the light of day blinds, even as it gives light. But now the races and religions of the world of planet Earth are looking up at the night sky, and the new day has come because of it. We have been granted the ability to see the bigger picture. We are one united race standing upon one Earth, and the nearly infinite number of silver suns in the sky are the golden light that we take back into the sunlight of dawn, as the great gift of awakening starts to spread over the Earth. We see something now.

The day has come. There is no master region, there is no master race, and there is no master religion—for now it is realized that all regions, all races, and all religions are special. Not one, not a few, all. All. And the kids throughout the world of every region, every race, and every religion are the most special. Adults of every race, religion and region heed the great call: they protect kids of every race, religion, and region. The Law has come, and from this World Law will arise sound and new monetary policy in support of the kids. For money follows the way of feeling, and the feeling of the New Golden Age is this World Law. Taxes will pass away as will any and all historical monetary scam closed pyramid systems designed to cage and take away the freedoms of a formerly duped public now becoming enlightened. Honesty will prevail over the new monetary system now under the guidance of the World Law.

The days of bullshit are over. Populism and Globalism no longer matter, for today they have been overtaken by the spirit of the New Golden Age. These simple fertilizer ideas fall easily to serve under the The World Law. Since there is no master race, and there is no master religion, and there is no master region—we are free to see the truth of our age: The Protection of Children is the enduring popular globalism of the New Golden Age with nations living freely under The Highest Law In The Land. Why, of course! Difference has to exist so that we are able to feel. Duh! No wonder we have different races and religions and regions with different skin colors, sizes, shapes, etc. Duh!! We are finally understanding just how deep the great word goes: feeling. And because of this understanding—the days of bullshit are over. No dumbass person in any dumbass nation is going to push a nuclear button because their brain is so pathetically dumbass. It’s not about a region or a religion or a race. It is about all kids. Pure and simple.

Kids are completely off limits in The New Golden Age. They will not be touched by dumbass adults engaging in dumbass regional or religious wars. And they will never be touched by about to be extinct child monster molesters again: EVER. No such evil molester monster will be allowed to exist on planet Earth. They will be stamped out and eradicated—forever—just as the disease of polio was eradicated. No such abominations will be allowed to live on planet Earth. And for every piece of shit church building that housed any such extinct historical abomination monster molester: That building will be razed to the ground and forever wiped away from this Earth. For the first time in history the world has a Law to follow now.

The days of bullshit are over.

If some clique of United Nations people are trying to talk about Agenda 21—heed them not. The days of bullshit are over. There is no elite group that will deal with the population and pollution problems. They are unqualified to do so. Only the entire world is qualified. Since the days of bullshit are over, the time has come to focus on what really is on the table for humanity at this time: how to deal with the population and pollution problems as a world under Law. That means that every individual of every region shall have equal input in how to best deal with and solve the population and pollution problems. Everything will be out in the open, thought upon, and voted upon. The best answers will be brought in by the best individuals and the world at large will recognize and act on these answers. The world population will pool its tremendous thought-potential and genius in this area and the answers will come. Human trafficking will be abolished everywhere. Pollution will vanish. The young person will come forward one day who will solve the pollution problem.  And we will understand for the first time what our population actually is, and from this understanding will come the ways to create the best futures for our kids as we work with our experience and understanding in this sacred area, deciding upon the best roads to take for dealing with and overcoming our population problems.

The days of bullshit are over. Currently, Hollywood is now being made an example of—as the great drought which has come to California in support of The Highest Law In The Land now comes to focus specifically there—intensifying beyond belief—until Hollywood follows and upholds The Law: The Protection of Children. Hollywood now has a duty to show the world the correct pictures: this means that it is now illegal to show anything that shows kids being scared or hurt or compromised in any way whatsoever. Any type of Hollywood production that tries to do this will be shut down—just as Hollywood itself will be shut down by Mother Nature beating down on it relentlessly with ever increasing heat and dismay. The days of bullshit are over. Until any and all Hollywood productions and broadcasts adhere to the Highest Law In The Land—this land will be turned into a burned out desert. No rain will come to grace it. As Hollywood is supposed to set an example, it is now being made into a world example by the powers of Mother Nature. The Highest Law In The Land will be upheld. The right pictures of kids will soon emerge from Hollywood to be shown to the regions of the world, and nothing less will be accepted—anywhere. The political change in Washington too is under this Law. No child shall ever be put upon a Washington political stage again or Washington will be turned into a pile of rubble by the powers of Mother Nature. News stations are also under strict watch. New Hollywood and New Washington will set the tone and follow The Law as here described.

The Law has been given. You, the reader of this article, you are the giver of this Law, as it is voiced through you and the very Earth Herself. The future of the Earth for the kids is bright and reaching. Yea, for thousands of years.